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Old 2011-11-18, 23:50   Link #101
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Quick one for the people who are purchasing the new Utena boxsets.

The third trailer is available on

It looks just as awesome as the content from the previous two boxsets and you can also preview the ring you get as a bonus with it on the page. Enjoy!
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Old 2011-11-23, 17:40   Link #102
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Originally Posted by silverstri View Post
But hey, still confused... where did utena go? was the revolution failed?
No, it didn't fail. But the revolution was never about literally changing the world. What Utena truly revolutionized was Anthy's heart, inspiring her to realize that she was strong enough to save herself.

It should be noted Utena never realized this though. She thought she needed to literally save Anthy in order to become a prince. But that's not it. A real prince would only open the door for you and show you the way, but you need to save yourself. Utena did became a prince. The fact that Anthy became strong enough to leave Akio at the end proves that much.

Originally Posted by silverstri View Post
and Anthy leaving Akio and she was going to look for Utena??
Yeah, because Utena didn't really die. Othori kinda symbolises a place of self-isolation. The people in Othori can't leave because they refuse to do so. Basically it symbolizes how people some times refuse to face reality and confront their problems. You could think of it as a sort of Neverland. A place where people "never grow", a place that is stagnant. Utena just "left" that place.
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Old 2013-04-14, 23:25   Link #103
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This is my favorite anime of all time, and I'm really hoping that some way to watch the Blu-Rays comes up soon.

Come on, Rightstuff. License the blu-ray version!)
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