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Old 2008-03-14, 11:54   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 27
Anime to do with music or singing

ones I have watched
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi pitch and the sequel
I can't think of any more
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Old 2008-03-14, 12:02   Link #2
Zetsubou Demonz
Join Date: Jul 2006
Beck was a very good series,
try...Nana, though its more shoujo'ish but it's very good, worth watching.
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Old 2008-03-14, 12:03   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Blacksburg, Va
BECK's got a really good concept, and the singer's actually from a defunct band. He's good, but the Engrish... the Engrish...
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Old 2008-03-14, 12:41   Link #4
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Hokkaido
Age: 69
If you're open to a show about classical musicians, there's Nodame Cantabile.
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Old 2008-03-14, 13:52   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: France
Full Moon wo Sagashite : shojo manga / anime about a 12 years old girl turning into a 16 years old idol who sings over and over the 2 same songs.

Nana : josei / seinen manga / anime about a 20 years old girl singing in a punk JROCK band and trying to become famous.
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Old 2008-03-14, 14:02   Link #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ Opus might be your cup of tea.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite was really nice too.
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Old 2008-03-14, 14:05   Link #7
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: away from you
Age: 30
I ThirdFull Moon O Sagashite
And Second Nodame Cantabile
Enjoy ^^
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Old 2008-03-14, 14:37   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: East Cupcake
I'm going to go for the extreme. These shows deal explicitly with music, but they are sci-fi are fantasy oriented in design. Music is an integral part to all of these shows, but none of them are realistic .

The Legend of Black Heaven (anime)- heavy metal anime about an alien society that finds out that the music of failed heavy metal band "Black Heaven" is the only thing that can power the aliens ultimate weapon. So, the aliens contact the original frontman of the band, who comes to space to shread the alien enemies with his mad riffs and great guitar work. Extremly funny series that combines some great slice-of-life moments (a sallaryman's life, at that) with some epic guitar work and space battles. Truly a hidden gem in the Pioner/Geneon catalogue.

Bremen (manga only) - a KISS styled protagonist comes to Tokyo to become the "GOD of Rock", along the way he picks up followers and decides to start the greatest rock band ever. Follow their trials and tribulations as these misfits try and become the greatest band of all time. Cute series that came out around the same time Beck, but was overlooked to to its...oddness. Strange character designs abound in this funny series.

Macross - along the lines of Black Heaven, music actively plays a role in defeating the alien armadas in this classic early 80s sci-fi masterpiece. Always worth watching no matter the circumstances.

Princess Tutu - specifically the shows uses ballet (and its accompying classical music) as a means of battle in this beautifully constructed Mahou Shoujo tale. The ballet sequences are some of the best battles you will ever see, as the female protagonists dances her enemies into submission. Music is pivotal to staging and even controlling the fights.

additionally, If you like Beck you should check out the one-shot manga Under the Bridge by the same manga-ka. It is pretty good.

I also Third Nodame Cantabile, great series, check out the manga, anime or live-action, all good.

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Old 2008-03-14, 16:20   Link #9
Miko Miko
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: England
Age: 24
Full Moon Wo Sagashite! Brilliant Anime about a young girl wants to be a singer.

Its good!

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Old 2008-03-14, 16:30   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: So Cal
Nana is awesome and the music element is pretty vital to the show. Probably my favorite romance/drama. It's quite interesting that there are basically 2 rival groups and each has it's own sound that's distinct from the other. The romance/drama element is much more mature than your typical high school drama. Whether that's good or bad is up to you.
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Old 2008-03-14, 17:25   Link #11
Deus ex Digital Boy
21st Century Digital Boy
Join Date: Nov 2007
Seconding the amazing Legend of Black Heaven.
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Old 2008-03-14, 21:19   Link #12
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Earth
Kaikan Phrase is worth the watch. It's a bit old but if you like visual rock music this that a try.
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Old 2008-03-14, 22:29   Link #13
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Spoiler for why people need to watch Piano no Mori:

Yes, listening to her playing piano feels like gliding across the endless field with your dog on a toilet seat. Lot of Nodame Cantabile vibes too when it comes to performing music (imo, it's done better than Nodame). It's fairly light-hearted though so don't expect tons of drama.
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Old 2008-03-15, 08:18   Link #14
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Hong Kong
Age: 26
Macross 7's main char is a guitar rocker/mech pilot. The music's pretty awesome, and is quite touching.
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Old 2008-03-15, 20:01   Link #15
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Beck and nodame cantabile are really the only ones worth watching.
I even watched the live action of nodame due to the lack of music themed anime out there.
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Old 2008-03-15, 20:33   Link #16
Evil Chewy Thing
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: A Place Where The Wind Arrives
Try Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. As the name suggests, this anime is about music and stuff.

Or so I thought....

I remember watching a clip on youtube of a trumpet solo in anime. Forgot what show that was though...
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