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Old 2013-05-18, 01:18   Link #1
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Looking for more fantasy anime

Hi, the reason I am posting this is because I am looking for suggestions for more anime to watch. To give you an idea, I am looking for fantasy action anime with magic mainly. Futuristic and Mecha style are cool too. Right now I am watching Kaze no Stigma, I just finished Inyuyasha and I have watched alot of Naruto ( I am around episode 210 ). I really liked .Hack// Legend of the Twilight, I have seen some Yu Yu Hakashu, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Iria, Kenshin, Death Note, Trinity Blood, and others that I cannot remember at the moment. I dont mind blood and gore at all since its common in many good series. I havent watched many with a female lead but Im slowly getting addicted. Fanservice and fluffy arent a problem either. I will say though that I did not like Bleach... I dont know, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Thanks to anyone who responds!

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Old 2013-05-18, 01:42   Link #2
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You can't do better than The Twelve Kingdoms.
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Old 2013-05-18, 02:31   Link #3
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Here are Some of my Suggestions.

Zero no Tsukaima
Flame Of Recca
Guilty Crown
Law of Uek
Sword Art Online
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Old 2013-05-18, 09:27   Link #4
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Saiyuki, 07-Ghost, Tears to Tiara, Fate Zero and Princess Resurrection.
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Old 2013-05-18, 15:46   Link #5
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2nd to Sword Art Online
This season's Zettai Bouei Leviathan
Fate/Stay Night (then watch Fate/Zero)
Shakugan no Shana(Watch first season, Movie, 2nd season, OVAs then third season in that order if you really like it).
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Old 2013-05-18, 16:36   Link #6
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Originally Posted by AbZeroNow View Post
This season's Zettai Bouei Leviathan
I'll second that.
On my turn I'll probably recommend Fairy Tail, Hiiro no Kakera and Mondaiji.
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