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Originally Posted by jagt
You can only say that hachinan didn'd treat that badly its source material because you didn't read it, because you don't have the real thing on your head for comparing it to the anime, specially the things that happen before Well enters the adventurers school and the things that happen after Well comes back from the underground ruins were specially butchered and changed, there were characters that even were given a completely different look on the naime compared to the novel like the Blantarc and Klaus, try searching for the illustraions of the novel on internet and comparing with the anime, specially Klaus, he appears on the cover of volume 5, try comparing him with the one from the anime, the margrave Breighrider who went from being silver haired to being blonde too, Well, Erwin, the heroines, Roderich, Amalie, the king, the ministers... basicly all the characters have their peronality, character and way of acting completely changed between versions.

I hated Arifureta's anime as much as you for the same reasons that you, but objectevly speaking that anime was more loyal to the novels than Hachinan, arifureta cut scenes and left out things, but with the exception of the last episode of the anime that was completely altered the rest are still things that happened on the books. But in hachinan even if you see the anime from the beginning to the end you won't find any single thing that happens on the books with the exception of the fight against the skeleton dragon, the other 99% of the series is completely different.
I haven't quite sat down to read the LN but the anime was not that far off from the manga, and the manga reads well as a story page to page, issue to issue

while cut content is surely a thing in most LN adaptations, what was done to 8th Son wasn't necessarily a huge plot shift like it was done in Arifureta

as almost entire volumes were shaved off in that one

I mean go to the /anime reddit pages and read the episode per episode remarks

there are like no 'good' comments in those review threads

the only things I remember people liking was the intro sequence with the summoning ritual circle and Tio's voice actress... and that was it (lol)

heck people more looked forward to those little comic shorts that would air after the episode than the episode itself

Originally Posted by haseo0408
If there is one things I cannot forgive the Arifureta anime is that they changed the Orcus Rescue mission si much they missed the whole point of the original source, specially stablishing as the greatest asshole un both Orcus and Earth, in the anime he just looks like a ungrateful brat.

yeah the anime really butchered Hajime's scenes with his classmates

the flashback sequences just didn't work for the first few episodes and V4 was so badly adapted to screen

and it didn't help that Hajime's big comeback moment was reduced to a horrid CG fight against 'poofy' monsters


Originally Posted by Huh...?

Same thing happened with "Tensei Slime" as well.
please, Slime Datta Ken had a terrific adaptation

while bits of the 'Teacher' arc did feel rushed, it was still a coherent story

much of 8th Son's anime was 'rushed' but the story was there

like Maou-sama, Retry, good story episode to episode but the animation quality made it very cringey at times

Originally Posted by haseo0408
If you compare the two adaptations, Tensei Slime looks like a Masterpiece compared to the Arifureta anime.
it really was

the animation was sharp, CG when used was done correctly, and the story was there

Originally Posted by Huh...?
You are forgetting one major difference between "Tensei Slime" compared to "Arifureta", which is that "Tensei Slime" got 23 episodes season (not counting those 2 Anime Original Extras) to cover 4 LN volumes worth of content, while "Arifureta" only got 13 episodes to cover 4 LN volumes worth of content.

I am sure that if "Arifureta" had those extra 10 episodes which "Tensei Slime" got, then Season 1 could have been more better handled as far as plot goes (minus stuff like bad CGI).

Also, the Author and the Scriptwriters for the Anime adaptation of "Tensei Slime" commented that if they had gotten the news of Season 2 earlier (they learned about Season 2 getting green signal around half way through the production of Season 1), they would have modified the plot for the Anime much better so that things wouldn't have looked rushed.
then the studio should have simply done 13 episodes for the first 3 volumes

so why did the show production cram that last volume in there

you have to remember: most LN readers really only find the first 4 volumes of Arifureta to be fresh as the story kinda reverts to a generic harem + OP MC story post Orcus rescue

and we had to watch some of the most iconic scenes in Arifureta get butchered to bits

Originally Posted by Snowbold
That's true of most anime adaptations. The more time and investment make for a better end product. Imagine if Fate/stay night:UBW only had 12 episodes instead of 26, even with the amazing production it would have been so rushed.

Arifureta suffered a lot of unfortunate circumstances that Slime dodged in one way or another. Such as the heavy emphasis on 3D characters that were poorly produced or compacting too much into too little airtime.

But like you said, an issue all these anime have to consider is whether they will get another season, in which case they pave the way for it.

But I agree with Jagt that the sheer number of alterations to the story made this untenable. Heck, they could have just adapted the manga adaptation of the LN (which usually are compressed too) and still would have been better off than what they did.

I guess some of my frustration is that I like Amelie, so I wanted to see Wendelin bang her and get one of best girls.
first off - the whole Amelie plot you referring to isn't really developed until much later in the story

second - Arifureta should have been able to avoid those said issues since it went through a re-edit on its post production stage

so what we saw there was the re-finished product, which is almost uncanny to think of as to how bad THAT was

and third - despite the changes made in the 8th Son adaptation, it didn't take away from the main story itself

an anime-only could start off at episode 1 and follow it all the way through without losing track of the plot

as for Arifureta's anime - you had people in the reddit confused at episode 1 and it only got worse from there

without the LN readers pitching to explain WTF was going on, most anime-only viewers of that franchise would still be lost due to the amount of cut material

Originally Posted by Huh...?
Yeah, alteration to the original stories does create a lot of problem, but in quite a few cases there is no choice.
And the option of using Manga adaptation plots for the Anime adaptation isn't viable in a lot of cases.
Reason being that nowadays a lot of Anime adaptations are going far ahead in plot compared to what is being covered in the Manga adaptations.

