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Old 2020-11-11, 12:12   Link #3461
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thanx for the summary
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Old 2020-11-13, 17:05   Link #3462
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Originally Posted by gensouR-1 View Post
Here's the last 4 chapters,afterword stuff and my comments on the volume.
Spoiler for AW V25 Chapter 10-14:

Spoiler for Afterwords stuff:

Spoiler for My comments on V25:

Here's crossing fingers that we would at least get V26 on August next year.
This is amazing. I wish AW would get more love from Sunrise.
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Old 2020-12-09, 22:51   Link #3463
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So i have been lurking around chinese message boards like tieba and forum.gamer and it appears that:
Spoiler for Unital Ring V25:

I'll post any new information about more AW-SAO connections in SAO V25 if there are any more,but so far it's just <Spoiler> from SAO possibly being <Redacted> in Accel World.

Update:summary of SAO V25 is out in chinese forums,the only AW-SAO connection in the volume is the implication that <Spoiler> in SAO is Accel World's <Redacted> and nothing more,so we'll have to wait for 2021's SAO and AW books to learn more though i guess i can make a recap of the recent AW-SAO connections after catching up with reading the SAO LNs.

Waiting for Sita pickup

No matter what choice they make,humans will find a reason to regret,so in other words,there is no choice without regret,what's important is your heart's true feelings

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Old 2021-01-11, 17:02   Link #3464
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The rumor that Accel World looks like a bad ending to Sword Art Online Unital Ring seems true to me. This had already happened with another novel by another Author, Negima-sensei and UQHolder. Where in UQHolder is a future where Negima-sensei couldn't be saved in the previous novel.
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action, cyberpunk, harem, romance, seinen, shounen, virtual reality

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