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Old 2010-08-25, 11:48   Link #161
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I had high hopes for the anime. I thought it would be dark like Darker than Black or Kara no Kyokai.
But, 2nd season just ruined it. Too much attention was paid on boobs and ripped knee high socks. 2nd season made Shikabane Hime look like an echchi anime. Inclusion of badly drawn character like Fresh with big boobs and a display of Makina's cute ass reinforces the fact. And, one guy was even sleeping with his Shikabane Hime lol

I didn't find a shred of evidence that Nozomi loved Ouri. She loved Makina and for the purpose of getting close to Makina, she pretended she liked him.

Ending was shit like everyone else has said. Not even gonna begin.....

I have a question about heaven ascension of Shikabane Himes - since they can't go to heaven, what happens to the likes of Makina? They don't age and live on forever? That's very sad if this is the case.
There's multiple situations for any scenario which can lead to inifinite number of parallel worlds. Let's look at things positively, shall we? - me!

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Old 2010-09-22, 04:18   Link #162
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I just finished this anime and found the metaphorical closures implied by the anime, however I would just like to know if the manga is still on going?

I can't seem to find proper info anywhere on the web.
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Old 2010-11-30, 15:17   Link #163
The Shermain
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Watched the series... thought it was great, but the ending was really lame. I even checked out a little bit of the DVD only episode 13, only to find out it had nothing to do with the series.

I wish the manga was released more, but it seems to have stopped at vol 4. There's currently 13 volumes and it's ongoing.

Manga-updates usually has all the info you need for manga and whether or not they're still going or not.
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Old 2010-12-03, 18:00   Link #164
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I watched the anime, it was great ..but the end was open

If the manga is still on going , I want my 3rd season!!

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Old 2010-12-03, 20:29   Link #165
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Originally Posted by taichi-kun View Post
I watched the anime, it was great ..but the end was open

If the manga is still on going , I want my 3rd season!!
I know how you feel, but I doubt it'll happen
Our only hope is behind Dynasty Scanlations, but the translator has been "busy" (aka dropped the project). He has claimed this on the forum for about over a year now...

Oh well, I got over it. I accepted the fact that there is internal resolve with the characters. I'll just imagine the two living happily ever after until the host (male protagonist) dies.
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Old 2011-01-28, 18:48   Link #166
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This review covers both seasons of the franchise; the second is a direct sequel to the first and equal in lameness… I mean quality … or the lack of it.

Two minutes in the first show and I could already see this as a Bleach wannabe with chicks with guns flavor. Ok, I could dig the premise, despite the silliness. Two episodes later I was more than sure it would be what I call a Swiss Cheese anime, that is a typical story with lots of plot holes. Being the average series it is, following the tired formula to the later it didn’t manage to change my impression to the end … or the lack of it.

This show is a fine collection of “what can go wrong in a story”. I will not praise any of its pluses because frankly it doesn’t excel somewhere that any other similar anime hasn’t already implemented many times before and most of the times in a more interesting or enjoyable way. So I will start by the things that ruined the show’s attempt at being more than average at times.

1) Premise. It can more than easily be compared with Bleach, Noir, or any show that has ghost busters or chicks with guns. It is not original, nor does it manage to be any different or special in its implementation.

2) Animation. Sometimes tries to be horror, sometimes comedy, sometimes it is just a bunch of blobby cartoons doing nothing. It has no overall consistency or specific atmosphere, thus it fails to be scary or funny or … something specific.

3) Dialogues. They are stupid. Plus they keep force-feeding us what the characters are doing during every battle, because they treat us as brain dead idiots who can’t figure out anything without it being spelled at us as it happens.

4) Dead time. Most of the duration of both seasons is a waste of time as there is no real progress, or further character immersion offered, or great brain dead action to consider it worthwhile.

5) Ending. It does not exist. No further explaining needed.

Here you go; a perfect formula to succeed at making a failed series.
And now some more in-depth analysis.

