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Old 2009-12-08, 20:04   Link #81
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Hei did punch her. He's holding the tool box in his left hand and punching her in the gut with his right, you can see his right arm pointing in her gut as she drops into his arms. And yes it's a weak punch, but that's the point. He's not going for damage, he's going for knocking her unconscious. You don't need to wind up a super punch to do that. At least not on TV. You see this kind of punch all the time in anime, in fact you see it very often when a male character knocks out a female character.
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Old 2011-06-18, 17:06   Link #82
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Seems like it's been quite a while since someone posted here, but can someone list the various origami Suou made? Some of them looked like they could be a lot of animals so it was tough to figure out what they were exactly, but I think I got a frog, a crane, a star, and I think there was a boat too?

EDIT: I found a design I really liked, can someone find a how-to or something of how to make it? Here it is.

Spoiler for origami whale:

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