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Old 2013-03-12, 09:49   Link #1
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Looking for a REAL romance anime

Hi everyone! Like a lot of people , one of my favourite pass-time is watching animes , prepare some pop-corn before reading this because it's gonna be long xD

I watched many kinds of animes and now i became more interested in romance animes , i had enough of fantazy , sci-fi and things like that , i want to change a little , i'm almost 20 now , you know , when you grow up , you want something more realistic maybe or something like that , well , whatever , i started watching a lot of romance animes now and i became really demanding after watching a lot of them.

Usually i search on the net and i find something interesting so i give it a try if it's good enough i keep watching it , otherwise , i stop watching it.

On top of that , on the net i don't find something with the criterions i want , sometimes a guy on a forum ask for a slice of life romance anime and he gets something with action...WTF!!!

Since i don't find something good on the net , i decided to try my luck on a forum , it's the first time i register on a forum just to look for an anime so i hope it won't be useless , and that's why i'm talking a lot here x) , usually i spend few hours on the net to find something worth watching so i try here , maybe it'll take less time

After all this speech , sorry if it was too long , even if i wanted to say much more but i didn't because it's not the main purpose here , i'll tell you what kind of anime i'm looking for :

As i said before i became really demanding concerning romance anime so let's go!

-I'm looking for a slice of life anime , slice of life , slice of life , i repeat it three times because i'm sure that some people will give me something else
-It must be in a good quality , HD if possible , i don't something from 2000 , very old and all
-With good graphics , especially the characters , i'm sorry , i don't have the right vocabulary to explain it well but i think you can understand , like in sukitte iinayo , i didn't really liked the character graphics but i kept watching because the story was interesting
-With a two sided story , i don't mine if it's a harem even if i don't prefer that , but at least we have a main couple , i mean not like in sekirei for example , the guy is with all of them , well something like koi to senkyou to chocolate
-No fantasy , no sci-fi , no action , just something ordinary with drame, slice of life and romance , i don't need more ! well if there is a little i don't mind , like in clannad , with the second world , where there are only a girl and a robot , well i can make some exception , like in romeo x julliet , there are a war , but that wasn't a problem for me
-I prefer something with real characters , i mean they look like they have 16 for example and not too young , like the guy in clannad or High school of the dead or Kaze no stigma , because the only thing that i didn't like in clannad was nagisa's looking , i mean when she is with tomoya , she looks like she is his daughter or his little sister , not his girlfriend...but i can make exception , like for sakurasou no pet na kanojo , i really liked this anime even if...
-Characters with good looking , i mean at least a little handsome , you don't have to give an anime where the main guy looks badass , too handsome and all that , just not ugly is enough lol , because in some animes some couples don't fit well together
-Finally the most important thing ! the kiss!! seriously when i watch an anime with a good story , good development between the characters and all that , and in the end there is nothing ! why?!!! how it can be a romance anime if there are no kiss? like myself yourself , i was really disgusted in the end , they married and live together and they don't even kiss? WTF! Lol , now i sound like a pervert , for me the kiss represents 50% of the anime if not more , why? because it shows the bond between the two characters and how they really love each other , if there are no kiss , it's as if there is something missing xD

I think that's all the criterions i want , if i remember something else , i'll add it , when i say ''exception'' i don't mean i want that anime , i just say that you can give that ''exception'' if you can't find something interesting for me , i know i'm asking too much , sorry for that , but after watching many good animes you become more and more demanding , it's natural lol
Consider it like a challenge , because convincing me with a good anime will be really hard , well , if you want to help me of course ^^

I lost all my hopes concerning searching on the net , so i try my last chance on forums , hoping that i'll find what i expect , sorry , i wrote a diary , but i have no choice , finding a romance anime is easy , but finding an interesting one as i like became hard these days...

Don't give me an anime from my list of course , look under and you'll see my anime list , i prefer an anime with few episodes , 13 or 26 not more , because usually the story become boring...but maybe it's not really true , who knows...

