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Old 2009-01-08, 14:21   Link #121
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2009
Hello there,

I've got a strange problem with graphics - it looks like there weren't any textures at all - almost everything's black and I can't see anything except some outlines.
I tried to change graphics in various options but it didn't work for me.
Was searching through net to find out if someone English-speaking had the same problem, but found nothing and got here.

I've got the DirectX 9.0c, working on WinXP with SP2, my graphics card is Radeon 9600 with updated Omega drivers.

Could anybody help me?
It looks like this:
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Old 2009-01-10, 10:52   Link #122
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I'm having exact same problem

tried driver ver 96.x and 178.x both has same error (using geforce 7600gt)

update: WHUT I changed everything in my regional setting to japan(ese) and it now works

update 2: changing standards and formats to japan or US (or other location - haven't checked) seems sufficient (location can be anywhere)

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Old 2009-01-10, 12:42   Link #123
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When I tried running it, I changed only language to non-Unicode programs to Japanese. I'll try also changing standards and formats then... thanks!

EDIT: That worked for me, thx again!

BTW, how can I exit to the window mode (even if i'vve already changed it in the options, i get a horribly big window which i cannot just drag & drop)

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Old 2009-01-11, 07:49   Link #124
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I think the resolution is fixed at 1024x768 which means if your maximum/native/usual display resolution is not larger than that you'll get that big window.

Also this page is definitely useful (especially for quests walkthrough) - just use google translate to help.
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Old 2009-04-25, 19:11   Link #125
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Originally Posted by Marine-RX179 View Post
It just say "Failed to apply patch data"- Code: 80FF0060 . I even try uninstalling and reinstall, and still have the same problem. Just to check if people are having the same problem so that I'd know whether it's problem with my end or not.

Nevermind, got it working now.
May I ask how you make it work? I been trying to play the game but when I launch the client it gives me the same code 80FF0060
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Old 2009-05-04, 19:22   Link #126
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Age: 27
So how many of you are still playing this game?
Spoiler for 4chan related:
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Old 2009-06-02, 00:07   Link #127
Butler mitai~
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wew.. this thread is pretty much dead, been checking out for updates.
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Old 2009-06-17, 00:07   Link #128
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I don't know if this thread is still down but I'll post anyways.

If someone completed all of the quests, can someone make an english guide for it?
So far I've completed almost all of the quests for Shuffle except for two. I used a translator for this japanese guide I found (, but I just cant seem to follow the other two island quest guides.

Also, does anyone know how to meet up with the original characters for the island?
Spoiler for Sia from Shuffle:

I've also seen other people having their chara doll as original characters
Spoiler for DCII Island characters:

so how do you do that? ( I have a feeling nico points are needed)
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Old 2009-06-17, 19:32   Link #129
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Originally Posted by Utau View Post
wew.. this thread is pretty much dead, been checking out for updates.
Ah, sorry for the lack of activity lately. I forgot to tell you guys that I had health issues. I had an eye surgery in April and was away from my PC for quite some time. In the following months it seems that I'm going to have another operation so things are a bit tough for me.

Lately I managed to stop by at ai sp@ce but only at Akihabara. Before I went to the hospital I send a few messages to the local folks who I got acquainted with a bit earlier and we exchanged contacts. The guys were very happy to see me back last week when I logged in. Actually I should say that Japanese people are very polite and are very concerned when it comes to health issues. I'm very grateful to them for their moral support and encouragement.

I was happy to meet them too, because I actually met them at Hatsumoude in January and it was very surprising for me at first to see familiar names in the chat. Because, you know, if it were another game you'd rather have a random company but here people keep coming back and it feels great and reassuring when you can get online and feel yourself at ease with familiar people around.

So, if you still find time to stop by at ai sp@ce I'd love to join you as well, just name the time and place where we could meet.
Last time I logged in it was around 3 am at my place which is 8 am in Japan. So let's count everything in Japanese local time. Surprisingly, I saw quite a lot of visitors early in the morning. People were preparing to leave for work or school but still they found it suitable for them to check ai sp@ce first.

Now that I look at it, the last time I logged in was at the end of May. The place looked like this, people were discussing Da Capo characters and their clothes and the game Da Capo II for you.

I'd prefer links to the japanese sources. The way you provide links make the page contents completely incomprehensible.

Also, I should say that I forgot about quests soon after I completed a few. I find watching Nico-TV a bit more entertaining, and when I actually do pop up at ai sp@ce it's usually Akiba, though I also take a train to get to Shuffle shopping district (and my place of residence is Shuffle island and I'm still into this thing and it'll soon be one year since I put this art from Really?Really! game on my desktop)

What interests me still, is the way to get new clothes. And I'd also love to make a nice script for ai-pon. You know the shops I checked offered some trash and the only decent outfit I found for my Miki was Shuffle uniform. But it is for rent. The full set comes up to several hundred yen for only 4 days of use. Or you can use the in-game currency which I dont have because I don't go for quests.
Still, when seeing people dressed very stylishly I start to look at my own avatar and I understand that I look like a homeless.

Suggestions are very appreciated. And I'm ready to get some nico-points for this purpose.

personal page at
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Old 2009-08-16, 08:27   Link #130
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Hey, I downloaded Ai Sp@ce, made TWO nicovideo accounts, and I even got applocale working right, but EVERY TIME I try to login on ai sp@ce using a nicovideo account, it gives me an error. D: Will I never be able to create a character? D: I'm so confuuuused >_< I know at first they were only letting in the first 53k people, but that should be over by now, right?? I'm starting to worry.... ALOT >_< Please help!!!!

By the way, just to let you know, I don't know a word of japanese. ^^;; I look up guides and tutorials and crap. XD
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Old 2009-08-16, 08:33   Link #131
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a screenshot of the error should help
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Old 2009-08-30, 07:08   Link #132
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I'm still newbie on this game... wonder if somebody can meet me so we can chat?

Is it forbidden to speak English on Ai Sp@ce?
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Old 2010-12-24, 15:06   Link #133
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You can speak english but almost no one will understand you.

Does anyone know where to find the monthly "sexy" version of the wallpaper?
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bishoujo, circus, key, mmorpg, navel, pc game

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