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Old 2017-04-22, 00:01   Link #121
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Ok, I just watched three episodes of BanG Dream in a row. Basically, the three episodes form one huge end season drama arc, centered around Kasumi, and this arc is done in such a way that leaves very little doubt what kind of story-telling music anime format BanG Dream has taken. Basically, BanG Dream has chosen to commit fully to the Love Live route and it's treatment of it's main protagonist. BanG Dream hence has much more in common with Love Live then K-on.

Both BanG Dream's Kasumi and Love Live's Honoka and Chika follows a particular character archetype in their public personalities- energetic, charismatic personalities that gain their group through sheer insistence, persistence, and presence. These characters seem to be filled with natural oodles of irrepressible optimism with "Idiot Hero" characteristics.

However, towards the last quarter or so of the first season, these "heroines" are usually put in some situation that tests their outwardly optimistic personas. And these personas usually reach their breaking point during this crisis. In so far as this general plot structure goes, the end game scenario of BanG Dream strongly parallels both Love Live (SIP's Kotori is leaving, and Sunshine's Zero). Of course, the details and the way this general plot is told differ substantially between each show. Both of Love Live persona breaking crisis is not centered around a crisis of skill persay. BanG Dream's Kasumi crisis, quite predictably is based on the fact that there's a clear difference in skill between Kasumi and her group.

This is basically Episode 10 in the nutshell, which culminates in the painful but brilliantly executed scene of Kasumi choking on stage. I found that actually very hard to watch, but the execution from the voice-acting, the cues of terrified nervousness from Kasumi's part in the run up to the choking, and the looks of horror on the faces of Kasumi's band members sold the cringe of the scene strongly.

Resolution wise, while Love Live protagonist crisis usually implicitly reminds it's viewers why the protagonist is the leader of the group, BanG Dream makes it central to the resolution instead. Something I didn't notice until the resolution was that Kasumi was the main vocalist in Poppin Party until the point of the breakdown. Spreading the singing burden across the group both increases the cohesiveness of the group and defines the dynamics of BanG Dream more vividly. In that sense, I'd dare say it's a change more concrete than Love Live's resolutions instead.

I'd also like to commend Episode 10 and 11 for its excellent pacing. Two episodes really gave the plot room to breathe, something that Sunshine IMO wasn't able to do so with their one episode dramas. Episode 11 is fascinating, in how Kasumi losing her voice leads to a very different impression and aura to Kasumi. Kudos to Kasumi's VA for being able to execute that shift well. I also liked how Episode 11 employed sibling dynamics - the scene with Kasumi and her sister near the middle of the episode about overcoming slumps was both emotionally impactful (for most of the season both siblings seem to be living parallel lives), but designed to be "moderate", "real" and "casual".

Episode 12 is the denouements of the Kasumi drama arc. This is probably the most concrete episode for Poppin Party's dynamic as a group, and I'd say that they have abit of a roating straight man dynamic, where different girls play the role of the straight man and others play the fool for different scenes.

The end performance didn't sound professional IMO - and I suspect it's imperfections were deliberately delivered. The challenge probably was for the performance to seem committed and sincere, while not being up to the standards that I suspect that singers are capable of. This is a substantial deviation from Love Live - usually, LL performances are done at that professional level, and does not convey the amatuerness of a very new group. It's probably a gamble too if the anime is meant to sell the music.

Overall, I liked those three episodes. I think the late season drama has been executed with much better pacing than Love Live, and has chosen a very plausible and convincing premise for the drama.
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Old 2017-04-22, 18:26   Link #122
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So the final episode is out and watched and absolutely confirms the show as the dark horse of the season for me. It's sadly not uncommon for shows o disappoint me somewhat close to the end and for a while there I had feared that Bang Dream was setting up far too much for the runtime it had left. Luckily however that was not the case and there was a tightness to the writing that is many times missing from Anime shows.

Novalysis has already touched on the imperfections of the final performance and how they are very likely intended. This isn't the first show to pull that particular trick (Hibiki Euphonium also managed to do that to great effect) but it would be unfair to let it go unmentioned. It's these kinds of details that elevate a show from the rest and Bang Dream was very well executed indeed.

However there was always something missing. I'm not sure if it was simple timing or if the show failed to hit the most popular tastes of the audience at the moment but for some reason the show seems to have flown under the radar both here and in its home country. It's a shame really because, for me, this season felt very close to the first season of Love Live.

Overall I give this show a solid 8.
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Old 2017-04-22, 21:16   Link #123
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This was just so cliche and got so irritated near the end

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Old 2017-04-23, 04:08   Link #124
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Soild seven from me.
Obviously it is condensed in the show, but I like how they showed that, it is more than just jumping on stage and become a superstar. In that sense it is more believable than other series. Yes, you can have a fluke, but in the end, it is hard work buidling up one's skills, material and confidence to perform in front of people.
Changed my mind, i'll give it an eight. I would give it a higher score, but animationwise the 3d and 2d mixture stood out too much and some areas i thought they were streatching the material a bit too much.
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Old 2017-04-24, 15:21   Link #125
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The ending felt so... incomplete to me. It seemed to me like I was watching the first part of a show. I mean, it was like watching the first cour of Love Live, but now I need more interaction and a clear goal for the group.
I won't say I haven't enjoyed it, because I have, but the last two episodes left me a bit... I don't know, void, to say it in some way.

