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Old 2008-05-02, 10:15   Link #21
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Sorry, but I have trouble understanding the first post, but this is all I got from it: You want an anime with a male main character but no teachers, grandpas, and grownups, and it has to be a bit serious. All I can say is you won't find one like that, but I can recommend you anime where grownups aren't really a part of the main plot.

Bokurano is literally a story about a group of kids and their lives. It is centered around them, but sometimes their family come into play.

SaiKano also fits, but there's one female teacher involves if you can get past that...

I'll be back for more when MAL isn't down.

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Old 2008-05-02, 13:51   Link #22
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Lets see.. It would be nice if there only were 1 Main Character.. I don't like Multi mains..

I'm just looking for a anime with no teachers Grownups (higher than 20) And Granpas.. I don't mind if theres seriousness in it as long as theres Comedy.. Soo.. A little easier request..

Comedy anime with Male character (Only one!) as main.. Not more =) Idc if theres harem/drama/romance .. But no mecha.. I hate mecha.. Everthing besides Mecha and shounen-ai,shoujo-ai
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Old 2008-05-02, 14:18   Link #23
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Oh well just comedy with a young male character, and harem/romance is a plus?

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu is one of the funniest anime out there. The male main character is pretty young, probably under 12. There is close to no seriousness...

Yakitate Japan!! is a comedy anime with close to no seriousness (there is a little though). The male lead is 16 years old.

I'll stop with two to make sure this is what your looking for before suggesting more
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Old 2008-05-02, 14:41   Link #24
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hmmm...wellll... maybe Hunter x Hunter... it has some adults but usually they are the antagonist. it has action similar to naruto bleach and other shounen with excelent character development and bad guys you will end up liking as much as the good guys.
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Old 2008-05-02, 15:24   Link #25
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I really have seen too much O_O Aww.. Seen both of em
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Old 2008-05-04, 13:55   Link #26
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Originally Posted by Ochibiske View Post
Please don't go off topic.. If your comment is negative don't write it. I didn't make this thread to get Negative Comments..
If you cant take the Heat get out of the kitchen. You cant control negative comments on forums its part of the process.

Just ignore it.
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Old 2008-05-05, 11:49   Link #27
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I will... I also felt that comment was Noobie.. I just hate negative peoples..
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Old 2008-05-07, 00:54   Link #28
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I'd suggest...Gravitation.
I don't remember how old the characters are, but they look in their teens (I just remember it being suggested to me awhile ago), and its supposed to be pretty funny.
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Old 2008-05-07, 11:38   Link #29
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Uhmm.. I found out that that was a
Spoiler for Gravitation:
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Old 2008-05-08, 18:01   Link #30
The catgirl
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He is my master

I think you might like this one. The main character is Yoshitaka a fourteen year old boy ( He lives alone so no parents or family he is an orphan.) It is a harem anime and has very little seriousness the main female is Izumi she is fifteen and her and her sister are his maids.)

This is Yoshitaka liter al description by the other kids in the show

"the boy in the midst of puberty who inherited his parents' fortune and was living all by himself with no supervision and has surrounded himself with tender young girls in a huge mansion,"

The only other main characters are the maids one of who falls in love with Izumi( Just a gag don't worry)

It fits all of your requirements no teachers are involved (they only go to school twice during the whole series and only for two minutes.
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Old 2008-05-09, 11:46   Link #31
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Aw.. Seen it ._.
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Old 2008-05-09, 17:33   Link #32
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Originally Posted by Ochibiske View Post
Okay.. Let me say it like this :

I'm looking for a anime with
Comedy/School life .. I don't like Yaoi or Shounen-Ai as it is.
I don't like when the Main character is 20 or older
I need the anime to have the main character as a boy/teenage boy.
I don't want it to be a show with not Manga/anime looking draws like Batman or Spiderman.. " Just examples "

It would be nice if there were including Harem and Romance!
Full Metal Panic

i guess you misunderstood the meaning of shounen... it doesnt mean gay anime. But from what you described i think FMP is exactly what you need
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Old 2008-05-10, 05:31   Link #33
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Ah.. And theres a Torrent in animesuki for it right? ^^

Edit: No wait there arent T_T
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Old 2008-05-10, 05:45   Link #34
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Maybe Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion will satisfy you?

It has school life elements, its main character is a teenager, it's full of action, and no Yaoi/Shonen-ai.

I was thinking along the lines of FULL METAL PANIC! as well, but to be specific, Fumoffu, FMP itself can be serious at times, and like you said, you wanted comedy.
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high school

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