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Old 2017-12-20, 10:07   Link #581
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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
That is kind of weird, I guess the author wanted to keep some tension unlike Death March, but if the goddess already gave him eternal youth it would have just made sense to make him immortal.

But I look forward to this one.
Luna said that kind of immortality tends to get to one's head and they run wild
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Old 2017-12-23, 04:21   Link #582
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a PUBG extra....
depending on who is translating.......
this kind of quality is what you may be getting....

so when reading/watching.... you risk taking it with a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SALT.
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Old 2018-01-10, 11:07   Link #583
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I just caught up with the translates chapters, and I'm honestly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

The harem shenanigans were great, of course (why don't we see the wedding goddammit) but the story is actually going much better than I expected.

The general competence of the various royal families took me a bit off guard, especially how Galtz saw right through Yuki's long term goals via simple logical reasoning, and his relationship with the Rochelle king is great.

The hero actually being a genuinely good guy who was actually doing his damnedest to find a way to save the country that called him from their own corrupt royal family was great, and he actually acts like someone torn from their world and put in another.

And most of all, the fact that one of Yuki's decisions, including one that was more or less objectively the correct one for the situation, actually had relatively serious negative consequences (demon rebellion, a war). Not something I expected from a novel of this type.

It does have its flaws, though. Several of the wives feel like side characters, and I'm still disappointed in the direction the story went with Herge. Not to mention the closest thing to an actual threat was....Yuki's over protective wives attacking the hero in a berserker rage.

But the characters are fun, the story is avoiding the worst of cliches, and there's an actual plot developing rather well. For an isekai that makes it a resounding success in my book. High standards, I know
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Old 2018-01-10, 12:20   Link #584
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^ Nothing posing a real threat besides his own allies is a part of how this story goes in general. Just look at the subtitle. And this kind of thing is something that goes back to when Yuki was still on Earth because of his school buddies.
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Old 2018-01-11, 00:37   Link #585
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I only recently started reading this and despite the occasional difficulty figuring out what's going on it's been a surprisingly good read.

@XFire Considering to recent large amount of isekai type stories the plot's been good, at least compared to the others that either make me lose interest quickly or don't make sense period.

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Old 2018-10-16, 02:11   Link #586
Nazotoria maid x
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Spoiler for New sketch kagura, mikos, soro, enora:
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another world, dungeon, harem, reverse rape

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