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Old 2011-10-25, 16:30   Link #3921
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Lotte has Rie backing, that alone would increase her odds over Hartmann.
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Old 2011-10-25, 16:31   Link #3922
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1-3 will also eliminate 3/4 of the PMMM girls with 100%
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Old 2011-10-25, 16:44   Link #3923
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Quite a decent quarter final draw, glad that we don't have to see PMMM take over the semi final, or they guarantee a final spot.

Here's my predictions on QF:
Spoiler for Quarter final predictions:

About the 'ending' things.....

Surprise end: Erica
Decent end: Ika-musume or Kuroneko
Bad end: Any Puella Magis
Worst end: Lotte, Kugimiya tsundere characters are always overrated in my opinion.

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Old 2011-10-25, 16:54   Link #3924
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Pick: 1-0 (7-1, 84-68)
Prediction: 1-0 (6-2, 117-35)

Guess Kuroneko's doing ok. Let's see how she matches up against the puella magi.

On the draw: Nothing really to complain about it. At least it's interesting. A bit disappointed that my fav puella magi is up against my fav non-puella magi. Oh well. Also will be interesting to see the Madoka/Sayaka match.

Good end: Ika Musume, Mami
Normal end: Lotte, Erica, Kuroneko, Madoka
Bad end: Sayaka, Kyouko

In advance:

Pick: Lotte
Prediction: Lotte

Both are surprising quarterfinalists. It's never a bad choice to go with the loli.
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Old 2011-10-25, 17:00   Link #3925
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For myself personally...

Wonderful End - Sayaka, Madoka (just my luck they're facing each other in the quarterfinals)
Good End - Mami, Kyouko, Kuroneko
Meh End - Ika, Erica
Bad End - Lotte (seiyu domination bothers me a lot more than series domination does, honestly)
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Old 2011-10-25, 17:18   Link #3926
The Akita
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Originally Posted by Zeroryoko1974 View Post
Lotte has Rie backing, that alone would increase her odds over Hartmann.
Good point. I think Erica's win over Kanade was more impressive than Lotte's over Mikoto. And I'm also using ISML regular season standing as well. Kanade is first, Mikoto is second.
The Akita.
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Old 2011-10-25, 17:49   Link #3927
a small cat
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Best end: Ika Musume, Madoka
Good end: Kuroneko, Mami
Ordinary end: others

Don't really dislike anyone in the Best 8, so my favourites not winning would just be an "ordinary end" for me.
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Old 2011-10-25, 17:51   Link #3928
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Unfortunately, I'll be ironically rooting against one of my favorite anime. My support goes to the Maid Catgirl Cosplayer.

Madoka/Kyoko/Sayaka are pretty good characters, though I never really saw the appeal of Mami. Out of them, I'd go for Kyoko.
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Old 2011-10-25, 18:49   Link #3929
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i might as well jump the bandwagon with this:

Best End: Mami (I never thought she'd really be this strong)

Very Good End: Madoka

Good End: Kuroneko, Kyouko

Normal End: Ika-Musume

Bad End: Sayaka (I'll never understand Japan if she gets the most chance amongst the PMMM girls)

WTF End: Erica

Worst End: Astarotte

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Old 2011-10-25, 18:53   Link #3930
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Compare the 2009 and 2011 draws:
Spoiler for 2009 vs 2011:

Same slots for Saki and Madoka, Rie in the first slot, certain other characters with similar traits in the same slots, and more. Deja vu.

As for my prediction of the draw:

Correct: Madoka/Sayaka is happening. The Madoka girls are split 3:1. Madoka is well-protected on the side with three Madoka characters, and the biggest threat, Kuroneko, is on the other side. The three Madoka matches are consecutive.

Wrong: Kuroneko and Ika Musume are both against Madoka girls, raising the possibility that they'll both be eliminated and the tournament's fate will be sealed in this round, but also giving both the chance to advance. Astarotte and Erica went up against each other instead of being used as fodder. The Madoka intramural is in the back half, not on day one.

Overall, this isn't an ideal setup for the Madoka girls, but it's pretty close.

