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Old 2015-08-24, 19:56   Link #21
Akisa Akimune
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Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
I only watched the anime, but are there enough male characters to make a reverse harem?
Yup. Though someone already made a fanfic about that, but the girl was an OC and Issei was a part of her harem and vice-versa.

Yes, and its annoying to say the least.
I know right. We have enough avengers and what not with Sasuke in Naruto, thank you very much. Plus these authors often use his sob story as an excuse to get 'em all (I mean the girls).

One fanfic complained about it very well, by using comedy.
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Old 2016-08-26, 17:12   Link #22
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No OCs please

um, can someone recommend me a High School DxD fanfiction that has Issei as the main character and no OCs that take any of his girls. Or even just no OCs in general. I absolutely hate OC x Harem with a passion . Also no crossovers, unless it doesn't pair a DxD girl with someone besides Issei. For example: Naruto + High School DxD, a Naruto character isn't paired with anyone in the DxD Universe, i would read. Issei can be OOC (Out of Character). Any pairing with Issei. It can be an unfinished or complete story. If it's being updated, fantastic.

Please reply
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Old 2016-08-26, 17:30   Link #23
Rising Dragon
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Gabriel Blessing of In-Flight/Hill of Swords fame did Highschool SAO, a DxD and Sword Art Online crossover that fits your criteria. It neither replaces Issei, nor steals his harem or his thunder. Fairly long oneshot taking place during the second volume/second half of season 1.
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