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Old 2013-03-01, 13:12   Link #21
Lolli for loli :D
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I have the same problem. It's not anywhere near 100's probably more like 20 or 30 though. What helps is watching them with friends because this way you can put series "on hold" until your friend is available and just watch other anime on your own accord. Like ones you're sure your friends are not interested in.

For example, I have a friend I can watch ecchi comedy anime with, a picky friend I watch high-quality anime with, and a friend who's more open to anime than the first two but doesn't like certain tropes so I know what shows to avoid with her as well.
This is going to sound extremely "geeky" but I can decide what shows to watch on my own by using the elimination process.

Friend A: Likes ecchi but hates horror/creepy anime. Likes romance but not love-hate romance.
Friend B: Likes horror but not vampires, likes cute stuff but not fan service, likes shoujo, but not stereotypes
Friend C: Likes romance but not violent tsundere. Loves dark drama and horror anime.

So I can deduce from all this that I will be watching Zero No Tsukaima on my own.

I also make sure to set aside a slot of time just for watching anime. Normally I do it before bed but this isn't the BEST idea in the world for marathoning anime. It's too easy to pull an all-nighter.

It's difficult to choose the next anime to marathon...but I'll normally pick the one that weighs on my mind the most at the time and make that my priority.

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Old 2013-03-01, 13:28   Link #22
Love Yourself
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Originally Posted by Rosalena View Post
I'll admit that I find it strange that so many anime fans keep lists of the titles they watch, plan to watch, have dropped, and so forth. Perhaps it's only because I'm not a list-maker, but this has always struck me as peculiar. The anime community is the only fan-based community I can think of that has an entire website devoted to helping people handle their various lists
I know what you mean. One member on these forums introduced me to MyAnimeList, and I thought it a bit weird that we had a website devoted to keeping track of what are basically television shows and comics. It's actually a pretty useful resource for finding new series and getting a sense of whether it will be worth watching or not.

Regarding backlogs, yup. I didn't used to have them until I got out of anime for 2-3 years. I've pretty much been three steps behind everyone else since then, and it's made worse by my limited time to "catch up." The downside is that I don't experience the joys of anticipating a new episode each week, nor watching it alongside the community. The upside is that I'm fully on my own schedule, I download series that pique my interest, and I choose what to watch based on my interests at the moment.

At this rate I'll never get caught up, but that's OK. Anime viewing has always been about the experience; it's not a race to see who can watch the most. The experience is made better by watching a series over a long period of time, and marathoning a series dampens some of its impact, in my opinion. Watching a series on your own time can require some self-discipline in that regard, but I'm lucky if I have the time to watch one episode per day, so that's a non-issue for me at the moment.
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Old 2013-03-01, 20:07   Link #23
Infinite Zenith
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I don't so much have a backlog problem as much as I do a procrastination problem: for instance, I still haven't finished Working!! yet
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Old 2013-03-01, 20:19   Link #24
Ichihara Asako
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Originally Posted by ForwardUntoDawn View Post
I don't so much have a backlog problem as much as I do a procrastination problem: for instance, I still haven't finished Working!! yet
I just recently finished re-watching both seasons of Working for the third time. That's my procrastination. I keep re-watching good shows, instead of getting through my ever-growing backlog.
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Old 2013-03-01, 22:41   Link #25
Nekokota Festival
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Backlog of anime I have know idea why any one would have more then a few of them to plan to watch but having more of 10 of them you mite as well just forget about watch them. But I do have a backlog of buying anime just so many to get and so little of them are found in stores any more
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Old 2013-03-02, 00:01   Link #26
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I hate to say it, but at this point the only anime I've really been able to bring myself to watch through have been those that friends recommend to me.Even Psycho Pass I only started on a recommendation! Right now I'm two episodes into Full Moon wo Sagashite, and I started the series on Tuesday. So I've been a bit bad...

My backlog is rather strange. It includes winter 2011 (yes, that number is correct) final episodes (again, four or fewer episodes from finished), a couple shows that I really like (but yet have not finished or caught up on) and right now I have a growing list of "plan to watch" which I suspect will become, for the first time, a lot of "dropped."

