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Computer randomly restarts

My computer randomly restarts (not shut down) and then displays the following message:

Asus anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!

Picture from someone else with the same problem:

This happens mostly when I'm watching flash videos. So I've been looking online, and it seems that most people say the PSU is crapping out. I've had this computer for only 2 years, and it was built by someone who really knows computers, so I'm wondering if PSUs usually die in 2 years or if mine is just bad.

So I tracked the voltage, and this is what happens when I play a game or watch a video:

The top line, +12V goes down to 11.385 V. How bad is this?

I'm wondering if I should replace my PSU now, or if there's any further diagnosis I can do...


Note: I don't know anything about computers. I'm also not overclocking.
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Old 2014-07-25, 20:11   Link #2
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PSU's, like any comp hardware, can die on the drop of a hat and for the weirdest reasons.

If you know nothing about computers then perhaps the best thing would be to take it to someone who knows more about them, like that friend of yours who built it.

If it was me the first thing I would try would be to swap out the psu for another one that you know is fine and see if the same thing happens.

If it does not happen then you are prolly in good shape. If it does, then things get trickier to track down. For example, it could be some part of the motherboard.

Barring not having a friend to take it to who could check it out then a comp shop is prolly your next best bet.

But maybe other posters have other ideas?
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Old 2014-07-25, 21:54   Link #3
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Start by trying a new power supply. Post again if it doesn't resolve it.
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