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Old 2008-11-22, 22:03   Link #141
Join Date: Oct 2008
hmm does anyone know what Lawrence did with the his 18 piles of arms? I guess he probably sold it for scrap metal somewhere, but maybe he didn't and its still in his cart cause we don't get to see the contents when they leave Rubihiegen. any ideas?
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Old 2008-11-22, 23:14   Link #142
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Spoiler for Volume 3:

That's quoted from my own translation of chapter 1, Vol. 3. Really not much of a spoiler, but I'll be considerate.
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Old 2008-11-23, 22:31   Link #143
Join Date: Oct 2008
Thanks for being considerate Judge, even though its a not much of a spoiler i'm not going to read it, hopefully others will, so as to not waste the effort you put in your post.
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Old 2009-08-02, 15:12   Link #144
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Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
Lawrence's been tricked, now in debt because of the credit, and each person who he thought had owed to him (meaning a future receivables for him) rejected and/or refused to bail him out. Finally the last person who he had hoped willing to help flatly shun him because he sees Lawrence manage to pick some hooker from the street.
ohh!! So is that the reason why he snapped at Lawrence?
I didn't get the connoation from the subs, but he thought Lawrence was just asking for money to pay for her?
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Old 2009-09-08, 01:43   Link #145
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Originally Posted by metronome View Post
wait a minute I dont get it.......
how can they sell the credit to another company ?
(Yeah, I know this is a super-late reply...)

You're overthinking it. Lawrence incurs 47 Lumione debt to Latoperion (sp?), which he uses to buy armor at the market price. Latoperion know that the market is about to crash, so they quickly comply; their loss, as they account it, is the price of the sets of armor, which they knowknow they won't be able to sell for anything nearly as much as 47 Lumione.

Now, the debt that Lawrence owes to Latoperion can be sold to Remerio. This just means that Latoperion, instead of waiting for Lawrence to pay the 47 Lumione, gets Remerio to pay X amount to Latoperion now, in exchange for Lawrence's future payment of 47 Lumione (or in the case Lawrence can't pay up, anything that the creditor recovers).

How much are Latoperion willing to sell Lawrence's 47 Lumione loan for? Since they expect he won't be able to pay back the 47 Lumione, they should be willing to accept something like the value of all of his belongings, and if debt bondage exists in their society, the value at which he can be sold as a debt slave.

So suppose Remerio don't know that the armor market is going to crash. Latoperion can then sell them the 47 Lumione loan at a "good" price, say, 42 Lumione, by pretending that they have cash flow problems and need hard currency really fast. If Remerio buy the story, well, from their point of view they're making an easy 5 Lumione: they pay Latoperion 42 Lumione, and then Lawrence comes around and gives them 47 Lumione worth of armor which settles the debt.

If Remerio knows the armor market is going to crash, then Latoperion can't trick them like that, but they can still sell the debt at some value close to Remerio's estimate of Lawrence's net worth. Latoperion is willing to sell the debt because (a) they're not going to recover the 47 Lumione anyway, (b) conducting the bankruptcy proceedings is probably costly and risky is in Rubinheigen; Latoperion probably doesn't have the resources to prevent Lawrence from escaping from them, while Remerio probably can enforce the debt collection there. So Latoperion then sells the debt to Remerio at a discount to the estimate of Lawrence's net worth, and Remerio buys it because it expects to profit by collecting all of Lawrence's possessions (and possibly from selling him into slavery).
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