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Old 2006-11-27, 07:09   Link #81
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Tokyo!!! (Yeah, right)
I recommend to listen to some of Ayumi Hamaskai's songs and Namie Amuro's songs. I like Namie's Speed Star! That song is really good.....and also Inspire from Ayumi is good as well.
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Old 2008-05-25, 14:27   Link #82
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Acutally it depends on what genre you would like to hear:

For my taste of pop, definitely Ayumi Hamasaki, ELT, Ai Otsuka etc.

For my taste of R & B, usually Namie Amuro, BoA, Utada Hikaru etc.

For my taste of ballads, I'd go for OLIVIA, Hajime Chitose but I don't really go for those who sing purely ballads.

For my taste of rock, usually HAndMC, Orange Range, abingdon boys school etc.
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Old 2008-05-26, 12:56   Link #83
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
I recommend ayaka, great voice, superb live singer, and can sing all types of songs. She is most famous for her slower songs, like I believe, Mikazuki, Te wo Tsunagou, but her more upbeat songs are pretty good too. In fact, I think I am going to make a thread about her right now.
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Old 2008-05-29, 21:58   Link #84
Samurai Panda
Join Date: May 2008
Location: England, North-West
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Depends on your interests. Artists like Nami Tamaki (Brightdown, Oversoul) are good to listen to just for the sake of listening to a good japanese song/voice, L'Arc~En~Ciel or Gackt if it's light J-rock you're into. If you're feeling perticularly demonic, Dir En Grey or MAXIMUM THE HORMONE (or atleast some of MTH's songs... try to avoid "Hesei Strawberry Vibe", anyway >_>).
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Old 2008-05-29, 22:59   Link #85
Nervous Venus
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LCeh: Funny, I was just listening to Ayaka's live performance of " Te o Tsunago" at budokan like two minutes ago.

She's really amazing and hits all the right keys. Very rare for female jpop artists. Good choice
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Old 2008-05-29, 23:29   Link #86
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Originally Posted by Nervous Venus View Post
LCeh: Funny, I was just listening to Ayaka's live performance of " Te o Tsunago" at budokan like two minutes ago.

She's really amazing and hits all the right keys. Very rare for female jpop artists. Good choice
That performance is definitely one of her best, and at that very same concert, she performed Mikazuki almost to perfection as well. She really is something, the way she performs at live occasions is just amazing, and she is still so young. I hope she will keep striving to improve her singing as well as lyrics writing.

Unfortunately, she isn't really known outside of Japan, although she has been doing quite well in Japan. That's why I have been promoting her on forums these days.
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Old 2008-05-31, 09:31   Link #87
Ecchi go Boom 0(^.^)0
Join Date: Mar 2008
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Naraku No Hana by Shimamiya Eiko - opening of "Higurashi no naku koro ni kai"
Higurashi no naku koro ni by Shimamiya Eiko - opening of "Higurashi no naku koro ni"
__________________ - anime | manga | reviews
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Old 2008-05-31, 10:53   Link #88
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Earth
here's the list of bands/artists i recommend

Spoiler for list:
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Old 2008-05-31, 11:10   Link #89
I much prefer the 2d
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Frontier
Age: 26
Baby Tears / Freedom remix by Ayumi Hamasaki
BLOOD on fire by -AAA
Silent Sky by Tiaraway
"Red-reduction division-" by fripSide

are some i reccomend if you want a sample of them you can look them up on youtube their 2x cg vids 1x gunda 1x shana 2x A's i think theyre all really good
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Old 2008-05-31, 11:57   Link #90
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Japan
Age: 30
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I'm too lazy to write something about all of these artists, so I'll just list them, roughly divided by genres. Awesome stuff only.
Spoiler for List:

