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Old 2006-03-26, 09:29   Link #61
Love Yuui
Creator Divine
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Originally Posted by Yubikiri
My current favourites are:

Younha - Yubikiri 'XD', aiaigasa, my lover, omoide nekinai
YUI - Tokyo, Tomorrow's way, Feel my soul, Life
Ai Otsuka - Cherish, Sensu, 5:09am
Exile - Choo Choo train, song for you
Mink - One,wish
Yui Makino - Amrita
Nami Tamaki - Promised Land, real dream, naked, Shining star
SAYAKA - Garden, eversince, mermaid
Rie Fu - 2cm, decay, beautiful words

give it a try~~
I concur with YUI's album "From Me to You" (2006). Great album, in general.

I rather enjoy "I can't say."
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Old 2006-03-26, 20:02   Link #62
Junior Member
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hmmm, well I don't really like know many J-music from animes, but bands I can help with =PPP Here, I'll just name some randomly ..... so cha ...

-Asian Kung-fu Generation*
-Orange Range*
-Dir en grey*
-Malice Mizer*
-Moi dix Mois
-D'espairs Ray*
-Psycho le Cemu
-L'Arc en Ciel*
-Due'le Quartz
-X Japan*
-Silver Ash
-Alice Nine
-La'cryma Christi
-Plastic Tree
-The Pillows*

One that list ... well I'm more into j-rock so yeah. look at the ones with the '*' =]]]
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Old 2006-03-27, 20:42   Link #63
The Marionette
Join Date: Mar 2006
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My favorites are

-Dir en grey
-D'espairs Ray
-Girugamesh (gilagamesh)
-Malice Mizer ( MY ALL TIME FAVORITE )
-Moi Dix Mois ( My second favorite )

There are some others, but I haven't listened to them in a long time. And Malice Mizer is my all time favorite band. Their music is so good, they combine rock with classic style, such as in the Gackt era with Bel-air (my favorite MM song). Moi Dix Mois is good, but I rather have had Juka as the vocalist than Seth. Not saying that seth isn't good, but I would prefer Juka over Seth.
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Old 2006-03-28, 00:32   Link #64
Anime Addict
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the Beck OST is awsome japanese music. after all, it is an anime about music!

for an example of how poweful this series is, listen to this. i know a black guy who listened strickly to hip-hop, but after watching Beck he got so into rock that he went out and actually bought a guitar. one of Beck's vocalists is also an MC, so some songs have a hip-hop feel to them.

If you're not into rock then i recommend Samruai Champloo's OST. pure japanese hip-hop right here.
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Old 2006-04-04, 07:51   Link #65
Junior Member
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if u jpop fan i recommend morning musume.
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Old 2006-04-04, 19:15   Link #66
Senior Member
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What, no Bonnie Pink fans here?

Her newest album is great, as is the one before it. She's kind of one of those "not so sure I like her" people on the first couple listens, but right after that you become hooked.

Also, Janne da Arc is one of my all time favorites, and their recently released indies boxset is worth getting if you're already a fan, but if you're just listening to them for the first time, then either Gaia or their latest album (forgot the name) are great choices. My favorite song by them is by far Neo-Venus.

If you like punk-rock-rap stuff, then UVERworld's (debut?) album Timeless is great stuff.

I'm also a FLOW fan, and while their latest album Golden Coast isn't quite as good as Game was in 2004, it's still worth the purchase if you like their sound.

I've also found myself liking AAA. I imagine most people find them cheesy, but I really like a majority of their album Attack to be pretty darn good, and the remix version of the album ain't half bad either.
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Old 2006-07-10, 23:57   Link #67
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Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto, is a good old song. Don't listen to any rewrites ;D
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Old 2006-07-11, 00:38   Link #68
trainee archangel
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Today's recommendation.

Rosso - Emissions.
Their last album. Not Jpop. It's real rocking rock.

I bought the CD. Yeah I did. lol. So trust me, seeing my financial situation lately, I can tell you this is pretty good stuff.
and my literary blog, in french :
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Old 2006-07-12, 21:59   Link #69
but the soul still burns!
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The one who did the Grandia III opening song rather apeals to me. Indeed I liked the song better than the game once I found the japanese version. Its Miz, album is Mizrock. Song is in the Sky, one of those corny seize your dreams songs but it makes me smile.
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Old 2006-07-13, 04:38   Link #70
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anna tsuchiya
all the songs from gravitation
Lucifer - Lucy
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Old 2006-07-13, 10:01   Link #71
Emil Scherbe
Join Date: Nov 2004
Kinniku Shoujotai's 2nd album "Sister Strawberry" is fucking great.

I was shocked their HEAVY METAL LED BY ACCOSTIC PIANO music
back in late 1988 and still now when I listen.

This mini album is no longer in production, so it is a bit difficult to find even in Japan,
but if you loves creativity in rock music, it is worth searching.

They changed members after this album and stunning pianist Satoshi Mishiba left.
But he joins Kenji Ohtsuki and Fumihiko Kitsutaka's Welcome to the NHK ED.
This is dream members for their old fans like me.

