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Old 2008-05-19, 11:58   Link #1
Hina is my goddess
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Problem with Imageready

Hi there. I recently ran into a problem with my image ready. I started up image ready and i made a simple gif, no problems there. Now, I tried to add a boarder and i do what i always do. Stroke 2 white stroke 1 black. This time however there was a problem. The white turned into gray. Ive tried stroking gray and it is a different color. Not only that, when i try to use the paintbrush with white it turns gray as well. This has never happened before. Also it only shows up in the optimization step. In the original view it shows up as proper white.

Any help? Thanks.

Heres an example of my problem. The first gif is one i made a while ago. The second i just made now. You can see it is gray and not white.
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Old 2008-05-19, 21:50   Link #2
Love Yourself
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Northeast USA
Age: 33
Opacity levels, perhaps? Stroke strength?
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Old 2008-05-20, 00:33   Link #3
Senior Member
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I'm guessing it's the color palette of the second avatar, where, instead of the expected white, you're seeing gray (as GIFs can only allow up to 256 selected colors for one palette). So you have to open the avatar's color palette and replace the wrong color with the correct one.
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Old 2008-05-21, 00:16   Link #4
Certified Organic
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check your optimized settings. make sure no blending options are on.
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Old 2008-05-21, 11:51   Link #5
Hina is my goddess
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Its weird but for some reason its fixed again. i think it may have been the opacity level. Sorry for the delayed reply but it seemed to be fixed and i didnt see much reaction initally but thanks for all your suggestions.
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