I'll stop here for now. It's not like a lot of people will look through the whole list anyway.
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Old 2008-05-31, 18:51   Link #91
horo fan
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: missouri, usa
Age: 33
there are a lot that i like
brilliant green (pop)
hitomi takahashi (pop/rock?)
tommy heavenly and february 6
anna tsuchiya "(pop/rock)
maaya sakamoto (pop)
hanako oku (pop)
yuki kajiura (does the soundtracks for gundam tsubasa resevoir chronicles...)
kimura kaela (pop)
shikao sugao (pop, op for xxxholic and xxxholic kei)
yui makino (pop, anime songs)
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Old 2008-05-31, 21:05   Link #92
kininku buster
I wanna be Itou Makoto
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Age: 32
I don't listen to much Japanese music but I'd highly recommend the Pillows, Sparta Locals, and the Polysics. They're all awesome imo.
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Old 2008-06-02, 01:38   Link #93
nana-chan fangirl
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Australia
Can't live without their voice:
- Mizuki Nana (Heart-shaped chant, Innocent starter, Dancing in the velvet moon)
- Okui Masami (Rinbu -revolution-, Sora ni kakeru hashi, Jama wa sasenai)

Others I like:
- Suara (Wasurenaide, Musuoka)
- Kuribayashi Minami (Hoshizora no waltz, Precious memories)
- Jyukai (Anata ga ita mori, Hikari)
- Ishikawa Chiaki (Uninstall, Utsukushi kereba sore de ii)
- angela (Asu e no brilliant road, Mirai to yuu na no kotae)
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Old 2008-06-06, 10:03   Link #94
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2006
Try both Odore (from live action Osen) and Yukiyanagi, both are pretty good.
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Old 2008-06-07, 01:19   Link #95
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 28
Well, I listen to most genres of music ( jap mainly). Also it's no fun mentioning names that everyone knows i.e HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, ayumi hamasaki, BoA, EXILE, aqua timez etc So I'll just go with less infamous bands / singers. Maybe next time I'll list somewhat well known groups.

More unknown-ish artist that I listen to, ones that are from the Bemani franchise ( or was). Bemani being the company or so that produces games like DDR, beatmania, drummania, pop at music, etc. Songs that are more upbeat and can pump you up somewhat xD.

BeForU - red rocket rising, yoru hanabi, moon bike, 6 rainbow, kiseki, dive, bala bala etc

Kanako Hoshino - inferno, gekkou, dance, taiyou, max love, etc

DJ Yoshitaka - alot of his songs he composes are awesome . ( darling my LUV, max love with kanako hoshino, etc)

Sayaka Minami - under the sky, double loving heart, life

TЁЯRA (naoki + jun karashima ) - More favourite bemani group - switch, hana ranman flowers

PlatoniX ( not active anymore, yes junko is in this ) - Don't be afraid myself

FripSide - save me again, velocity, misery, end game, etc

Junko Hirata - double loving heart, under the sky) [ both sang with Sayaka Minami

Riyu Kosaka - freedom, baby's tears, danzai no hana, platnium smile, etc

Ayane [ Junko Hirata's mainstream] - romancing story, cloudier sky, lunatic tears, wish on truth, etc

Naoki a.k.a god of bemani, composes a lot of BeForU’s songs, Part of Terra, tons tons of alias’s.

Those are the only ones that stand out atm.

TЁЯRA - Hana Ranman Flowers for an example

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Old 2008-06-10, 02:03   Link #96
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
I don't listen to male vocals much anymore so...that said..

Spitz & Kamakura Kei are the 2 male artists/groups I listen to...oh and Kaguya Hime from 15-20 years

Mitose Noriko, Shigata Akiko, Shimotsuki Haruka, Ishibashi Yuuko (Ar Tonelico song birds...currently on heavy rotation in my listening, even if you haven't played the games, I HIGHLY suggest trying to snag the soundtrack...VERY beautiful singing...unique too)

Akino Arai
Makino Yui
Mizuki Nana (particularly Astrogation)
Monet/PixelBee (currently on break due to pregnancy)
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Old 2008-06-10, 07:12   Link #97
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I listen to anime music XD mostly


Hare Hare Yukai
Bouken Desho Desho
Cosplay no Kokoroe
and others
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Old 2008-06-19, 21:09   Link #98
Hey Boss!
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Basement
Originally Posted by Clamp-X View Post
here's the list of bands/artists i recommend

Spoiler for list:

GOOD list all of my fav!!!! ^_^
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Old 2008-06-21, 19:34   Link #99
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
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I love Ayumi Hamasaki, Nami Tamaki, Mami Kawada, and the jpop groups under H!P called C-ute and Buono!
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Old 2008-06-22, 04:25   Link #100
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I third CLAMP-X's list!!
Omg, he has the almost exact same taste as me!!
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