I just want to apologize if there are some mistakes , especially of vocabulary , i don't speak english fluently ahah! , so if you don't understand something , tell me and i'll try to make it more explicit

I'm counting on you !!! Give me some hope!

Anime list :

-Dragon Ball Z
-High school of the dead
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-FMA Brotherhood
-5 Cm per second
-Guilty Crown
-Seikon No Qwaser
-Infinite stratos
-School Days
-Kaicho wa maid sama
-rumbling hearts
-hoshizora e kakaru hashi
-green green
-true tears
-zero no tsukaima
-seitokai yakuindomo
-B geta H kei
-shakugan no shana
-princess lover
-they are my noble master
-special a
-itazura na kiss
-omamori himari
-sora no otoshimono
-hatsukoi limited
-Mashiro-Iro Symphony
-akane-iro ni somaru saka
-mayo chiki
-Ef-a tale of memories
-Kimikiss pure rouge
-angel beats
-koi to senkyou to chocolate
-saint-seiya''the lost canvas''
-code breaker
-Kaze no stigma
-Zetsuen no tempest
-Maji de watashi ni koishinasai
-sukitte iinayo
-sakurasou no pet na kanojo
-Hagure yuusha no esutetika
-Yoake mae yori ruriiro na
-romeo x julliet
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Old 2013-04-14, 03:53   Link #2
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Old 2013-04-14, 04:12   Link #3
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Why don't you try Kare Kano and Rec
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Old 2013-04-14, 06:40   Link #4
this is how its done
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okay try these

ano natsu de matteru-has a little scifi but no too much

oreshura- one of my favorites From winter season. second half is better imo
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Old 2013-04-14, 09:14   Link #5
AS Oji-kun
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I'll toss in Kamisama Hajimemashita and Nodame Cantabile. Another show you might try is Saiunkoku Monogatari, though you might find Shurrei's focus on her career a bit frustrating if you're in it only for the romance. Personally I find her one of the most admirable heroines in anime.

Seconding REC.
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Old 2013-04-14, 11:36   Link #6
Cross Game - I need more
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Hmm.. I'd suggest some of the old classics:

Maison Ikkoku is probably the best choice for you. Great ending too.

Kimagure Orange Road


If kissing is that important then The World God Only Knows is probably a good choice.

Mirai Nikki has the romance and kissing, but it's pretty heavy on the supernatural stuff too. Action/Horror is the genre.

Because of Japanese sensibilities, kissing is pretty hard to find. Ones I think you might like despite that absence:

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Kimi Ni Todoke
Ano Hana
Whisper of the Heart
Cross Game
Mysterious Girlfriend X

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2013-04-15, 23:25   Link #7
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I'll try to focus on recent series since animation seems important to you:
Honey and Clover while this is more about the journey than the actual romantic relationships I still consider this the gold standard of slice of life romantic series. My all time favorite anime.
I'll second Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Kimi Ni Todoke, although most of the time where they actually spend as a couple comes after the anime finishes in the manga.
If this is the genre you like (it's also my favorite genre) I think you'll find more series you like with manga instead of anime, if you enjoy manga as well I'd recommend highly Horimiya, Bonnouji and 14-sai no Koi
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Old 2013-04-16, 01:24   Link #8
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I'm just too lazy to type.why don't you try this anime, it's kind of old but its good
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Old 2013-04-19, 22:37   Link #9
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I still consider Boys Be to be one of the best purely romance-focused anime that I've seen. It's a series of romance arcs, each with a definite couple. There is also definite character progression, as most of the characters are linked to eachother. There are no gimmicks in the show, and it's more realistic and romance-focused than any other show that I can think of (as opposed to the series where there is a romantic interest established, then they spend the entire series avoiding it).

Now, it's old by your standards, being from 2000, but I was fairly impressed by the image quality when I watched it.
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Old 2013-04-20, 00:18   Link #10
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Originally Posted by OtakuDesu View Post
I'm just too lazy to type.why don't you try this anime, it's kind of old but its good
It's like the worst anime ever and TC already has it on his list (Rumbling Hearts).
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