Predicted outcome:
Spoiler for Prediction:

The critical match is Kyouko vs Kuroneko, which has serious championship implications. If Kuroneko goes down, it's time to break out the cake and tea.
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Old 2011-10-25, 18:53   Link #3931
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Well, Kuroneko cruised to a fairly easy victory (Okay, compare to Mami > Shirayuki, this is nothing...). Not bad at all...

This brings my record to 4-4 in Round 4 and 109-41 in Regular Season. Not the best record, but those early Round 1 battles between nobodies kill my record...badly...

As for QF, 2 Madoka girls will face each other, as expected. We'll see whether a dominant series will ever reach final, b/c, history suggest that they won't...(See 2008 Clannad, 2009 Saki).

As far as matchups:
Rotte v. Erica - Of course I'm rooting for Rotte. She's a Kugyu girl and Erica assassinate my waifu...
Kuroneko v. Kyouko - My last hope, especially with Ika-chan getting a tough draw...
Madoka v. Sayaka - Seriously don't give a damn...
Ika v. Mami - Why oh other hope in Ika-chan v. my 2nd favorite Magi...

For me...
Best end - Kuroneko - Would be my waifu if not for Kanade...
Good end - Rotte & Mami & Ika-chan - Rotte is not really my favorite Kugyu girl, but since she's a Kugyu girl, I'm fine with her winning. Mami is the only Magi remaining that I can stand. As for Ika-chan, oh well, tough draw is tough...
Don't care end - Kyouko & Sayaka - I'm neutral on them. Don't hate them that much, but nowhere near my favorite either.
Bad end - Madoka - I just don't like her, even though she would be my favorite if you're talking about VA...
F**k Saimoe end - Erica - On the other hand, I want to see the rage...
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Old 2011-10-25, 19:28   Link #3932
Defying gravity
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This looks fun. Joining.

Best end - Ika-Musume
Good end - Kyouko
Normal end - Erica, Ruri
Bad end - Astarotte, Sayaka
Worst end - Madoka, Mami
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Old 2011-10-25, 19:43   Link #3933
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I guess it's time to start paying attention to this again, now that we're on the final stretch. Knowing nothing of past performance, assassinations, etc...:

QF1: Lotte vs. Erica: Least interesting of the matches, but I'll root for Erica. Not a fan of Lotte's brand of loli.
QF2: Kyouko vs. Kuroneko: Kyouko
QF3: Madoka vs. Sayaka: Madoka. Not a fan of Sayaka, either.
QF4: Ika vs. Mami: Mami

Kyouko > Erica > Kuroneko > Lotte
Mami >? Madoka > Sayaka > Ika

Good end: Madoka/Mami/Kyouko
Bad end: Lotte/Ika

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Old 2011-10-25, 20:26   Link #3934
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If Mami wins, it's time to break out this picture:
OS-tan Collections (temporary):
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Old 2011-10-25, 20:48   Link #3935
Aya Reiko
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And behold...

On deck...
Spoiler for OKTOBERFEST! (Possibly NWS...):


- - - -

Might as well join the party...

Best end: Mami
Better end: Madoka
Good end: Sayaka, Kyouko
Meh end: Kuroneko, Ika
Bad end: Lotte
Lulz end: Erica

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Old 2011-10-25, 21:01   Link #3936
spirits having flown
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All I can say is never underestimate the minds of the 2ch voters because their choices can sometimes kick you in the nuts when least expected...

With that in mind, I'd put:

Best End: Sayaka, Mamicita
Good End: Madoka, Kyoko
Normal End: the rest
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Old 2011-10-25, 21:50   Link #3937
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OH lordy. For the longest time, I've thought that Hartmann is flat-chested (more or less)
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Old 2011-10-25, 22:05   Link #3938
The Akita
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To celebrate the moment, I made some fight song parodies. Hope you like them.

Spoiler for choose your girl...:
The Akita.
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Old 2011-10-25, 22:30   Link #3939
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Originally Posted by Hachiko View Post
A preview of the quarterfinals...

Spoiler for quarters...:
These Saimoe videos... no one is trying hard enough anymore...
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Old 2011-10-25, 22:32   Link #3940
The Akita
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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
These Saimoe videos... no one is trying hard enough anymore...
For me, I keep it simple. No frills, no flourishes, no fuss. Simple as that.
The Akita.
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