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Cool Aki's mangas (Aruosumente, Angel's Doubt, Olimpos, etc...)

Is anyone here Aki's fan? No? It's okay, let me present you some of her works...

1/ A*D Tenshi no Uso

Summary: Eiri Lawrence is famous and almost perfect in every aspects, he meets Force Caluanthes - who is mocked as the bird of paradise and his mysterious servant. The story begins...

Comment: this is my personal favorite, unfortunately it's on hiatus.

2/ Aruosumente

Summary: Legna has a dream that someone is going to kill the king, and he goes to find the truth.

Comment: the only series is on-going and the longest one to date. It's becoming more complicating now with a twist later, but I love it.

3/ Elhanburg's Angel

Summary: Two best friends and one women interferes with their friendship, with results in a collapsing of a kingdom...

Comment: A short one and has been released in English with a really beautiful hard cover. This story is kinda tragic...

And there are more like Olimpos, Higan no Ishi, Utahime and Hanamatsuri. All have been either licensed in English or translated online.

I may summarize all her series like this:

- Beautiful detailed artwork, as you can already see.
- Original stories, I have never seen any story like hers, all of them are unique.
- Likeable characters, especially main char, and unique personalities. No overpowered, no hot-blooded, no "I believe in you" characters.
- Yup, lots of beautiful boys. All her series do have girls but they are only supporting.
- Deep plots, intriguing stories and philosophical. Believe me I sometimes can't even understand what they are talking about until I read like 10 times (Olimpos...). There are many funny scenes, and I like her humor sense, so the story is neither really dark or bright.
- Somehow all her stories lead to existentialism, and angels. But they are interesting. Some are pretty symbolic

- Slow begining, no action. Yeah, her stories are just talk, talk and talk. Sometimes you do get scene like Legna is almost stabbed by Dante, but that's all about it.
- Inconsistent art. She left many white backgrounds as for A*D. I think she has improved though.
- Girly boys. I have to admit it irritates me sometimes, but I still love her pretty boys though
- SLOW RELEASE. I should thank god that the scanlation groups have such patience. One volume per year.
- For some reasons when her series starts to get popular, the magazine publishes it ceases to produce, left the series unfinished. Three times this has happened (IT'S A CURSE). It's lucky that Aruosumente is still being released online.
- Difficult to understand, yeah it really depends on readers whether it's your taste or not.

Hope I can bring more people to Aki's Fandom
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