In the end, I guess I should watch K-On too
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Old 2017-04-24, 15:42   Link #126
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Well, the boss from Bushiroad on Twitter heavily implied the anime will get some sort of continuation, so I assume this isn't the end (especially with the mobile game performing well).
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Old 2017-04-26, 05:35   Link #127
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Old 2017-04-26, 05:41   Link #128
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Wow, that's pretty. Now give me a Saya or Arisa one and I will be very happy
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Old 2017-04-26, 23:30   Link #129
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I've been busy lately with writing fanfics, and watching NHL playoffs, so it's only tonight that I've finally watched BanG Dream Episode 13.

For this post, I want to mainly focus on BanG Dream on its own. Because I think some of its strengths can perhaps be underappreciated if the more obvious/valid comparisons are focused on a lot.

There's a few things that I think BanG Dream does exceptionally well, perhaps better than any other anime show I've watched. They are:

1. Easy-going feel-good show. The characters are playful, and have goals, but there's also a lot of warmth and relaxation in how they interact with each other. The cast as a whole, and the five main characters in particular, are also tremendously likeable and charming.

2. Kasumi might be the quintessential genki girl. This isn't to say she's my favorite genki girl, but that she might capture the character archetype better than any other character I've seen. I've always had a certain fondness for characters that define popular archetypes (Superman with superheroes, Kaname Madoka with magical girls as I see it, etc...). I like characters that are kinda the platonic ideal of a particular character type. Kasumi might be *the* genki girl, particularly warm-style genki girl.

3. Arisa might be the most amusing tsundere I've ever seen. She is consistent comedy gold. Kasumi is the heart of BanG Dream, but Arisa provides essential spice.

4. O-Tae is an interesting spin on the long straight dark-haired, musically talented beauty. She's the most relaxed and friendly and dreamy of such characters, at least in my experience.

5. Tell a solid, thorough group story. Poppin' Party's story in these 13 episodes is a simple uncomplicated story, but it's nonetheless developed meticulously with good build-up and largely satisfying highlight moments of growth/success. And the full group of five end up feeling extremely tight-knit, maybe more tight-knit than any other named group I can think of in anime (one thing that helps here is that I don't feel like there's clear possible lines of division within Poppin' Party). There's a certain magic to the show, but it also feels very grounded in the sense that my suspension of disbelief is very rarely challenged, and I honestly could imagine Poppin' Party's story being the story of a real life Japanese rock band (well, maybe with the exception of Episode 3's events ).

On the whole, BanG Dream is a very safe recommendation to anybody who likes J-Pop anime (be it idol anime or rock band anime), and to anybody who likes "cute girls doing cute things" anime. It's a lovely little show. While flawed or lacking in some ways, I definitely think it's an easy show to like and appreciate.

It was hindered primarily by two things - Terrible airing schedule (very late start and a full week off at a critical point), and lack of bells and whistles. By "bells and whistles", I mean things like live performance costumes, live performance quality/variety, and BGM quality. If BanG Dream does get a 2nd season or a 2nd cour, then I hope it can make some improvements when it comes to bells and whistles, not because I think such improvements are necessary for the show (to continue) to be good, but because I think such improvements may be necessary in order to draw in a wider audience.

When it comes to capturing the good vibes and emotional highs of Love Live, BanG Dream pretty much did that for me. Kasumi Toyama made me smile in a way that no anime character has since Honoka Kousaka. And I'm very thankful to BanG Dream for that.

On the whole, I pretty much agree with Dextro on this show. I thank novalysis for a very interesting BanG Dream series review.
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Old 2017-04-30, 17:18   Link #130
Akuma Kousaka
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What's the most likely thing to happen for a girl who likes the stars to end up finding a star-shaped guitar? Form a band, obviously

So BanG Dream! is the story of Kasumi Touyama as she recruits four others to form a band, and to eventually perform at this venue called Space. I should also say it's a pretty small venue which is to this show's benefit, keeping things personal for Kasumi and doesn't risk overreaching. In that, the story stays focused on these girls and we see them improving and practicing, and towards the end there's a really strong story arc of sorts between Kasumi and the owner of Space. With talking about how strong this last story arc is, now would be a good time to segueway into the rest of BanG Dream!

Now if you jumped the gun and are now replying to me by taking stuff out of context, I'm probably wasting my time typing this. If you're still reading, contrary to what the last paragraph would have you believe, BanG Dream! overall is actually a good show. Not only that, but this anime has no glaring weaknesses in so far as not really doing anything wrong. It doesn't mess anything up, it's characters are likable, there's not much more you could ask for when you're viewing this show in a vacuum

...but only in a vacuum. The best way to describe BanG Dream! is if you took the full capacity of pure Slice of Life and the limits of music drama, merged them together, and end up with something at 65-73% of the potential of both, that's this anime. And it's the kind of solid quality where you can sense they can go further and not for any weaknesses in its writing. So with that, I. Will. Say. BanG Dream! is a pretty good time, no alcohol required
Originally Posted by Ulin View Post
Wow, that's pretty. Now give me a Saya or Arisa one and I will be very happy
I hope he doesn't mind posting one of best girl Tae Hanazono too
Heil Muse. Bow before the Cinderella GirlsMuses are red
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Old 2017-04-30, 17:31   Link #131
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Quick question, are we free to talk about Girls Band Party here?

Originally Posted by xizro345 View Post
Well, the boss from Bushiroad on Twitter heavily implied the anime will get some sort of continuation, so I assume this isn't the end (especially with the mobile game performing well).
I hope so. It's not the best anime, but it shows promise. What S2 needs is an earlier start and more appearances from the other bands imo.
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