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Key Board
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Originally Posted by James Rye View Post
Read an interesting article that compares Trump's policies with what the so-called Clarmonsters (they call themselves like that) from Claremont who follow the thinking of the german Philosopher Leo Strauss who says that every nation should be for itself and fight with others for its survival - basically radical isolationism. It would explain why Trump is working so hard against the FBI, not only because they are hurting his reputation, but because he believes them to be part of some "deep government" which truly controls America and the world itself through globalism. Wouldn't wonder if he even goes so far to dissolve the FBI to get rid of that problem. xD
It would also fit with what he said about Nafta and Nato, that working together makes America weaker and the others stronger so he has to break those bonds to weaken the others and make America "great again" to force the others to do as America says because everyone would fear its might. I worry that this kinda thinking is a bit too simple in our complicated times of today, plus trying to pull a fight with everyone, even trading wars with Europe and Canada&Mexico, just screams trouble.
It's not just that.

From the Christian side there's also fear of the "One World Government" or "New World Order"
and this is not a niche thing. End time prophecies are a core belief among many Evangelicals.

Yes, Trump isn't religious, but his Evangelical base are.
Israel also knows about this, and is taking advantage of Evangelist lobbying.
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Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
Israel also knows about this, and is taking advantage of Evangelist lobbying.
Maybe in the short run. In the long run expect the Trump administration to give funding for the construction of the third temple. Then you can bet it will be destroyed so not even a wall remains. Even if not evangelicals think this is a signal of the end of times and they expect that "Jews will accept Jesus as the Messiah and most Jews will then embrace the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ". Hint: they expect jews to became evangelicals.
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