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Old 2015-08-02, 22:31   Link #1
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Cute girls in manga/ distinguishable protagonists?

Hey guys
so I've decided to make my own manga/graphic novel. I'm currently in the process of researching the look of it (it's already taken me a month, and im assuming it will still take a few more just to get visuals right). I'd like to get a more unique look, not just some copy and paste from other mangaka works and style. I feel like Hiro Mashima Takeshi Obata, and Oh Great (not to mention toriyama, Oda or Kishimoto) did a very good job on this. Subtle yet distinguishable enough. And very appealing. I used to like Hiroya Oku, but for some reason nowadays he's not so appealing to me. I also really love Kentaro Miura, but from what i asked around to everyone else that i know that loves manga, everyone seems to hate his style, so i guess i will try to avoid that path.

I'd like to try to do the same. So i'm gathering references and I'd like to know what's the forums preferences.

Lately i've been looking at the characters in Fairy tail and I kind of like the bold style he uses with the eyes. Akame ga kill seems to do something interasting with the eyes as well.

any ways, looking forward for opinions or suggestions.Please note that im interested in both male and female characters.

thank you.
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Old 2015-08-02, 22:42   Link #2
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Good luck mate, I'm writing my own web novel and I can tell you, you'll be surprised how little the art matters, once the story starts art takes a back seat. Check out Tsugumomo's artstyle, Youkai Shoujo's and the artist "Itachi".
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Old 2015-08-03, 20:34   Link #3
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thanks you for replying

forgive me for asking, but isnt a web novel text and not a graphic novel/comic?
as it stands, being an artist professionally, i think i will not let the art part be downplayed tho. Need to focus on both the story, and art...and characters the best i can

thanks for the reference as well. if you got more, or if anyone else has more suggestions please send me.
thank you

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