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Old 2015-06-23, 06:09   Link #1
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Question Does anybody know about that disturbing hidden message in Sonic CD?

You remember Sonic CD for the Sega CD? It was a great game, and it still is to this day! However, I didn't really get to play it until 2012. And when I played it, it was awesome! I also discovered that there's a "sound test" mode if you put in a code with your controller. And a debug mode! No hacking required! And apparently, if you put in certain numbers and press start on the sound test, you'll get some hidden images. Like this cute little one right here:

Or this one which is a weird combo of Batman and Sonic (Kinda funny, actually!)

However, there was one easter egg that I discovered by complete accident. You get to it by inputing FM 46, PCM 12, and DA 25 on the sound test screen and then hit start. If done correctly it'll show you THIS:

It showed me a bunch of Sonics with frightening faces, and played music that's is some of the scariest I've ever heard. Like I said, I discovered this by complete accident. No joke. Whenever I discovered it I was REALLY freaked out. I then turned off my Genesis as fast as I could, and I was breathing pretty hard. I was not aware what had happened. I looked up the translation for it and the message's translation reads:

Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprises
Signed, the Devil

And I thought to myself: "Oh my god. Is my copy of Sonic CD possessed by the Devil himself? Are all those lame creepypasta stories true after all?!" I was planning on posting this on 4Chan, and writing it on the creepypasta wiki, but I decided to dig a bit deeper and discovered that my copy of Sonic CD wasn't demonically possessed, and that this message was in fact hidden inside of EVERY copy of Sonic CD by the game's developers. After I discovered this, I was both relieved and disappointed that my disc wasn't possessed by the Devil. Because if my disc was really possessed, wouldn't that make me really famous? Also, after digging deeper, I discovered that it didn't really say it was signed by the Devil, but rather by one of the developers of the game. Apparently, his nickname was "Majin", which isn't a reference to anything demonic at all. And I thought to myself. "Oh well then, but that screen is STILL really freaky!!" I have to say, summer of 2012 had some of the most scariest periods of my life. Ranging from being afraid of the Slenderman killing me at night, to believing that I owned a possessed classic video game.

Did anybody else discover this message by accident? What was your reaction?

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Old 2015-06-23, 10:47   Link #2
So Like A Rose
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Let me guess you "discovered" a creepy pasta
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Old 2015-06-23, 10:50   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Sakuranbo View Post
Let me guess you "discovered" a creepy pasta
It's not really a creepypasta, it's just a disturbing easter egg hidden by the developers. This message also appears if you start up a pirated version of Sonic CD, so they could also be trying to demote piracy.
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Old 2015-06-30, 20:04   Link #4
Urzu 7
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OP, back in the 90s, my older brother's best friend had a Sega CD, and he would bring it over to our house and hook it up when he came over (sometimes, not every time he came over), and I remember he read how to bring up the 2nd and 3rd easter egg in a magazine, and so he showed us these weird easter eggs. I saw them only once, and they are weird...I saw them only once but they stuck with me, stayed in my long term memory...I mean, I probably saw the easter eggs back in 1993 or 1994.
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creepy, devil, easter egg, sonic cd

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