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Old 2004-11-30, 01:01   Link #61
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Originally Posted by K'9999
What the hell, that brings down the quaility. Do you expect to see more recycled scenses?
Given the fact that producers do not have an unlimited budget, then it's probably an efficient strategy to recycle scenes.

Of course, I'm not saying that they should use the scenes over and over again (*cough* freedom's multi-targetting).

Which would you rather see: Some recycled scenes in 'insignifficant places'? or scenes where you can tell the producers are strapped for cash?

I don't know about you, but I'd go for recycled scenes anyday.

(That being said, Stella's 'ooo, look at the fireworks' scene is getting old)

And YES, I DO expect to see more recycled scenes. (The producers ARE trying to maximize profits you know.)
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Old 2004-11-30, 05:22   Link #62
Join Date: Apr 2004
It kind of dissapoints me that a classic series like Gundam has a pretty low budget for their next generation series.

They've been re-using scenes every now and then. I mean it's Gundam...come on...put more money to make a better series.

Besides SEED was considered successfully, they would've drained enough money from us to make a higher quality anime for its sequel. But no, Destiny is full of recycled scenes here and there.
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Old 2004-11-30, 17:15   Link #63
Join Date: Oct 2004
If you have a few million bucks layin around that you don't need, maybe you can pay for the extra cost of making everything totally unique

I just don't understand what all the fuss is about. Sure some stuff is reused, but if it looks that good to begin with, I don't give a damn. The story stays intact and its a damn good story with damn fine characters.... then you get the occational scenes that just blow my mind, so that makes up for all of it. Cause of that, I'm just peachy about the whole thing.... oh yeah... Damn!
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Old 2004-11-30, 20:09   Link #64
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Orange,Cali
Keppers right, i mean all they change is the movements n action it's not like there using the same plot of gundam seed.

Well maybe the 3 new pilots stealing the 3 new mobile suit like in gs or the impulse being almost like the strike or the minerva being like the archangel and many more is all the same as GS.

that might be to much using the same thing as gundam seed

But really, the plot and story is diferrent so im happy w/t it
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Old 2004-12-01, 06:24   Link #65
Join Date: Apr 2004
Of course they arent using the same plot of Gundam Seed...because they're using the same plot of Z Gundam
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Old 2004-12-01, 07:42   Link #66
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Age: 29
Actually, Gundam already has a pretty high budget so to wish for any higher would be rather stupid...

A *LOT* of anime frequently use recycled scenes... (I can remember Utena was the king of "transformation" sequences, but at least those sequences were very beautifully animated, and outside of that normal animation was actually very smooth) What's the big deal? I think most of you just pay more attention to it in Gundam series but it's in anime everywhere...

Furthermore, even if Gundam has a high budget it has to spend a lot on a lot of other things, for example, in just normal production (i.e. excluding stuff that is not unique to every episode, like cost of getting OP/ED songs, BGM...) there are...

quality backgrounds (remember that beautiful scene of Junius 7 setting?),
CGI (Rendering the whole of Minerva in CGI... woot... Splashdown water CGI... woot...),
quality seiyuu (How many big names can you name?),
animating mechs (Compared to character-based anime where there's no mechs... You think drawing mechs for so many frames is easy? :x),

and probably bunch of other stuff...

So if you're wondering "Gundam has such a high budget, so shouldn't it be used to make new scenes", well, since you can see all those things I listed appear to have used up quite a bit of the budget as I thikn you can already see, there must be some balance.

What's more, this is (almost certainly, IMO) a ~50 episode series. Most anime that you don't see so many recycled images... are probably not that long in the first place!

Recycling mech animation is actually almost perfeclty fine for me. But then I guess that's cos I usually don't follow mech battles as closely as I observe the humans... It certainly *is* more obvious when you see a human expression being recycled...

I have terrible memory and I marathoned SEED so I might not be very sure but even in the DVD releases (well, I dunno whether the stuff I watched on [legal] VCD was using the DVD version with improved animation or not, I think it probably was because teh animation was fairly good) there were some really obvious reuse scenes... I can't forget that green haired guy (was that Clotho?) going "ZENMETSU" and having that face... I think he did it at least 4 times...

Is the animation in Destiny really all that worse than SEED? I can't recall clearly so I have no comment, but...

Having to take shortcuts is an inevitable thing in this sort of circumstances. Even shorter series do it... But when you know there is a high budget for the series you can expect the production team to have made up for it somewhere else (and I personally think they have).

One other thing. The animators are human!! They are probably more overworked and underpaid than you are. I don't think Hisaishi Hirai's designs are all that easy to draw quickly with either (well, compared to some like, IMO Mai-Hime...)

I would much rather they have some recycled scenes tastefully and subtly placed and outside of that have good animation, backgrounds etc, rather than averaging it all out and having mediocre animation etc throughout with no recycled scenes.
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2004-12-01, 09:58   Link #67
Join Date: Apr 2004
I never said Destiny's animation is bad. I only stated for a classic piece like Gundam they should put more budget into the animation.

Look at Turn A, it's recycled scenes are obviously less than that of Destiny's. Minerva's CG is pretty pathetic in my opinion.

The re-used scenes in Destiny arent simply just "showing the same face all the time", they actually use animated scenes in Seed and rehash it, pretending it's new. That's pretty cheap...

Besides I find your arguements a bit offending , what do you mean by stupid? It's personal opinion. It's my rights to have higher standards if i want to.
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