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The Conquests of Qing Dynasty Emperor Hong Taiji

From 1636-1643, the Chinese Empire would reach the peak of its power because Emperor Hong Taiji, the founder of the Qing Dynasty, ordered the conquest of several countries and territories which include: Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea, Taiwan, Hainan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Pangasinan.

Just like the Japanese Empire, the Chinese Empire was already industrialized since ancient times because Chinese inventor Zhuge Liang introduced the world's 1st use of mass produced interchangeable parts for his invention, the crossbow, the 1st armor piercing projectile weapon, while in the 400s BCE, Chinese inventor Mr. Qin invents the repeating crossbow.

The Chinese were also the 1st to use factories in the form of animal mills, watermills, and windmills, because they introduced the harness in 1000 BCE which was eventually used to enable animals to power machinery by making the animals walk around in circles while connected to the harness which was in turn connected to a power shaft, while Chinese inventor Du Shi invented the watermill in 30 CE, and the Chinese started using windmills during the 300s.

The Chinese also introduced the 1st aircraft in the form of kites, which were invented by Chinese philosophers Mozi and Lu Ban in the 500s BCE, and Kongming lanterns, which were also invented by Zhuge Liang, while Chinese inventor Gao Yang invents the kite glider in 559.

Because of continued industrialization and militarization, the Chinese Empire was ready to bear the full weight of its industrial might on the rest of the world by the 1600s.

Emperor Hong Taiji sent a force of 120,000 soldiers to occupy Korea and force it to become a tributary state, that is, a state that pays tribute in the form of money and goods without receiving anything in return.

In the case of the Taiwanese colonization, Taiwan was originally called Formosa when it had a Dutch naval base, but in the 1630s Emperor Hong Taiji sent an expeditionary fleet led by Admiral Koxinga to attack the Dutch naval base. The Chinese Navy, with its superior number of battleships, won the naval battle against the Dutch Navy, and Formosa was ceded to China as part of the terms of surrender, after which, Emperor Hong Taiji renames Formosa into Taiwan.

The Emperor also sends Admiral Limahong's fleet, a total of 600 battleships, into the Philippine Archipelago to occupy Pangasinan. After defeating the Spanish Navy in a battle, Admiral Limahong successfully occupies Pangasinan and it becomes a colony of the Chinese Empire.

By this time the Chinese Empire has one of the most powerful navies in the world because it is the country in which engineer Gao Xuan invented the animal driven paddle wheel in 1132 and engineer Qin Shifu invented the sail and animal-driven paddle wheel powered ironclad battleship in 1203, while the 1st battleships that were armed with howitzers were introduced by Zheng He in 1405. The Chinese Empire also possessed the following weapons:

Fire Gourd
Fire Lance
Muzzle Loading Hand Cannon Gun
Wick Fired Muzzle Loading Cannon
Breech Loading Swivel Cannon
Wick Ignited Explosive Shell
Wick Ignited Hand Grenade
Smoke Bomb
Stink Bomb
Signal Flare
Coil Wick Ignited Landmine
Time Fused Water Mine
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Portable Multiple Rocket Launcher
Solid Shot Rocket
Solid Rocket Fuel
Multi-Stage Rocket
Matchlock Pistol
Matchlock Musket
Matchlock Arquebus

Below is an image of a Chinese repeating crossbow:

Below are images of Chinese multiple rocket launchers:

Below are images of Chinese sail and animal-driven paddle wheel powered ironclad battleships:

Below are images of Chinese sail powered battleships armed with howitzers:

Below are images of Chinese aircraft:

Sources: (Saddle, Harness and Cart) (Saddle, Harness and Cart) (Animal Mill) (Watermill) (Windmill)

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