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@AndySimpson96 I see, but still with both Brune and Zhcted are unified, it will become the biggest kingdom, it would be even harder because new kingdom means new boarders and new territories name...

Also, about Tina's death, I thought that it will be more exciting-or rather fitting- to see Tigre finally confront the woman who is responsible for Sofy's alleged death and her association with Ganelon. Kinda surprising to see that her death is similar to Greast, killed not by the protagonist of the series here...
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I'd say for the most part it'd be run the same, just joint authority now rests with Tigre and Regin.
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The Prime Minister will be most likely Badouin once again since we haven't see Prime minister on Zhcted.

And i believe Mashas will be retained as Chancellor or become Tigre's personal Advisor.
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@Chingaruna517: Chances are that the so-called "funeral" really was faked to fool Tina and her supporters. And is it confirmed that Tina died before her army faced Tigre's? It's possible that the thing with Miron trying to kill Ruslan's son happened after the battle between Tigre's and Tina's respective forces.

I think the fact that there are seven mistresses could be telling us that those seven will all be Vanadis when the Viralt come back. I just hope Esendeis doesn't look for combat ability when choosing a Vanadis.

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so....., let me be the one who ask the inevitable, is there any news about the author's next work in progress ????
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@n0m@n Is there any more details about Sophie's situation? because the last thing we knew about her is that she was in a really bad situation, did she recovered completely? (now that we know she's alive and kicking).

Also I suppose that at the end of V18 we can see who are the new Vanadis or that was left unsolved?

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@DragonOsman which led to possibility of Titta become a new wielder of Ezendeis if that happens.

I do hope that we got a news about next sequel though.
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