The animation is hit or miss most of times; at some points it looks great and at some others it is plain sloppy. The contrast between scenes with dark colors and mutated freaks next to silly scenes with slice-of-life comedy is just huuuuge and doesn’t seem to have uniformity. What is even worse is how they throw in lots of indirect fan service; just check out how all the monster slayers in this show look. Yeah, cosplaying chicks with school uniforms and eroge personalities. There is even a nekomimi thrown in there just for lulz. The entire horror aspect is lost right there. As for the action scenes, they are at least very dynamic, with lost of moving around, shooting, blowing up, bleeding, dissecting… Too bad it’s all random mambo-jumbo without any real choreography or even power level balance. If the plot asks for it, the monsters are unbeatable; if not, they are easy picking. Plus all the mince-meating is done to the monsters; never the heroines so there is no justice or equal footing at hand here. Add a lot of badly drawn scenes and lots of frozen panels and you got nothing impressive in overall. I still give it a 6 for making such a funny mess out of everything.

The sound part is good only in the opening and ending themes; all the rest are retarded shounen dialogues that constantly describe even the most obvious, or use tired jokes you can easily find in any run of the mill show. Gets also a 6.

The story is as I said Swiss Cheese; written with the mentality of a ten year old who thinks it is cool to have ugly monsters and pretty chicks doing mambo jumbo for 90% of the time before getting serious in final showdowns. Seriously, it’s just shadow organizations fighting monsters or trying to take over the world, and some chicks who must kill zombies in order to avenge their deaths and go to heaven. Sounds like a lot but it is really just this one-line of text and nothing more to make it look any smarter or interesting. There is also no ending at all; it actually stops with a cliff hanger. Gets a 3 for hardly trying.

The characters are all cop-outs, 2 dimensional archetypes you can find in any shounen these days. I will give some credit to the main male character Ouri for slowly becoming more than a typical high school boy (cue for useless wimpy irritating idiot), the main girl Makina for being given lots of depth to her character and not only her curves, as well as the lead priest (whose name I have forgotten) for becoming a lot more than a ero-senin comic relief dumbass. The problem here is that they are just three characters out of dozens, and whose development is all done in the first season. The second has nothing of interest anymore, other than some generic villains who are doing generic stuff, with generic methods. For all I care, all other women in this show are just prostitutes and all other males are dumbasses you will hate right away. Cast gets a 3 for hardly trying.

Value and enjoyment… practically none, since you can watch a hundred other similar anime with far more enjoyable plots, battles, characters, artwork, pacing, transforming swords and shitz. This is practically a waste of time if you are well versed in such shows.

Overall score: 3.5 / 10
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Old 2011-03-11, 07:48   Link #167
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Just finished this whole series and I can't believe how much of a letdown it was. It had a rocky start but I felt like the er..."mysteries" was coming together nicely then all of a sudden it just ended with


I really wanted to like it too, Gainax, a cool theme about death (I actually like how it's reference in the final moments in the series), and girls with gun/swords doing cool fight scenes. The action scenes took a big hit as well as just general animation itself sometimes so all the series had to do was end on a decent note for me. I would just thought of as a passable watch, nothing too great just decent and it couldn't even do that. Felt like I was trolled in watching this series.

It's been a long time since I felt a series completely wasted my time. I try to not research a series too much before watching to avoid any hint of spoilers but I guess I should be more cautious from now on.

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Old 2011-03-12, 02:30   Link #168
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It was a bad adaption of the manga from the gecko. Although they followed closely to the manga here and there, they added and subtracted things unnecessary.

They completely went off track the second season, I don't know why they even brother if it was going to be half-ass work.

But to be fair, there wasn't much material to work with at the time.

I discovered the manga by chance one day and since then, it became one of my favorite manga to read. Although the scans are slow as hell, I still have the raws to base my views off of.

You can just read the first 16 chapters of the manga to see just how off-track it was in the anime. 69 chapters on-going right now, I like where things are heading, a flustered Makina is always a good thing in my book.

I wouldn't even brother with the second season of the anime to be honest, it's just a terrible job by GAINEX.

The manga is far superior than the anime.
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Old 2011-03-12, 03:42   Link #169
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Gainax announced way before the anime started that they were going to make their own story out of the manga material. I don't see what the problem is.
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Old 2013-04-17, 11:33   Link #170
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I just watched this. What a disappointment. Why did they turn Ouri into the MC in the anime? In the manga the MC is Makina herself.

Really, the writers must have been retarded to think the series would work with a guy who doesn't even fight as the lead.

Anyway, I hope I can forget I ever watched this piece of sh*t as soon as possible so it won't affect my enjoyment of the manga.
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action, horror, shounen

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