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Red Dragon (Ikeno Masahiro)

OK, I recently found this manga bares somewhat close to the Kingdom manga series. Instead, it giving a new twist and set in one of China's famous history, the Chu-Han Contention. Wonder if anybody even talk about his at all since it has been, I dunno, two years ago already? Anyhow, lets begin, shall we?

Author and Illustrator: Ikeno Masahiro

Story Description:
Back in BC, ancient China was unified by Shikotei, the first Qin Emperor. However, the powerful unifying by the central with an iron fist made growing strains among the people, which leads to the days of uprising.

Personal Interpretation:
The story set in an era after Shikotei (no, not to be confused with Ei Sei, aka future Qin Shihuang from the Kingdom series ), the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, finally unified ancient China under his rule. However, the kingdom is ruled through tyranny that caused the suffering to the common peasants, who later rebelled against the mighty kingdom. Two main protagonists Ryuu Hou (Liu Bang, one with the red long hair above) and Ru Wan (Lu Wan, one with a shorter hair above), the childhood friends, are set their goal in overthrowing that said kingdom and fulfilling their dream in establishing their ideal kingdom, which it is historically known as the Han Dynasty.

Edit: Currently this has a raw version and the series is now have a 4th volume.

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Oh.....and in case you don't know, maybe the link below will help you to understand the details

Stories updates can be found in this link
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