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Old 2010-04-01, 23:55   Link #41
Join Date: Jan 2008
Age: 30
so i finished it. it took some liberties from the game, but the run of episodes like 18-23 were quite emotionally charged. props for doing it so well.
Aria is the best series EVER. Rewatch Origination with me.

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Old 2010-04-09, 22:56   Link #42
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
I watched this anime because I was board and I happen to run it to it somewhere (can't even remember where). I was going to stop watching part of the way though, but ended up continuing just for the sake of it. After all, it wasn't half bad and the game looks nice.

A few points I want to through out:

- I thought the 2nd OP was a good one, but it completely spoiled the "surprise" part way though to the point that when it finally happened I was thinking "about time!" instead of being shocked along with the caricatures. It would have been better had they only used that OP after the secret was revealed.

- I think the entire concept of the reason a person fights giving them the power to win is majorly over used. Though it didn't hurt the anime all that much, it definitely didn't help it much.

- I was accurately disappointing they involved magic at all. As nice as it is in other anime, I didn't really think it fit in with that world much. Granted, it might have gone better with the game.

- A lot of the caricature seem to have lost their use and were ignored part of the way though.

- One positive I'd like to point out is most everything involving Isara. The whole Darcsen discrimination bit was a good touch if you ask me, as well her untimely exit which caught me a bit off guard. (Why must the good die young :-( )

All in all: not bad, but I'm not suggesting it to a friend. It had it's moments both good and bad. Still, the game looks better.

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Old 2010-05-22, 10:23   Link #43
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
First, I'd like to say : I didn't play the game. Not that I don't want to (I really itches to try it, in fact), but I don't have a console. But it means I don't have any idea about what was changed or the like, so I judged the serie on its merits and flaws alone, without any comparison to anything else.

Unlike many people, I actually disliked the start. The na´vetÚ and childishness of the setting was extremely grating, especially with the dichotomia between the "war is hell !!!" that was supposed to be the case, and the Disney-like soldier life that illustrated it.
It got much better when the tone became darker later.

The biggest problem of the serie was how goofy, ridiculous and flat-out dumb beyond belief and irrealistic beyond suspension of disbelief, was the whole war shown. It was just so completely bogus and idiotic that I stopped watching several times. Even saying it's Hollywood War with Hollywood Tactics is a understatement. It's closer to War for Kids and Retards, and it's probably insulting toward the kids that have some grasp on reality.
When the whole background theme is war, having the war being ridiculous isn't the best start.

Partially linked to this problem, the whole Valkyria arc was seriously weird and not really interesting, full of plot holes, inconsistencies and absurdities. I don't know if Valkyrians were so ridiculously overpowered in the game, but it detracted from (destroyed ?) the whole background and felt just inane.
Despite the title and the fact that the story is based on it, it would have been better to get rid of it altogether, which says a lot about how bogus it felt. As the poste above said : all this magic really felt out of place.

Now, a very bad serie so ?
Not completely. Despite the silliness and absurdity of most of the background and story, there were saving graces in it. Mainly the characters and the involvement.

The characters were rather nice and sympathetic. In fact, I continued watching despite being put off by the idiotic presentation of war, because of them. They all had their own personnalities (regardless how derailed they are supposed to be from the game, again I didn't play it, but in-show their were consistents) and there was chemistery.
In fact, contrary to the opinion of some, I'm actually glad that the relationships between characters was prominent and overshadowed the armed conflict and the main storyline, because frankly it was much more interesting.
Also, the kick in the gutt that happens mid-season was very effectively done. The best part of the serie without a doubt, making me care and suffer with the characters.
Some moments were also nicely done (the Empire deserter for example) and helped to save the main story (though not being sufficient by a long shot).

All in all, it COULD have been a very good serie. The potential was here. The character part was successful and engaging. But the story was just full of holes and weird, and the background completely ridiculous.
I had a rather good time, but I certainly not can say it was without flaws. "average" is a good definition.

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Old 2010-08-01, 01:48   Link #44
Join Date: Sep 2008
Sorry i'm late to the party

Since I do not think many people will read this .

I loved the game, and had such high hopes for this series. So I admit, that will reflect my views greatly. So that should be a question to ask about this series. Who was this series made for? Was it made for the fans of the game? Was it made for people who didn't play the game? Was it made as a promotion for the game? It is clear, that it certainly wasn't the former. So it should be unavoidable that someone would have to compare the source material.

First, the art design, its Gorgeous. I loved how beautiful some of the scenes where. The characters where very expressive just all around fun to look at. When the the series actually showed us action scenes, many of them where greatly executed. The sounds, the music, everything fit so well. However, the actual script and plot is where everything falls apart. Which isn't so strange when you take into account that this was written by Michiko Yokote. I don't know if that's a man or a woman. Most of the series are about kids in high school age. However, this person also worked on Patlabor and Cowboy Bebop. It is a very strange mixed bag here.

I will look at the series in thirds here.

The first third of the series does a good job at setting the tone of the series. As well as having some pretty nice action scenes. The characters however, where extremely annoying and just out right dumb. As appose to the game, they where well adjusted adults. I believe I can show that link, as the site that hosts has it shown off as "advertisement". Please mind the Mystery Science Theater 3000 voices.

