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Old 2004-06-09, 09:47   Link #21
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that's rather minor so it's not going to bother me. on the other hand, if they censored like taking off chunks of the anime, then i would be rather pissed.

for example. the american airing of gundam seed on the cartoon network.
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Old 2004-06-20, 01:00   Link #22
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oh man here we go again it was just like in the naruto forum where they talked about Tsunade and how her body isn't drawn rite.... look go to that thread and you'll understand..
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Old 2004-06-20, 05:37   Link #23
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Originally Posted by rand
Seeing tits in Midori No Hibi does not bother me but i think it is just standard fan service.

Well maybe it's another question but...this thread pushes me to ask : why do they have to draw such big boobs? Can't they make something a bit smaller??? Moreover, Midori is rather small and young...

it's only that , that the view of midori who was 10 times smaller than a normal human , consequently when she was touched her breast they seems big . because the screen take in it's a real picture 20 cm *20 cm.

beside , they aren't so big , excepted for rina chan ,lol ;take a look at godannar or tenjou tenge or the cosprayers trilogy . you will see the biggest ass and breast of anime . all of that because , they are a little ecchi and ,use them to create laughing history ( for example in godannar when a girl can't pass in a "small " hole ,in order to infiltrate ( 60 cm *60 cm ,the hole ) ).

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Old 2004-06-23, 23:22   Link #24
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well uh- i saw the nipple.

by the way, when they censor things like midori that's NOT about the ecchi/"ooh sexy girl" no problem.

but If i get like a censored green green i'd be PISSED.
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Old 2004-06-25, 07:05   Link #25
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Why do u guys bother about these minor details. Nothing is perfect. Anyway the main point of the anime is the story which midori no hibi gave me a shock since such a light hearted anime had such a sudden turning point in the show. I nearly cried to dead when i heard that 13 was the last. Hiaz*. 3 more day to the last of midori no hibi.
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Old 2004-06-25, 08:52   Link #26
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Actually, the last episode comes on tomorrow.

And the point of Midori is the comedy and characters. The story's pretty half ass.
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Old 2004-07-01, 00:06   Link #27
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Age: 31
Nipple-hysteria lol, lot's of nipples lately, hmm - The only thing I think was maybe a bit unecessary is the scene where seiji and his sister is bathing lol, her breasts could have been a bit more submerged - as already stated earlier in this thread.

But, I see no need to be making fuzz over a nipple lol.. especially an animated one...
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Old 2007-05-02, 09:12   Link #28
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I never seen that scene before. Animax cut that part off!! Damn!
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