Kinoko Power (2nd track)

3:02-3:57 piano and guitar solos

Onmyoza and others covered Matango (1st track)

Last edited by Emil Scherbe; 2006-07-16 at 10:09.
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Old 2006-07-20, 01:59   Link #72
Senior Member
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I have a ton of Kin-sho songs I love but I've never bothered to try and find out who's in the band or what's going on with them. I find knowing such things often distracts from the music anyway. Music is music, put the drama aside. Anyway, other Kinniku Shoujotai songs I recommend:
Tatakae! Nani wo!? Jinsei wo!
Soshite Jinsei wa Tsuzuku
Odoru Dame Ningen
Hokkyokusei no Futari
Saji, Amari Koroshicha Dame da yo
Kana, Atama wo Yoku shite ageyou
Tetsudou Shounen no Ikoi
Koinu ni Shite Ageru.
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Old 2006-07-20, 03:31   Link #73
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Maybe UVERworld or High and Mighty color. If you don't like these then Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru are always good choices ^^
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Old 2006-08-01, 15:35   Link #74
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Pop music fans absolutely must get "The Light" by Ryohei - an absolutely awesome new single!

Sowelu's newest album, Twenty Four, is also very good, with "Smaile", "Crazy for You", and "Dance" being my favorite tracks.
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Old 2006-08-01, 20:20   Link #75
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Okay, seeing as I seem to have different tastes than most people here I just want to say that I can take basically any kind of music that you throw at me except for lame American boy bands from the 90s (I'm looking at you N'Sync and Backstreet Boys!)

As for JMusic, if you like background music Yuki Kaijura is pretty good.
For JPop I enjoy KOTOKO,
Under17 (who has sadly broken up),
Funta (who did a cool collaberation song with Under17 called 'Gemstone'),
Rie Tanaka (she was Lacus Clyne, Meer Campbell, and Chii),
savage genius (OP and ED for Uta~Kata),
and Round Table (feat. Nino) (who has done a lot of OP and EDs for shows including: Chobits, Welcome to the NHK!, Gunbuster 2, and Uninhabited Planet Survive).
I came into contact with these artists through anime OPs, EDs, and insert songs, so I would recommend that, even though it may not be the top tier of music in Japan, it could give you a reason to scout out more JBands that you want to listen to. So get to it and experience the magic of Japanese music!
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Old 2006-08-08, 00:10   Link #76
Akitsuki San
Join Date: Aug 2006
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Hmm some japanese songs lets see

Utada Hikaru(Simple and clean Techno japanese version)

Anime Japanese Music
Ouran High School Host=Sakura Kiss
Chobits: Let me be with you
SUZUKA: Kimi No Koto
SUZUKA: Hiroshima Carp Carp
Love Hina: Sakura Drops

etc etc

those are some good japanese music
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Old 2006-08-09, 21:04   Link #77
Join Date: Jun 2004
If you guys ever heard of Ikkitousen's insert song in episode 9 or 10,which the name of the song is FATE,please recommend some song which is similiar to it.I think it's an old school style of song.My jpop music knowledge is very shallow so please right my wrongs.

This song is quite normal if you just listen to it without having to image the scene in that anime.It's sad to listen to this song cause the scene in the anime was too depressing for me T_T makes me sentimental,especially the part where the girl raped and eventually died for another girl,who's a really close friend of hers.
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Old 2006-11-22, 13:50   Link #78
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
I think Onitsuka Chihiro is the greatest singer in the world. I wrote more about her in another thread.
YUUKI Aoi 悠木碧. b92.03.27 (age 26). 2008 Kurenai (Murasaki). 2009 Yumeiro P‚tissiŤre (Ichigo), Kiruminzuu (Riko), Yutori-chan (Yutori-chan). 2010 Vampire Bund (Mina Tepeş), Shiki (Sunako), Samurai Girls (Juubee), Pokťmon: Black and White (Iris). 2011 Madoka Magica (Madoka), Gosick (Victorique), A-Channel (Tooru), Ben-To (Hana). 2012 Symphogear (Hibiki), Kimi no Iru Machi (Rin). 2014 Pilot's Love Song (Claire/Nina), Blade & Soul (Jin Valel), Soul Eater Not! (Meme), Seven Deadly Sins (Diane). 2015 Owari no Seraph (Krul Tepes), Gangsta (Nina), Rokka no Yuusha (Fremy), One-Punch Man (Tornado), Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan (Goura), Hidan no Aria AA (Kirin). 2016 ERASED (Kayo), Boku no Hero Academia (Tsuyu), Ace Attorney (Mayoi), Tanaka-kun (Rino)....etc.
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Old 2006-11-22, 22:44   Link #79
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Kitaro is one of the best in the world.
"When I grow up, I want to be a cartoon."
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Old 2006-11-24, 04:44   Link #80
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Join Date: Jun 2006
The Japanese band Mintyjam is also very good, you can download their tracks at

They sound very similar to mainstream visual j-rock, such as the likes of X-Japan and Luna Sea
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