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Old 2014-12-25, 08:01   Link #761
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I think "harem" is stretching things a bit. It is clear that all the girls like Jurai, but not necessarily all in a romantic way. He is easy to like: Intelligent, generous and kind, who really cares about others; and his chuuni ways are easier to live with when you know that superpowers actually exist and you have them yourself. But liking him as a friend does not a harem make.

Tomoyo certainly behaves like a classic tsundere and from her flustered reactions it is pretty clear that she is attracted to him. That one has romantic potential, if she manages to overcome her aggression.

Mirei also seems willing to resume their whirlwind romance, which it seems she rather enjoyed. But they don't have much opportunity to get closer.

Hatoko says herself that she would prefer things to remain as they are, and I am not sure how she would be able to handle a more romantic route with kissing and stuff. It looks as if her feelings for him haven't grown up or changed much since they were small, as shown by her still calling him Ju-kun.

President Sayumi seems to respect him more than other boys her age, but that is not a high hurdle to clear. I get more of a big sister vibe from her. She likes him, but I am not sure how either of them would feel about her being the obviously most competent of them 95% of the time. She is simply too perfect for someone as casual as him.

Chifuyu looks up to Jurai as a cool and gentle older brother, and whatever baby crush she may have on him is not likely to stay past puberty. The same goes for Kuki.

Jurai is, as far as we see, in love with his own black flame. So that is convenient, but he is old enough that he might start looking for a girlfriend. If he makes the first move, it will probably be on Mirei, as she has powers like himself and seemed to enjoy dating him.

If one of the girls makes the first move, it would probably be Tomoyo confessing to him while they are discussing her writing, if she can get over herself. I can easily imagine them being alone together and her blurting out something like "How can I concentrate when you are so close to me" and then break down and confess. She pretty clearly has the hots for him, so things could escalate pretty quickly from there. Frankly I've seen her as the main girl from the first episode onward, but of course it is more fun to leave it hanging until the last page.
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Old 2014-12-26, 09:26   Link #762
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Only girl I can think not having genuine romantic relationship is Chifuyu (still probably has too), Yeah Sayuri respect him, sure Hatoko doesn't dislike status quo, but this show made clear it's not all to it.
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Old 2014-12-26, 13:51   Link #763
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There is still question how well she understand what these things means... but I did say I am leaning toward romantic kind of crush myself, so no problem here.
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2014-12-27, 04:59   Link #764
VC Matsumoto
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Nice anime, great characturizations and hope for a season 2; not holding my breath however!

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Old 2015-01-09, 00:49   Link #765
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Finishing off this series, all I can really say is, there's a ton of potential for it. Which makes me wonder what happens in LNs. Then again, I half suspect this is because Mirei is easily one of my personal favorite characters, and hopefully she gets more screentime in the LN.

Anyways, I went into this thinking it would be about using superpowers in everyday life (sorta cheating at life, I guess), but instead we got a school life show that just happened to have superpowers within it. And Andou wins Best Harem Lead. I also wish we could've learned more about the Fairy War, but I guess we'll never know unless someone does decided to pick up the LNs.

In conclusion, another school life anime, but with the spice of superpowers. And it was quite good.
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Old 2015-01-09, 19:08   Link #766
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Had no time to watch anime for the past 2 week... stupid Holiday weeks... had to work like mad... (works at a supermarket that opens during Holidays)

Well, just finished watching this.

and yea... kinda wiggy... wonder if Andou will ever get that fire under control so it'll actually be of some use instead of having to cut his hand off every single time... lol

Also, I wonder if they'll do another season too, or even better, an alternative universe where they actually participate in the Fairy War, would be interesting to see just how "OP" the other guys keeps on saying they are...
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Old 2015-01-13, 21:17   Link #767
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For whatever reason did not get to the last episode until now.

There is no doubt that power is one heck of a troublesome one for Andou. Flames with no issue burning away at their user and actually requires his hand to be chopped off. That restoration power is a saving grace for this group once again. A gruesome strategy, but really the only option.

Not a surprise the cost for losing is memories of the event. Though I do wonder how far that memory loss extends. These powers have become so ingrained with this group and their lives that just cutting out the memories of them could mean anything for their current relationships. Seems like Tomoyo's brother is saving this OP group for last. Although if they are left in the dark never knowing what is out there and not having any struggles to go up against that should leave them pretty easy prey.

I think extreme ideals that probably can't be followed is good for Andou to pass along to Chifuyu right now. That girl has enough on her plate without having to consider using her powers to hurt others. Saying powers exist just for coolness is a very Andou stance, but in the end probably not long term sustainable.

This was a fun show. So much going on around this group. Not a bad harem either with some likable people in it.
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Old 2015-01-15, 02:09   Link #768
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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Seems like Tomoyo's brother is saving this OP group for last. Although if they are left in the dark never knowing what is out there and not having any struggles to go up against that should leave them pretty easy prey.
Perhaps. But if what was stated was true and this OP groups abilities really are OP in comparison to most of the other powers out there, then leaving them in the dark about all this might just be the one and only way to level the playing field. Besides, I guess we can't really say this season ended with our main protagonists *completely* still in the dark. I think Andou learned just enough in that battle to make it clear to him that there is something much bigger going on here and that he needs be ready for anything at this point as a result. So hopefully once Tomoyo's brother and his gang are ready to make their move, Andou and co. won't be left completely unprepared to handle what's coming.

On another note, I got a lot mixed feelings about this series--mainly because this is clearly one of those stories that needs a second season. But it didn't necessarily have to be that way. It's only really two episodes or so that served to open the scale of the plot to be a lot larger than I was originally anticipating about halfway through this 12 episode season. I was prepared to be content watching a school life harem anime (with superpowers) in which only a few things were left unresolved with the end pairing perhaps being the main issue with no closure. But boy, was I wrong. Oh well. It was still fun while it lasted. Here's to hoping this one makes a return someday soon.

PS: unresolved issues aside, perhaps the most painful aspect of the series to me was seeing the potential to such awesome powers go to waste and be nerfed just for the sake of making things interesting. For instance, coming from someone who's basically worshiped the ability to stop time over the years, I couldn't stand it to see Tomoyo not take more advantage of her powers in more situations. I honestly would've preferred it if some of their powers were a little toned down. For instance, perhaps Tomoyo should only be able to slow down time as oppose to completely stopping it. Or at the very least, there should have been an established time limit for how long she can keep time on pause for. And perhaps Mirei should only be able to steal and utilize one power at a time allowing old powers to return to their original owner. But with the abilities these girls possess, I imagine it would be difficult to design believable and plausible scenarios that put our protagonists in situations where they should genuinely struggle together despite their powers. Even against Hagiura, I couldn't stop myself from imagining alternative ways for Tomoyo and Sayumi to defeat her.

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Old 2015-03-27, 18:13   Link #769
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Just noticed how Bleach's Xcution operated in a similar manner with it came to names. If Virgin Child and some others with superpowers (like Mirei and Hajime) ever engaged with them, who would come on top?
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Old 2015-08-29, 02:23   Link #770
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i hope about shinomiyaxandou

i think that she is so in love with him, but his background and pride stop her.
i hope the author just surprise everyone with a new harem ending instead of the tipical ending.

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Old 2017-12-07, 11:20   Link #771
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Final LN volume #13 cover art preview. On sale January 13, 2018

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Old 2018-01-24, 07:31   Link #772
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Any spoiler for the ending?
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Old 2018-05-18, 14:39   Link #773
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Originally Posted by KuroTian View Post
Any spoiler for the ending?
Yeah anyone know any spoilers for this?
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comedy, harem, school, super powers

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