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Old 2003-12-13, 20:30   Link #1
a C e
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Boxing Anime?

I'm wondering if there are any other animes similar to the boxing anime Hajime No Ippo. If not, any recommendations? Thanks.
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Old 2003-12-15, 00:53   Link #2
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I've never seen Hajime no Ippo, but I can point you to a boxing anime...

One Pound Gospel. It's a little bizarre though. This great pro boxer has his career going downhill because of an eating disorder...he likes to eat too much. What tends to happen is that he's forced on a diet until the morning of the match to meet his weight requirement, and then he binges right before the match because his self-control breaks down...and when he gets punched in the stomach...he gets sick and loses the match. It's mostly about him and his interaction with this nun in training who's trying to help him out.

I donno, does that sound interesting? That's the only boxing one I can think of.
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Old 2003-12-15, 01:41   Link #3
The Man, The Legend......
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sounds interesting to me, it's licensed but I just found it used on for $5. Not a bad deal at all.

Originally Posted by gummybear
ps. hey FinFangFoom, can you change that pic of yours in the sig because when ever I read threads that have your message post in it would make people around me think I am watching gay porn, make it smaller or something
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Old 2006-05-24, 17:49   Link #4
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There's also Ring ni Kakero ("Put it all in the Ring") which isn't licensed yet but I've seen it on eBay randomly.
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Old 2006-05-24, 18:57   Link #5
Gomen asobase desuwa!
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Originally Posted by a C e
I'm wondering if there are any other animes similar to the boxing anime Hajime No Ippo. If not, any recommendations? Thanks.
One of the best classics of anime is...Ashita no Joe (1970-1 & 1980-1), an anime based on the manga of the same title done by the masters Kajiwara Ikki and Chiba Tetsuya. It was an anime and manga that defined the burning sports-type genre, along with Kyojin no Hoshi. And, its theme was symbolic to the large generation of the the populace that were involved in the liberal anti-war youth movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The final scene in the first season is a memorable one indeed! The final handshake between Yabuki Joe and Rikiishi Tooru is ranked very high amongst the most memorable scenes in anime history by the majority of the populace (note: this means as a population of Japan as a whole - not restricted to otakus).
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