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Old 2019-09-16, 14:09   Link #3801
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Volume 14 is literally a loveletter to Reiri fans. I am so happy about the developement in the final volume. Also, reading the afterword can sure give the fans hope to see more Masou Gakuen HxH in the future. Kuji really loves this series.
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Old 2019-09-16, 21:15   Link #3802
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Happy that there might be more HxH.

But if his intention with vol 14 was to tie loose ends, I thought he created more than he tied. We get to know Ataraxia and vatlantis residents’ status, but now we have new issues: battle with the rest of the world (including Christelle) & connection between earth and vatlantis (possibility of travel between them).

I also thought the new enemies (rest of the earth) was somewhat... forced. I mean, they defeated four machine gods. I was expecting more like thanos-level opponent next, but we got “grunts” like christelle and weapons like rifles & missiles which’ll only scratch them, at best. Yeah, the EMP and nuclear warheads were deadly, but I can’t see them as the same threat-level like those four machine gods.

Overall, good volume, but not the best & definitely could’ve executed better. Just my thoughts.
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