Series like (which i have seen), "Knights & Magic", "Shield Hero", "Don't like Damage so Chose Shield Class", "Arifureta", "Tensei Slime", "Isekai Smartphone", etc all had the same problem of the Anima Adaptation covering plot far ahead of the plot covered in the Manga, because they used the Light Novel (or in "Shield Hero" case even the Web Novel) as the source.

Even "Hachinan tte" is also in the same category, as the current arc in the Manga is just starting the conflict between Wendelin and his older brother.
but alterations aren't necessarily bad if the story is still coherent afterwards

like the second and third seasons of Overlord generally held unfavorable reviews to its reader base but atleast an anime-only could follow the direction of the seasonal content

despite the bad visuals at times + condensed scenes

to me - 8th Son is much in the same mold that I think it would have done better had it went the manga route for its first 2 episodes

that way they could have cut out that entire 'school' episode to combine it with Wendelin's childhood and use that third episode to expand out 13 y.o. Wend

the first volume of this series was one that really could (or should) have been condensed to flashback format

but that's just my opinion there


this anime may have worked better had episode 1 started out with a scene of his japanese self but it transitions from there directly into him and Erwin on a boar hunt

like the moment Shingo went to sleep and woke up back as his Wendelin self could have been one of those Re:Zero mind trip moments where those memories of his past life and his younger years as a kid flashed before his eyes

the rest of episode 1 is basically Wend and Erwin rescuing Louise and Iina with some of Wend's academy life being explored here

episode 2 would be the flashback episode of Wend as a 10 year old learning magic

then episode 3 is the party episode where they meet the Margrave and Brantark

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Originally Posted by jagt View Post
Even with more episodes they wouldn't have covered the relationship between Well and Amalie if they were just going to cover until Kurt's death or even the whole volume 5. Well doesn't put his hands on Amalie until volume 8, during the volumes 6 and 7 she doesn't appear at all, and different from the WN the LN told us the progress of their relationship and the why it progressed like that, until his father told Well about how he lowered his head at Amalie for her to accept to be Well's convenient woman the idea of putting his hands on Amalie didn't pass at all through Well's or Amalie's minds, they didn't have any previous wishes of becoming like that until it actually happened, there wasn't any single hint of it on the volumes 5,6 and 7, in this case concretely there was nothing to cover.

Even without more episodes as long as they have chosen better what to let out and what not and if they haven't changed all of the important events of the series by their own versions of then this isn't impossible at all. The only real important parts of Well's childhood are Ichinomiya Shingo waking up inside his body and his training with Alfred, everything that happens between Alfred's purification and Well entrering the adventurers school is Well selfstudy time with the exception of Kurt's wedding, all of that can be perfectly left out, the first half of the volumes 3 and 4 are completely full of relatively very unimportant and uninteresting material like the end of Well's and Louise's training with Armstrong, Well looking for a house, the duel with the duke that wanted Elise for himself, the martial arts tournament and the visit to the magic guild.

Episode 1: Ichinomiya Shingo wakes up on Well's body plus the training with Alfred.
Episode 2: on both the WN and the LN Kurt's wedding happened offscreen, it was completely fine to go directly to the moment when Erich, Paul and Helmut leave the village for going to the royal capital and then timejump until the adventurers school, with the rest of the episode they can adapt until Well saves Ina and Louise if they don't add unusefull parts like the entrance exam or Well alone on a dinner lamenting how much of a botch he's or constests for the right of being Well's party member that didn't really happened.
Episode 3: The garden party plus the skeleton dragon, don't lose precious time on things like the characters saying things like the food is delicious, Well's friend exploring his house, Louise trying on strange disguises, once you let out things that didn't really happened on the books to adapt just the important parts is quite doable.
Episode 4: The audience with the king, Erich's wedding. Let out Well's countless whims because he can't sightsee and it's doable.
Episode 5: The dragon subjugation and it's planing.
Episode 6: Well's engagement, the date with Elise plus Well's 13th birthday.
Episode 7: Timejump of three years and going directly to the ruins conquest.
Episode 8: The audience with the king plus the undead subjugation.
Episodes 9-12: The territory usurpation part properly done.
If done like this the anime would have turn out way better, it just takes two things, a studio or animation team with the will of at least trying and maybe one more episode.
I guess that's true that Amelie's part came later.

I agree on the allocation of time. I did not need to see Well dressed like a clown walking through the town. It actually put me off from continuing watching for a while.

Ironically, I enjoyed the little duel with the Duke, it covers a little bit of world-building in that there are other characters with polygamy and financial ability to sustain lifestyle. But otherwise, I agree with you that much of it can be skipped to focus on important aspects.
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This time Wend and co. explore the Japan island, it's getting close to ending.

Of course, another future wives for Wend.

Ryoko and Yuki
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I know i should say somethings like it's island with history like japan in real world.

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^"Not Japan"

To compensate for El's wife I guess
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Harukas bigger though
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I can not do anything but laugh


Seeing this is enough to forgive almost anything about this novel

new pic
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Originally Posted by mastermind3342 View Post
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
What chapter in the wn is this if anybody does not mind answering
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Whose she? Elf ears?
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Originally Posted by G0rd0 View Post
What chapter in the wn is this if anybody does not mind answering
Chapter 141 of the WN.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Whose she? Elf ears?
She has pointed ears but she isn't an elf, she's a demon, she's a journalist that approached Well and his family while she was working on the place where the kindom and the demons where negotiating about what to do about the kingdom's airship that entered illegally the demon's country and attacked their ships.
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Could I have a list of all Wendellins lovers please? So wives and concubines if you could.
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hachinan, harem, marriage, noble, true harem, webnovel

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