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Old 2018-12-29, 14:20   Link #161
Infinite Zenith
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Originally Posted by SeaDoor View Post
The magic, time travel and grandmother hanging out with her granddaughter were never really integrated into a story which was just left to be a pedestrian tale of teen angst.
What's pedestrian, a short film about a guy crossing the street? The angst was promptly dealt with, this was a story of discovery through friendship. A familiar theme, yes, but hardly tedious to watch.
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Old 2018-12-29, 14:39   Link #162
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Why you make ending like this, even though I already expected bittersweet ending but it’s still really broke my heart.

PA WORKS always make farewell scene in the end.
Spoiler for example:

But compare all of them this is really cruel and sad for Hitomi, she finally meet her first friends and first love but only for a short time. She probably will meet again but they already old or one of them already passed away.

When Aoi try to save Hitomi I thought there’s twist happy ending like anime similar like this 'Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai'. I always hope Aoi will join Hitomi to the future but I know it’s really impossible consider time travel and against the theme.

That last scene really make me cry when Hitomi staring alone, try to look ocean and sky that have color blue (Aoi). Anyway I don’t think I can move on from this beautiful anime when I see fireworks on New Year’s Eve soon.

(sorry for my english)

New image from Fly, character designer for Iroduku
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Old 2018-12-29, 17:13   Link #163
4th Dimension
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While the show did have an interesting premise, and some nice bits (fish out of temporal waters by a future person and interaction between young grandma and granddaughter) in the end the story was rather fromulaic.

The only thing that saved it is that it had some really beautiful moments visually.

Which makes high positioning of Hitomi (3rd place) on some seasonal waifu charts kinda surprising.

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Old 2018-12-30, 22:12   Link #164
AS Oji-kun
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Certainly the weakest story from P.A. Works I've seen.

Hope this isn't a portent of future works by them.
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Old 2018-12-31, 01:23   Link #165
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The first half of the episode was very beautiful and they didn't overdo the crying. I like the last monochrome transition. The rest? Well, I guess it was just sorta there and didn't tell me that much. Guess they were trying to be subtle?

Couldn't help but feel an Angel Beats vibe at the end, though this episode was actually good though a bit disappointing at the end.

Good show regardless.
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Old 2018-12-31, 04:03   Link #166
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As far as I've read, it's not unusual for japanese authors to end up being subtle with their stories' endings and/or epilogues.
Stuff like symbology of said moments, the intent of having the audience picture them as they wish or not wanting to piss off said audience may be good reasons for such practices.

Still, no matter how much the world might burn from it, I'd rather have a proper ending and/or epilogue as much as possible.
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Old 2018-12-31, 15:34   Link #167
Infinite Zenith
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I definitely enjoyed Iroduku: the series just worked for me.

A few interesting remarks from the finale:
  1. The golden fish likely was around to represent the freedom that Yuito yearned to attain through drawing
  2. The girls that Hitomi befriends are the same ones who ask if she'd be interested in joining them for fireworks during the first episode. They resemble Asagi and Kurumi, so it would not be too surprising if the two could be family
  3. The causal loop explains why Hitomi was able to see colours in Yuito's drawings before they'd met.

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Old 2019-01-01, 22:39   Link #168
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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I honestly couldn't see the episode until the day before, and couldn't post until now because of New Years. Amazon, why you so weird sometimes?

First thing, yep, right on the money that Hitomi was the one who sent herself back in time. Also, right on the money that Hitomi is the one sending herself to the future, as young Kohaku wasn't the one who sent her back. I really REALLY enjoy stories that properly foreshadow their stories even as early as episode 3, and the 'unconscious self casting' was amazing as a clue.

Secondly, yep, bookstore guy is Hitomi's grandpa. Not quite dead as I expected, but still the same person nonetheless. Lucky son of a bitch, marrying Kohaku and all (I'm so green with envy ). In a related topic, are those two future girls the granddaughters of Asagi/Sho and Kurumi/Chigusa? Like the subtle nod there.

Thirdly, I absolutely LOVE the ending. I dunno about others, but this story is my 'imaginary fix' for two anime whose story I have problems with: Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Uchiage Hanabi.

