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I probably should do the legwork myself, but I'm wondering how popular Belle actually is outside of Japan.

Someone I know who works in a theater posted that some of the screenings actually had zero people in them. Then again, I'm not sure how much marketing has gone into Belle outside of Japan either...

And again, the issue is that it's not a BAD movie, it's just... kinda average. And after things like the Demon Slayer movie, that might not be a good thing.
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Last Sinner
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To be frank, I have found Hosoda films to be tailored exclusively for a family vibe/mentality and that there is little difference between any title. I honestly think critic associations have been trying to make Hosoda the next anime movie figurehead despite the public showing with their attendance and wallets that Shinkai is the one they are with. But good luck getting critics and award voters to even acknowledge that Shinkai exists.

So Hosoda takes issue with Miyazaki, huh? That's amusing since at best I'd think of Hosoda as low-fat Miyazaki.

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I enjoyed the movie a lot (although the pacing does need work because some scenes were a bit too long and could have had some seconds cut).

My only other complaint is this:


Hosoda....come on. Explain how that makes one lick of sense?
That's not how swimming works, bruh. xD Just bite the bullet and have both characters drown. Is that cruel? Yes, but at least it's more believable!
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