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Old 2017-09-15, 18:18   Link #2361
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So friendly Hoffman wasn't some chump vampire but was legit motherfucker you could actually called legendary class
"The goal of all life is death" - ainz ooal gown
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Old 2017-09-15, 18:57   Link #2362
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He has the potential to be at least.
Supposedly he has the fighting ability of a 'matured' Head Chief Servant class (like the empress), but said himself that he still doesn't think he can take her on yet.
But being reincarnated with a skill-stealing ability (that seems better than Imo-liza's old one) on top of having stole abilities from several reincarnation is pretty good, on top of being a vampire. Plus it seems he can give his abilities away to others.
It's just he still wasn't able to make the death butterfly get out of play-mode, thinks himself weaker than the empress, and is obviously weaker than Shuuya.
So he's still just a strong mob at best. The inherent difference between vampire classes seems pretty hard to overcome.

He said he might not be able to resist the urge of trying to steal Shuuya's skills if Shuuya showed up in front of him, which honestly would easily be the cause of his death if he tried since it seems it requires opening a person up for some brain and blood, which as we know will just end up killing Hoffman.
So that'll probably happen later. The best way his demise could go down for Shuuya is if he tries to finally take out the Empress and Shuuya somehow saves her (cliche shit I know). But it happens more than not for our protagonist.
The Valmasks are definitely on the way out, since Hoffman is playing the long betrayal game, that other guy has no intention of listening to the Empress about giving up on Veronica, and Arnold seems to be the only somewhat respectable guy among the three Head Servants she has. Man the Empress has good taste in men (not).

Hoffman also seems to have stolen that magic nail art stuff Akemi (the dungeon master) uses from another woman who reincarnated from her version of Earth.
I was also interested in how he seems to have a different god scroll that sounds similar to Shuuya's demon god one. Except for those barrier forest whatevers.
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ストレスフリー (stress-free), high fantasy, inhuman reincarnation, magic+esp, true adventure, unconventional harem

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