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Old 2009-08-16, 20:44   Link #1
Knowledge is the solution
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How to make your computer play Japanese games (Linux settings)

Long has Windows been the only OS where people could play their favorite games, but nevermore! Thanks to the steady development of platforms like WINE, there are a lot of different games, Japanese games included which can be run under Linux

For a comprehensive list of titles which have been tested and successfully run under Linux using Wine visit this link

The first thing we have to do in order to run Japanese games is to set up our Wine configuration to be able to use Japanese fonts. My favorite guide in that respect is this one, wineloc is a little script based on wine which automatically sets up the locale for a single program without affecting the whole wine configuration.

After this you are set up to run Japanese games in their native form. However, many people have made use of tools like AGTH, Atlas and Rikaichan to aid their gaming experience. AGTH is a text hooker that intercepts text calls from a game engine and sends them to the clipboard, which can in itself can be sent to a Japanese dictionary like Atlas or Rikaichan. There already is a guide here on how to set AGTH and Atlas to run with WINE.

Atlas is your must viable solution if you possess little to none knowledge of Japanese. However, if you have a decent grammar (JLPT 3 level) you may want to use a tool like Firefox's Rikaichan. Rikaichan is a popup based dictionary where you can hover your mouse pointer over a certain Kanji, and the dictionary will tell you the meaning and reading of that specific Kanji without having to translate the whole thing. There is a guide on setting AGTH and rikaichan under Windows. To do the same under Linux, you have to install AGTH (iwth Wine) and Rikaichan installed. Then, instead of the whole Autoit script thing run this shell script (written by yours truly )

while [ 1 = 1 ]; do
COPY=$(xsel -b -o)
if [ "$COPY" != "$OLDCOPY" ]; then
	echo -e "$COPY <br>" >> $LOCATION
	(firefox -remote "openFile($LOCATION)")
You will need to install xsel for it to work (xsel is just a little app for controlling the clipboard from the console. You can find it in most repositories(e.g. apt-get install xsel on ubuntu)). The only problem with this script is that it will open a new tab every time something new is dumped on the clipboard instead of reloading the current tab, so you have to close some tabs every once in a while). If someone could help me in that respect it would be greatly

chmod a+x
You have to give it execution rights and leave it running in the background.

After that just run your game in another terminal with the following command

wineloc -l ja_JP agth.exe /C yourGame.exe

An example of this running with Tomoyo After:

I will update this post as needed. So if you have any doubts or recommendations to make this thread more helpful don't hesitate to drop a line

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Old 2009-08-16, 20:57   Link #2
Knowledge is the solution
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: St. Louis, MO
Age: 37
Onscripter: There are some games that can be run natively like those based on the oscripter engine (including but not limited to: Higurashi, Umineko, Tsukihime).

Most distributions will have onscripter on their repository, which you can install (on Ubuntu) using

apt-get install onscripter
However this version is usually pretty old. To get the most recent version with all the nifty changes that the Sonozaki twins have introduced recently, you can install onscripter from source.

First, onscripter depends on a lot of dependencies. A lot of them. The version that comes with the svn also comes with a script that allows you to get those dependencies automatically, but as usual with installations in Linux that require you to install a lot of things by hand, there are a lot of chances that things can go wrong somewhere. For installing things the easy way, type

apt-get build-deb onscripter
on Debian based distros. This command will get rid of all the programs and libraries onscrpter depends upon.

After that, we have to download the source code from the svn

svn co svn:// onscripter-en
(you have to install svn in case you don't have it. You can find it as subversion in the ubuntu repositories)

After that go to the newly download directory, and it's a straight

make install
process. And voila. You have the most recent onscripter installation (usually in onscripter-en) for your gaming pleasure. You have to run the onscripter program on the same directory your nscripter.dat file is.

An example of this running with Umineko

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