I need someone to move up to my area and make me watch stuff.

Edit: Spurred on by a funny video, I started watching Nichijou. I can't stop... Help!

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Old 2013-03-02, 00:11   Link #27
Hiroi Sekai
*Graphic Designer
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I need to find days where I'm off work, school AND feeling in the right moods to watch the myriad of series and the series they preoccupy, so I often find myself swimming in a backlog of sorts. However, when the stars align here and there, I really get into it and get caught right up in a day or two.

Right now, I have to get a little caught up on Shin Sekai Yori as well as marathon through Kimi ni Todoke, but a mere few days ago I was behind on Kotoura-san, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Chihayafuru S2, Little Busters, Sakurasou, Robotics;Notes, Psycho-Pass, Ore no Kanojo, and even Minami-ke Tadaima.
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Old 2013-03-02, 09:31   Link #28
Sisterhood of the Desu
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I dropped a few shows when I realized that I had too much of a backlog. It's kinda hard to keep track of what day something is on.

And don't get me started on the dvds I have that keep piling up, along with digital downloads I have from itunes...
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Old 2013-03-02, 16:40   Link #29
The Butcher
Butchered Taste
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Well I had a action phase when I first started anime years ago. I would only watch action anime, but in 2011 I extended my borders. Then I learned that I don't really enjoy action stuff unless it at least has a decent plot and some other things.

So from late 2011 to Fall 2012 I was watching mainstream titles of Clannad, Haruhi, TTGL, Toaru Majutsu no Index, DRRR!!, Bakemonogatari, and many others(I liked most of the stuff I thought would be crap btw).

I'd watch 3 completed anime along with all of my currently airing stuff. Some unknown stuff here and there also. One episode a day from these three completed series. Of course....this was when I was still in high school.

Now...I only have time for one completed series at a time. Though I made an exception for SAC and Uchuu Kyoudai.

Yeah....I just say pick the ones that are highly recommended by the majority.
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Old 2013-03-02, 19:40   Link #30
reading #hikaributts
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I never made any anime backlogs before, because i know will be procrastinating. Just like my VN backlog that i have, still has some VN's from 2005 that i still don't have the time to read. Because after every period (for VN's every month but for animes every 3 months) the amount of things that you want to see/read will increase further.
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Old 2013-03-03, 21:49   Link #31
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Massive backlog here also, I finally went through and simply zapped all the 'started but never got very far' and the never-started but only partial downloaded list. It still leaves me with nearly 20 series that are done and I still haven't queued up. Blerch. Hobby time is in serious collision mode.
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Old 2013-03-03, 23:11   Link #32
Feeling comfy
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I'll keep it brief. I no longer have the time to follow up on all the shows I want to watch, and even less time to mull over the ones I do. Those shows that end up in my "backlog" eventually end up collecting dust — I almost never go back to them. The original impetus to watch them had faded away.

Part of the fun of watching anime, I find, comes from being able to discuss them with others while they are "current". The inability to do that as often as I would like to hampers my enjoyment of anime to a certain extent.

To be sure, though, the other part of the problem stems from an awareness that there are fewer series today that I'm interested in following. I'm not as emotionally invested in anime as I was, say, five years ago. It's a function of my relative lack of time, and also a function of not being able to find as many stories as I used to that deal with subjects that I am curious about.
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Old 2013-03-04, 02:39   Link #33
Part-time misanthrope
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134 shows on my to watch list To be honest only 78 of them are actually series while 56 are OVAs, movies, specials, etc. Aside from some obscure shows I'm not exactly worried about losing interest in them any time soon but my motivation keeps having low and high phases. While I can go for weeks without not watching anything besides a few shows suddenly the urge to marathon a show comes up.

Unfortunately there are more shows that I'm interested in every season than I do marathons ;_;
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Old 2013-03-04, 08:45   Link #34
Akuma Kousaka
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My PTW list has never exceeded 30. I love my tiem management skillz.

Back when my PTW was close to 30 it was just the stuff I've heard about most. Now it's one or two random shows a season and whatever else I randomly come across. Being in the right mood helps also...
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