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Old 2010-04-03, 04:52   Link #981
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Gurenn-Lagann. The art made me switch it off halfway through the OP! Purely subjective of course. I'll have to force myself to watch it through when my backlog is cleared as it's a recommendation from a best friend!

Geass R2. It felt like a Gundam Seed Destiny-esque trainwreck with lots of disconnected action, yet for some reason rated higher than season 1 (which I throughly enjoyed).
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Old 2010-04-03, 05:30   Link #982
Lucky Star love anyone?
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I am going to get slammed for saying this but....
I hate Death Note.
I hate the story and it is just a little to creepy for me.
I also do not like Naruto.
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Old 2010-04-04, 14:41   Link #983
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TTGL, nothing comes close, so silly , so goofy, so uninteresting and boring.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
I don't hate The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. And I can understand why people would love it. But seriously these types just aren't for me. Comedies with no actual plot or anything are never gonna enter my favourites, even if they do make my sides hurt, because that's just not what I'm looking for. In any case, i didn't think it was that funny anyway. The first six episodes were boring really. I didn't know whether or not I was meant to laugh or take it seriously. The episodes after that were way better, but I've seen funnier. Is the second season any better?
I'm here with you, all Haruhi hype and love is weird. Anime is mediocre at best. Second season is plain horrible, don't watch it, the first is much better...
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Old 2010-04-05, 01:05   Link #984
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Higurashi is trash. My friend hyped it up so much but all I ended up doing was waiting for the
Spoiler for sorta spoiler:
but even that was subpar. The story was just so ridiculously boring.
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Old 2010-04-05, 02:53   Link #985
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I hate Gundam 00. It could have been okay but they made a completely meaningless plot and no characters with which I could emphasize. I don't know why it is so popular. There was no deepness to it whatsoever.
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Old 2010-04-05, 06:18   Link #986
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TTGL and its fans!
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Old 2010-04-05, 07:43   Link #987
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Originally Posted by wingman32x View Post
I'm not too fond of Code Geass, but everybody seems to love that series. I don't like it because I'm not too fond of the cast of characters and I just don't like the mech genre in general. Just my opinion.
I like giant robots but Code Geass just didn't gell for me. I think it was the way Lelouch looks like an insect in a Human suit...
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Old 2010-04-06, 02:29   Link #988
Sander RX
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Anime you hate but everyone seems to like?
THE correct name for all "Most overrated Anime" threads across the interwebs.
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Old 2010-04-07, 13:00   Link #989
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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
I think it was because her Tsundere personality wasn't the only thing about her. She had other quirks aswell and other character development. She came to get along pretty well with Ami, she had those father issues and issues about her own appearance and a love for christmas etc.

Not to mention that her Tsundere qualities were also done well. How many tsundere's have you seen in an epic brawl like the one she had with Kano Sumire?

Yeah the characters are key here. I absolutely loved almost every single Toradora! character. They're all in my favourite character list.
I agree too. But seems alot of people overlook that kinda a stuff. Tis a shame people need to go around and put popular shows down.

That epic fight was my most highlighted scene in the series imo.

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Old 2010-04-07, 23:59   Link #990
Gundam Boobs and Boom FTW
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Bleach from the get-go, Naruto after it turned into a "fight between rivals inconclusive! Time for a training session and a timeskip! Clash again!"

I mean in both of those cases, I already saw both of those ten years ago, sans the teen angst.

It was called DRAGONBALL Z

And hilariously enough, DBZ was (and still is) better than either.
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Old 2010-04-08, 11:56   Link #991
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Death Note,

for some reason I prefer the live action than the series maybe because of the extension of the plot, adding a creepy guy named mello (reminds me of shinji from bleach) and Near (L wannabe). In my opinion, the ending of the live action was more dramatic, because generally, it was a battle of the minds between L and Kira.

Another thing is, in our country (the Philippines), ever since deathnote was known by anime and non anime fans, a lot of emo dudes started appearing. It's like a blight of EMO, almost all of them has the same L hairstyle, some of them even copies L's movements and passion for sweets. Err THE HORROR!!!
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Old 2010-04-09, 13:19   Link #992
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I had trouble with Higurashi just from the art style being so sporadic in quality.
Couldn't sit through it.
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Old 2010-04-10, 00:03   Link #993
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K-On goddamnit! K- fuckin'-On

What the hell people see in that anime? Why does it have a second season? Why it's so damn popular?

Honestly. Moe aside, I literally feel my brain cells dying watching 5 minutes of an episode... I hate it even more than Card Captors Sakura. And I REALLY hate CCS. Honestly Kyoani... You have good series which would do very well with sequels, but nooo... K-friggin'-on!!!
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Old 2010-04-11, 18:05   Link #994
Xion Valkyrie
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Originally Posted by Isekaijin View Post
K-On goddamnit! K- fuckin'-On

What the hell people see in that anime? Why does it have a second season? Why it's so damn popular?

Honestly. Moe aside, I literally feel my brain cells dying watching 5 minutes of an episode... I hate it even more than Card Captors Sakura. And I REALLY hate CCS. Honestly Kyoani... You have good series which would do very well with sequels, but nooo... K-friggin'-on!!!
Haha, I don't really like K-On! that much either. I liked the initial concept, but Yui is just too retarded as a main character.
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Old 2010-04-11, 18:12   Link #995
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I didn't like that show but I liked The OP and especially the ED. But for season 2, I took a look at the OP and was like WTF IS THIS SHIT?
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Old 2010-04-11, 18:21   Link #996
Shinigami Takuto
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Haha you should give Full Moon a chance it's really great once you get into it.
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Old 2010-04-11, 18:25   Link #997
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I am beginning to truly understand why everyone hates Seed Destiny because of Kira, Lacus and Athrun completely who overtook the show and the politics (I am not good with politics) how is it that they become competnt leaders overnight? How is it Lacus and her "knights" can make those decisions in Seed?

Index, I want to like Index but the main protagonist hell, all the character seem to annoy me in some way especially Touma, I hate his guts!
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Old 2010-04-12, 03:05   Link #998
turn around...
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The reason I hate a certain anime mostly has to do with lead characters.

One exception would be GSD: I actually liked Shinn Asuka; didn't hate Kira and Kira's crew either. But oh gawd Morosawa Chiaki and her favoritism and her ridiculous storywriting and her ridiculous...

However, for other series it goes like: I hate lead charas - and then I dislike how the story progresses - and then I hate the series!

Code Geass. Couldn't stand a minute of Ledouchelouch.
Toradora. I didn't like Taiga and Ami. Simple.
MioK-On!. Eat, emphasize Mio, eat, emphasize Mio, eat, emphasize Mio, eat, emphasize Mio, eat, that's about all they did, right? Didn't like Mio.
Bakemonogatari. 1. Did not like Shaft style. 2. Did not like Shaft style. 3. Did not like Shaft style. 4. Did not like Hitagi. 5. Did not like Nadeko.

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Old 2010-04-12, 03:20   Link #999
Marcus H.
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Wouldn't you have a hard time looking for a good anime series if you're gonna hate the series for its lead characters and then the story?
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Old 2010-04-12, 03:32   Link #1000
turn around...
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Fortunately, I do not hate all lead characters nor do I hate all series/story with lead characters that I hate. If not then I would have less than a handful of anime that I liked.

Thankfully the "However, for other series" doesn't take up a whole lot of anime that I've watched.

And I probably shouldn't have grouped Toradora! and Bakemonogatari with Code Geass R2.

yuuki kanade @ fortune arterial
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