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Old 2013-04-19, 07:41   Link #261
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Originally Posted by apotheosis View Post
Cutting corners? Nooo, the vaporization was to make the "fiend" SCARY and convince the audience it was really a fiend.
In the corresponding scene in the source material no-one is getting vaporized: the people are burning to death, screaming in agony, while everyone else cowers in terror. Done that way the scene would've been even stronger in the anime, but obviously doing it properly would've required more money than A-1 had.

Originally Posted by apotheosis View Post
Criticism of something that is awesome doesn't mean it is stupid. It just means it is not perfect. Your statement reduces an interesting thought and argument into a needlessly black and white conflict.
Er, the entire argument started out with someone claiming that the final plan to kill the "akki" was stupid and made no sense, and it just emphasized that Saki is scum because she saved Satoru but sacrificed Kiroumaru even though they had other, totally obvious options. I've been trying to point out that no, it made sense, and doing it the way they're describing would've been either riskier or just plain suicidal, and no, it wasn't because Saki thought nothing of Kiroumaru dying. As I said, no-one has to like that things went this way, but to keep pointing at it as "what a stupid solution" is, I think, watching the show with blinders on.

And sure, there could've been other ways like letting Satoru go through with his suicide attack, but as you also said, none of them would've led the story, the themes and the characters where the author wanted them to go. Some people may feel that it's unfair that Kiroumaru had to die but not Satoru, but Satoru killing the akki and dying would've led to nothing of interest (quite the opposite, it would've been so clichéd), while Kiroumaru's death had, among other things, the heartbreaking irony of seeing him nobly sacrifice himself for what he believes in, and then hearing Squealer's assessment of him later which makes a frightening amount of sense and puts Kiroumaru into a new perspective. It's far more thought-provoking than anything that could've happened if he stayed alive.

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Old 2013-05-02, 19:33   Link #262
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Ok I just finished this series yesterday as i didn't even know it existed before.
So what can I say about SSY?
It was absolutly AMAIZING. Such a good story and SO SAD
Even though Saki and Satoru became a couple in the end it still was very sad that they lost all there friends over the course of the Anime.
Especially as there was so much love in this group. Saki and Maria were so cute together, it almost killed me when the had to part.
But SSY also was the first Anime for me with a Yaoi cuple I kind of liked. And normally I don't like yaoi stuff at all o.o
This twisted world twisted my mind lol.
If they had survived, they all should just have made a big family of 5 or something XD
God, I'm getting to emotional here.

Also some pretty nice revelations. To be honest I didn't expect the rats to be the non cantus humans. But I watched the whole thing in a single day, so I didn't really have time to think about anything. Although SSY leaves you with so much to think about. ^^

Somehow the flashbacks at the end kind of had a feeling to them as if the wanted to say "we all were waiting for you Saki". As if they welcomed here after she also died. Especially the last thing Shun said.
Well, there is probably a lot of stuff you can prove me wrong with concerning this, but thats just my feeling about it.
Anyway, defenitly one of my new favourites of all time.

~ Shall we get going ,Saki?
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Old 2013-07-11, 17:39   Link #263
Join Date: Apr 2006
All the focus has been on the queerats issue, but even until the end, the fundamental issue that was presented at the start of the series is never resolved.

What can human society possibly do to prevent fiends and karma demons from coming into existence? I mean, at the end they say they want to change society, but I can't see how they can do so and still prevent these two 'syndromes' from appearing. Once a fiend appears, there's virtually no way to stop it due to attack inhibition and death feedback. Is society forced to just kill all the potential children who have the potential to change into one of the two?
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Old 2013-09-28, 06:55   Link #264
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Originally Posted by Red_eyes View Post
All the focus has been on the queerats issue, but even until the end, the fundamental issue that was presented at the start of the series is never resolved.
I thought that was the point : it's not a problem you can "resolve" in some magically easy way. Every single person being a potential nuclear blast in the middle of the community is something you have to build your entire society around, and there is no deus ex machina to make it all an afterthought.

I also think that the whole queerats vs PK humans was illustrating the same kind of basically impossible to resolve problem : coexisting peacefully when one side can eradicate the other.
In My Little Pony-land, you just have to love everyone with rainbows and sunshine and everything is nice and nobody has a problem. But in reality, huge imbalance of power ALWAYS ends up in oppressors and oppressed.

I never faulted Squealer for wishing to eradicate "humans", just like I can't fault "humans" to keep a strong boot on the "queerats". What I find this show illustrate wonderfully is the gruesome realistic tragedy of survival : it's not "good" vs "evil", it's "you" vs "them".
Originally Posted by lightbringer View Post
I honestly was cheering for the antagonists most of the time. The kind of society that the humans have built here, relying on subjugation of "lesser races" and mind control, and using Cantus to commit murder almost dismissively, can burn to ashes for all I care. I'd have been happy to see Squealer wipe them all out. I'm not sure whether it's a problem of "lost in adaptation" or not, but IMHO Yusuke Kishi did not go quite far enough to show how disgusting, deplorable, and degenerate the human society has become.
Actually, I think one of the best point of this show is that it doesn't go the easy way, and it includes demonizing the PK's users society.

As with everything in the story, and as I said above, it's not a problem of "evil", it's a problem of "survival". I appreciated the subtlety of not going to simply paint the guys in charge as bad bad guys that should be overthrown, but instead as well-intentioned people who have to manage a situation which is simply impossible to get right.

Again : every single person is a potential nuclear explosion. We're used to have some dumb shônen hero just throw away all thinking and punch someone and magically making all problems disappear, but it's rather obvious it doesn't really work like that when you have an actual dilemma.
If every single person in your entire population can eradicate the entire society if she goes nut, then in short order either your society will have stringent and expedient checks, or it will have disappeared in a big flame.

So yes, their society is filled with pretty horrible things, but only out of necessity. We can be disgusted by it, but can we really blame them for simply surviving ?

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Old 2013-09-28, 18:11   Link #265
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So... who else here think Satoru is the REAL hero of the show? I know I do. Saki was pretty much useless and only hold him up from saving everyone over and over again.
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Old 2013-10-28, 11:09   Link #266
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Did you know that genetic Death Feedback is a real thing and is taken from wolves. Wolved can't kill each other, I never knew that before...
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