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Old 2008-04-23, 18:14   Link #1
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My First Wallpaper

so this is my first wallpaper i have ever made comment it please even if you can't say anything good about it cuz other people thoughts are important to me ;) just tell me what could i do better or w/e cuz i'm just learning and i want to know what could and what should i do better ;) ty :p
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Old 2008-04-23, 18:29   Link #2
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Wallpaper depends on where you aim at, most people's goal of wallpaper is to look pretty. But you should also consider where the desktop icons should go. Quality is another issue you have here, try vectoring the stock. Do not add blend filter to the stock since it usually make quality go down, also Nerine with red eyes look kind of scary. Pick the right render. Wallpaper look good enough with one or two stock. Another thing is not letting stock become the focus, but rather let the the background of your wall. In a wall people will look at the stock when they want to, since it is a wall; not a tag.
I love Flandre Scarlet

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Old 2008-04-23, 20:32   Link #3
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Nice wallie =D. My first wallie look like crap, but yours already does look good. Keep it up, and try to make your wallies bigger and diffrent sizes like 1024x768 or 1600x1200 <--- wide screen ^^.

EDIT: oh, it is already 1024x768. Maybe most people have widescreen, so thats why it probably looks too small.

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Old 2008-04-24, 03:07   Link #4
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I don't like the colour overlay, i think u shouldnt add to many effects...
Also the colours doesnt fit with the black and white/light blue.

Just keep the stock clean, add some nice text, maby play with some light and dark effects...and it would look alot better =)

You can also use a render and add a background with some brushes, it's just like the sigs you see here but then bigger...
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Old 2008-04-24, 03:19   Link #5
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007
It's far too small to be called a wallpaper, and the colours are a little strange. The image is also a bit blurry, which may or may not be intentional; personally I dislike it as I prefer crisp, clean lines. Though I don't mind the overall look you're going for.
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