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Perfect 10 2 3.39%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 5 8.47%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 5 8.47%
7 out of 10 : Good 17 28.81%
6 out of 10 : Average 9 15.25%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 7 11.86%
4 out of 10 : Poor 5 8.47%
3 out of 10 : Bad 4 6.78%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 2 3.39%
1 out of 10 : Painful 3 5.08%
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Old 2015-04-05, 10:16   Link #41
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Elsewhere
Animation Quality: 8
Voice Actors: 7
Script: 5
Soundtrack: 7
Editing: 8
Enjoyment: 6
Emotional Involvement: 5

The animation was general solid but down and ups like episode 1-3 and 24
Voice actors not sure. They did the best they had with the script
There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t like.
Soundtrack was pretty good and used the show as a based. But it felt boring when the played the some song over and over. Then some times the song did not fit the the scene.
Editing was ok
I enjoyed the show watching the show and was excited for the next episode. But The show felt weak at the end and there could have been more.
Involvement not much but I did reply on these threads. Wanted Harklight to live And do I want there to be more.

Some deeper thoughts.
Season 1
The first three episodes of season 1 were good. And the fights and animation were good. Inaho taking down the Martian Kats using an inferior machine to and winning was a stand out idea.
I liked Rayet character and her develop in this season. I also liked all the other characters.
I also liked the mech designs for the most part. But they could have been better looking. the Argye’s design was the weakest of the group and could have been more skin for the most part.

There was this character called*Okisuke "Okojo" Mikuni. He was that character that died in episode 2 by Trillram. I don’t think any cares or remembers him and his existence was pretty much pointless. And it feels like a bunch of things become pointless in the end. The characters could have been flashed out more. Inaho was too calm but I still like him.

Ianho, when he say the missile in episode 1, he should have pushed his friends down to protect them. Then when Okojo died he should have realized he needs to uses his head to get them out of her. Inko things was that she liked Inaho and that she also pilots a mech. It should have been shown why see likes him.
Marito, he was ok he got over himself.

Season 2
Inaho and Seylum came back I guess it was ok but that problem was the cliff hanger ending.
Again I like the mech designs. The character interaction was ok, but I wanted to see more of the characters. And over all I enjoyed it but it felt rushed with Jr in the last three episodes.

Most of the characters on the earth side become side character and it felt like they were forgotten. There was Rayet and Marito but thats it once there done with their episodes, they basically don't do anything. They were gone.
For Inaho and the team it was fighting monster of the week. So it felt like filler, Mazzuurek being the exception. He was used to show off first how Marito has changed and later how Rayet changed with the help of Inaho.

The pacing of the season come off as if there was another season after this one. The first 2/3 were stead and then it accelerated with the last 1/3. Like this season was suppose to be Slaine building his power bases and then next season it was suppose to be the real fight between the Earth and Saline group.

A rival between Slaine and Inaho was weak. They they didn’t even have a really conversation and fight 3 times.

The empress ended the war as easily as it started it. The theme was that war is pointless was pretty blunt. She accomplished and kind of did more by negotiation and trade then I guess war did.

Looking at show if it was originally planned for 50 episode and had slightly better writing it could have been better. Unless it turned out like Gundam Age.
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Old 2015-04-10, 23:09   Link #42
Rewrite of the Life
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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Goes to show that great animation doesn't mean much if everything else sucks.
I didn't expect that much after they pulled the "We are actually alive!" thing, but seriously, that ending was seriously bad.

First of all, it wasn't great in the first place when Inaho STILL solves EVERY single problem. What's more, now he has this magical super-hi-tech AI-eye (pun?) to help him be even more all-solving.
On top of that, he says he isn't special. Seriously? Humble became humble.

Marito... That useless guy from season 1? Practically no follow-up on his trauma nor did he play that great of a role (because of INAHO), but then again, better than seeing him go through another flashback for the nth time.

Introducing a new character with only a few episodes left? And for some reason, he marries the heroine of the story?
The guys fighting each other despite no longer any reason? No real ending to the Princess' relationship with the guys?
Saving Slain by putting him in jail forever?

It was interesting sometimes... If you take out pieces by pieces and forget about the ending
Everything you said! Not to mention Raynet was so useless in the second half as was most of the cast. Slaine's character and motives made zero sense.

Blah. At least they got one thing right, the Zero part in the title, which is how much I care about the show going forward.
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Old 2016-01-03, 18:23   Link #43
Osaka in my Pocket
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Location: Monterrey, México
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Aldnoah.Zero Final Thoughts.

Back at the end of 2014 summer season I chose to wait before grading this show due that the second season would come by 2015. Indeed, the last year came in and went out in a blink of an eye along with the second season of Aldnoah.

Comparing amongst seasons the first one felt even better to me and, likely, might be because it wasn't full packed with political disclosure as the second one did. Nevertheless, I got to witness the fulfilled growth of its characters, particularly Inaho in the second season.

In the first one, he started a little bit distant from his peers and even to Seylum once they met and started to befriend each other. However, by the time that the stunning climax and cliffhanger to season one came, then, Inaho truly began to feel closer to Seylum and his peers.
In the second season, Inaho resumes from where he left off growing closer to his peers and never forgetting about Seylum, until he came to rescue her at the moon base and carried her last wish.

As for Slaine, well I previously thought during the run of the first season that he would eventually defect Vers and return to Seylum's side once learning the truth that she was alive and safe in the Deucalion, then joining Margbadrege and her crew. However, that unexpected turnaround at the end of the first season, then explained in season two put himself on the chair of the tragic antagonist.
IMO, whatever course of actions and trains of thoughts Slaine committed himself to he viewed them as righteous to change things right, although at the expense of going against Seylums' wishes.
At the end, he gets checkmated and captured by Inaho, and although made seem dead and branded as the most hated enemy by both Earth and Mars to have a scapegoat for appeasement between both worlds, he still received hope from his beloved Seylum when Inaho told him that it was the Princess wish for him to be saved.

Lastly, Asseylum, as a character remained lukewarm to me for both seasons. I can either view her as an unorthodox damsel in distress in a not coventional context, or as a bargaining chip kind of character for political leverage. Nevertheless, her actions did not make much of an impression to me, though supposedly in the last two episodes she is trying her best to ammend peace between Earth and Mars.

My thanks and appreciation go to Hiroyuki Sawano for providing his contribution at composing and arranging the soundtrack for Aldnoah, since I previously posted that the music in this show reflects on what the characters are dealing through and at how they deal with the unexpected situation of loss, tragedy, and fear in war.

In conlusion, I begin to understand how come the second season to Aldnoah became of the biggest offsets to fans the last year, however, if one can put aside all the political or pseudo-political faults that detract enjoyment, then likely the show by itself will be enjoyable even to those who normally feel uncomfortable at watching stories created by Urobuchi Gen.
After all, this is the man that previously delivered to us: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero, and Suisei no Gargantia.
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Old 2016-02-06, 15:08   Link #44
Mystic Musician
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I would like people to be more conscious and realize Urobuchi only gave the original concept for the story, the excution, overall writing belongs to other people.

Just like Psychopass became a mess in the inexistent second season.
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Old 2016-10-05, 11:02   Link #45
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S1 gave me enough to keep me interested and wanting more.
S2 slapped me in the face and called me a moron for thinking it was good.
Very disappointed with how they handled the series.
I understand the project was basically DOA but geez that was terrible.
Again I LOVED the first season. Gave it a 9/10 initially.
Just a bad script, execution, and such.
My final score for the series is 2/10.
Am I the only person who still feels bad for Slaine?
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