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Old 2024-02-29, 08:07   Link #6181
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Vol 11 came out last Friday. Is there any spoilers?
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Old 2024-03-01, 20:50   Link #6182
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This has to be one of the worst series ever. The characters are a disaster; Kiyo just doesn't make any sense as a protagonist, there is just no god damn emotional development, just absolutely nothing. He is just dead. The Antagonists (Nagumo in particular) are an absolute joke who do nothing to improve his emotions or even draw out a chirp from Kiyo's heart. They are just there to be edgy, useless and one dimensional. Koenji is just a boring narcissistic Gary Stu who never does anything apart from being a childish hindrance to those around him. I am so tired of hearing how perfect and flawless he is. Who gives a fuck about a flawless character? They just do nothing to influence the main character in any shape or form. They are completely irrelevant to him.

The Girls are dogshit who have no meaningful development or personality. Kiyo's so called girlfriend knows excatly what kind of broken person he is, yet she refuses to do anything to improve the situation and his life in general. She is just holding him on a leash, knowing that he would never abondon her on his own. How can anyone call this love? He should kick this parasitic bitch out asap.

Horikita is the one exception, and I really hope she and Kiyo continue to develop some kind of meaningful relationship with each other. But sadly I can't get my hopes up. The author is just incapable of doing anything to improve this whole nonsense. No, now that Kiyo has finally showed some kind of reaction to anyone, of course he must transfer to another class. Why, god damn?! It just doesn't make any sense!

If these kids are supposed to be the future of Japan, it's a sad one indeed.

It's like Kinugasa doesn't fundamentally understand how to write a story that makes any kind of sense, or what that even means. Or how relationships even function or what character development is. They are all in their own echo chamber and it's all so stupidly random. I can absolutely understand that he is getting a lot of hate for this garbage.

Please, the only thing I want to see in this series is for someone to save Kiyo from himself and give his life some kind of meaning. It's just unnecessary painful. I really regret wasting so much time on this. It's getting worse with each volume.
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Old 2024-03-04, 21:02   Link #6183
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We learn more about Koenji's background in Y2V11. Kiyo openly admits he would lose out to Koenji's physical strength.
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Old 2024-03-09, 08:23   Link #6184
Hu Tao
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From Reddit:

Spoiler for COTE Y2V11 - Kiyo Suzune Preview:

I only posted a portion of it. Hope it is not against ToS.
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Old 2024-03-19, 06:55   Link #6185
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The next volume is gonna be delayed cuz of the author’s health. But V12 is definitely the end of the 2nd year arc.
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Old 2024-06-30, 04:51   Link #6186
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V12 is coming out this July!!
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Old 2024-06-30, 05:51   Link #6187
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This July? is there a cover release?
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Old 2024-07-02, 20:15   Link #6188
LG-MAX 2.o
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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
This July? is there a cover release?
Yeah, Sae and Chie.
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comedy, drama, harem, mf bunko j, romance, school, thriller

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