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Old 2016-09-11, 19:27   Link #121
The One Above God
Join Date: May 2014
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She is. As for why she's able to...there's the Web comic for that.

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Old 2016-09-11, 19:28   Link #122
Cinderella Gang or Die
Join Date: Jun 2011
They ended the dang season when everything was about to come together and when everyone is so chill and good vibes with each other. uhh, I hate those types of endings!
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Old 2016-09-12, 18:31   Link #123
Senior Member
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It got me to repick back up the comic that I dropped a while ago, so mission completed anime series.
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Old 2016-09-19, 11:19   Link #124
Gintoki fan
Join Date: Apr 2013
Good Anime, liked the twist at the end, I hope neither forget about each other and get together when the series is over, I mean officially over. I enjoyed all the characters and relationships and it had good comedy, laughed a lot.

I hope we get another season of this to see how things end up with our main pairing.

LOL The ending. One of my favorite Anime of the fall.
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Old 2016-09-24, 21:11   Link #125
Join Date: Dec 2006
Spoiler for final thoughts:

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Old 2016-10-05, 13:28   Link #126
Kimi no na wa?!
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Hong Kong
I've always found Kariu's troubles a bit hard to get through, even in the manga, so I struggled a bit getting through that part. Honestly, with only 13 episodes to work with, it really becomes more Kariu's story than Kaizaki's when you look at it in a certain way lol.

At the same time, the maturity from the main character is present still, and honestly that's one of the most endearing part of this series. I also think that the parts where he was the main focus, such as the last 3 episodes, are really the best episodes out of the anime. Especially Ep.13, I really liked the changes they made to the source plot. 10/10 for that episode.

Finally, shoutout to the OST! I've always liked jazz, so I really loved hearing the flights of music from the piano. I think they should have lowered down the BGM volume a bit in sound mixing though, and some tracks were reused a lot a bit too much as well. Change that and honestly, you'd lose half the complaints about the BGMs (well, if people aren't predisposed to hating free jazz, anyways.) I've already ordered the OST online, actually.

Best track + best mixing + best moment = Plot twist in Ep. 13 where they repeat the same phrase of music over and over as flashbacks occur, getting louder and louder and then COMPLETE SILENCE. That had me on the seat, and that's in spite of the fact that I read the webmanga.
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Old 2017-01-19, 21:23   Link #127
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
I started watching this on a whim. As a 27 year old going on 28, I can relate to the main guy so much that it hurts.
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Old 2017-01-20, 06:21   Link #128
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Join Date: May 2004
Just finished the show, it remained in my backlog list due to its uncommon release.
I liked it a lot. They have to do a second season as soon as the content will be enough!!!

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.
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Old 2017-08-03, 09:43   Link #129
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Join Date: Mar 2017
well its not bad. i wonder if there will be sexual abuse/rapes/infidelity or such? i kinda hate those things. any spoilers or such? xD
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Old 2017-09-13, 19:10   Link #130
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Originally Posted by Arya View Post
Just finished the show, it remained in my backlog list due to its uncommon release.
I liked it a lot. They have to do a second season as soon as the content will be enough!!!
4-episode OVA coming up.
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