I forgot if I actually posted it (it's been a decade already lol), but one thing I HATED about Girl Who Leapt Through Time is that it gave off the message to 'never move on'. Irozuku on the other hand completely goes to the opposite direction... while the past is part who made us who we are, we should NOT be tied to it. This is relevant to not only Hitomi, but Yuito as well. Sure their romance may not have ended happily, BUT the message the show gets across is the correct one. I sure as hell would take that over the exact opposite that happened in Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

As for Uchiage Hanabi, the supernatural elements took the forefront for what is supposed to be a fairly run of the mill coming of age story (if they went closer to the original) or a regular romance (if they wanted to put in more). BUT NO, they decided to make it full Kimi no na Wa and have the stupid crystal with it's myriad of effects play a significant part in the runtime. In here, the supernatural aspect is very much on the background. Sure magic exists, but people just treat it as if it's another scientific technology. A lot of people are flabbergasted at the cast's rather subdued reaction to Hitomi's time travel, but personally I absolutely LOVE they just swept it under the rug and focused instead on the story.

Overall, Irozuku takes my favourite anime of the cour. It beats Boarding School Juliet because of impressive visuals, while it beats Bunny Sempai because the pace, if at times slow, was otherwise perfect. Sure it has a bittersweet story and the side romances aren't fully explored (I'll take the subtle nod the show gives that Asagi/Sho and Kurumi/Chigusa got together), but the writing is on point and the message is correct. Plus, if anything, Irozuku gave me my waifu of the year in Kohaku.

But good enough to take a spot in my top 3 of 2018? Just short IMO, as B The Beginning's villian is the best I've seen since 2012's Squealer, Planet With subverts A TON of shonen battle tropes with an amazing story/message to boot, and there's no way I can bump off Hi Score Girl off at third because I'm very biased to such stories.

Still, Irozuku earns the honorable mention, and would have been #3 if we go by anime originals. A welcome one too, since after the disappointment of Tada-kun, I thought anime original romances are destined to be die off. Hopefully studios don't shy from making such stories, even though it doesn't make as much money as say, another idol anime, cute girls doing cute things anime, or whatever.

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Old 2019-01-02, 08:30   Link #169
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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
First thing, yep, right on the money that Hitomi was the one who sent herself back in time. Also, right on the money that Hitomi is the one sending herself to the future, as young Kohaku wasn't the one who sent her back. I really REALLY enjoy stories that properly foreshadow their stories even as early as episode 3, and the 'unconscious self casting' was amazing as a clue.
Hitomi wasn't the one who send herself to the past nor did she send herself back to the future either. Older Kohaku sent her to the past, and she set it so the magic would wear off at a certain point (once Hitomi "cured" herself, most likely). Young Kohaku realized her own ritual turned out to be useless and she still had a long way to go until she could become a great magician, swearing she would get the time magic ready in sixty years.
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Old 2019-01-08, 14:09   Link #170
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Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
Y'know, I wondered for a second if that glasses guy at the book store might actually be Hitomi's grandfather and Kohaku's constant trips to the book store to learn more about (presumably) time travel magic led to their relationship and a stable time loop of sorts .
You were right

May be even if Irozuku doesn't seem the strongest PA show by itself, it still has its charm and I liked it very much. It was touching. It was kind. It was beautiful (same for the story and for the visual).

Characters say good things and always help each other out. Good example of how people's meeting, geniune support and wishing good to each other, liking each other can help to overcome issues and make you feel happy. I can believe and understand things they are troubled by which I think is important for the genre.
Even though for me it was too sad they had to part. Hitomi returning the joy of life was the point but still I personally would like to know what happened to the others. And if Hitomi met her mother, and what about Aoi's father. It feels incomplete to me.
Though may be it was the concept to concentrate on Hitomi only and for us not to know what happened after she left to remember everything as it was then.
Overall it was very nice show for me.

P.S. If I lived in a world like that I would definetly do magic at least at some level. If I wouldn't been able to use it I may be could become lust for it like
Spoiler for different show:

Special thanks to the authors for the idea of getting into the picture. It appealed to me and I liked that picture as well. To draw some interesting place and go for a walk there would be wonderful if it was possible.
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