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Old 2018-12-07, 08:00   Link #1
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Waga Gyouyuu ni Furueyo Tenchi ~Alexis Teikoku Kouryuuki~

Title: Waga Gyouyuu ni Furueyo Tenchi ~Alexis Teikoku Kouryuuki~ (我が驍勇にふるえよ天地 ~アレクシス帝国興隆記~)
Author: Awamura Akamitsu (あわむら 赤光)
Illustrator: Tamago no Kimi (卵の黄身)
Publisher: GA Bunko (GA文庫)
Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)

The bravely tale of the peerless Great Emperor Leonart the First was evaluated as a universal truth.
However, in his younger days, before he managed to unify the continent, he was a boorish and clumsy young man, he got his homeland taken away from him and was branded with the infamous name of “Nosferatu” (bloodsucking prince).
This is the story of a great counterattack, a great revolt.

Leonart vowed to recover his homeland and truly became a mighty warrior!
Several great generals, sages, talented women and geniuses comparable to gods and demons got attracted to the single-minded Leonart and congregated around him.
Eventually they became a great force able to engulf their depraved fatherland, and contended against rival countries.

Now the curtains open to a heart throbbing and passionate war chronicle packed with bravery and strategies, a thrilling yet orthodox series filled with a collection of heros and heroines!
Spoiler for Characters:

Spoiler for Volume 2-8 Covers:

There's also a manga version, here's a link that also includes raw chapters of the novel:
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Old 2018-12-07, 18:56   Link #2
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Seems interesting, call me when it devolves into a harem story so I can safely ignore it.
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Old 2018-12-07, 23:46   Link #3
Doe, John
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From the characters list and volume covers, it doesn't look like a harem story. The only indication of this is the mention of multiple women and heroines in the summary. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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Old 2018-12-14, 00:32   Link #4
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The same illustrator for hagure yusha.
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Old 2018-12-14, 14:28   Link #5
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When series like these have a lack of translations (official or fan), it helps if they had a large wiki site (At least 100 pages) that are in-depth of what has happened. Of course, it's obvious that on such sites that person could put false info.
≠epic fail
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Old 2019-01-06, 06:18   Link #6
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interesting, i just found out today, this novel is actually the only series that's translated where i'm from but didn't already got a English offical or fan translation
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fantasy, politics, strategy, war

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