Basically the character quirks became character exaggeration. I remember in the earlier episodes I did a scene to scene comparisons a few times and that the video game did a much better job at making the characters likable and believable. Alicia for example, actually had a neutral to positive and friendly attitude towards Welkin, *GASP*, she also was far more sensible. One of the worse rewriting had to be episode 10.

In the game, we have Welkin and Alicia huddling together for warmth in an abandon cabin, after Welkin and her stealth by an Imperial attachment. Something the Anime cut out, which makes them simply appear in the cabin. "Personally I assassinated everyone in the mission, but moving on." So we don't even know why they are there, they just got "separated" When all of a sudden, an imperial trooper stumbles in. This soldier, barely 18 they state, has been gravely shoot, he is delusional, he is at death door, he is afraid, he doesn't want to die, and is crying out for his mother to hold him. Alicia, in a act of sympathy, pretends to be the soldier's mother, to comforts him as he slowly and painfully dies. Illustrating that, not only are the enemies soldier actually just people like them, but that war is hell. It also does this in about 5 minutes.

How does the anime do it? Well we get the same, if not abrupt set up. However, instead of a unluckly soldier boy, we get a Buddy Cole monologue from a pissed off farmer for about 20 minutes. He also dies, from a gunshot wound, in the back. Although in its own right, it was fine, as it does the same effect, but it seems to lose some of its power when you where pretty much holding a grenade and asking people to agree with you. He was also shot in the back, if you know what that means. Again however, not a bad scene.

The second third.

At this point I notice another character was changed greatly was the head General. Who was simply arrogant and ineffective. In this series however, they made into a treasonous, cowardly, sexiest, arrogant, ineffective, idiotic, general, who should have never been given that post. Perhaps this was for the better, but this just seemed so forced.


The love triangle, I don't think I have to go into that, it was poorly done, and seemed very forced. Was completely unnecessary, and the series came to a screechy halt here, until Episode 17.

The final third.

This to me seemed to be the best part of the anime. Its as if they actually remembered what they base this series off of. Defiantly had the best moments. Isara, probably the most sympathetic and likable character, especially in the anime has one of the most touching scenes. "We never see her dream though" The action gets ramped up, and we get to see what is under the princess' head before he just out right snaps. "Not to sound smug or anything, but with the exception of the double Valkyria fight was all done better in the game." I suppose they had to rush it along, but why did they have so much filler if they where going to end up just rushing out the the climax.

Overall, I would have hated this series if it was not for the final third. the second third was just painful. If you never played the game, and you should. I would say this series gets a 7/10. It ends up as coming off really generic, but the setting and art style greatly makes up for that. If you had played the game... Much lower, but at least you get to see some of your favorite characters again. Also, they killed Vyse.... They killed the Sky Pirate Captain like a red shirt.....
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Old 2010-09-05, 03:33   Link #45
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This anime is the adaptation of the homonymous PS3 Strategy/jrpg game. Yes, it’s a game adaptation; negative bias from the first second I heard about it. I haven’t played the game, as I don’t own a PS3 and the way things are going with my savings, I probably never will. Anyways, I read lots of info about the game, watched some trailers and found a text about stuff that are different between game and anime. So I’m not completely ignorant with what is going on with the source material. Ugh, I said “source”, here I go again with my negative bias towards something that is derivative.

Anyways, Valkyria Chronicles (henceforth VC) is in a nutshell taking World War 2 and making a silly fairy tale out of it. Because although the premise is quite familiar, the presentation lacks any sort of realism to how that or any war takes place.

The story is about two nations at war, with a third stuck in the middle and trying to survive the clash. This is where the interesting part ends because everything else I will write hereafter is negative; you have been warned.
In our story the Evil Empire TM invades our peaceful Generic Nation of Complete Goodness TM, which is fighting back with the aid of a bunch of happy-go-lucky schoolkids, who so happen to pilot a super prototype tank that can beat entire armies alone. Between the fights, our brave heroes TM indulge in a Generic Love Triangle TM, just for the heck of it. Somewhere in there, they throw in powers from an Ancient Civilization TM. And that is pretty much it.
The main difference with the game in terms of story is that said romance, which was absent in the game, yet seems to matter more and more as the anime progresses. It was pretty average to begin with and slowly shifting genres from war adventure with some romantic overtones to romance with some war in the background was not exactly an improvement. Not only that, but the way the war was unfolding was pretty silly to begin with. Cheery teens with colorful uniforms, beating Armies of Evil TM with a single tank; ok, realism went for a walk, even without the magic. And although being realistic is not everything, having everything unfolding in a superficial way eventually makes the already simple story to be dull and forgettable. Not only that, but it also ends in an open way. Ok, now are you supposed to wait for a sequel or pay 500 bucks for the console and the game in order to find out what happens next?
Whatever, bottom line: It is simple, it lacks any sort of excitement for being so superficial, it is bogged by lots of average romance, and ends openly. It gets a 3 for a somewhat interesting beginning.

The cast is made up of all sorts of personalities, most of which are archetypes you can find in pretty much any romance and definitely not in a war drama. Plus, none of them are sticking out for any given reason. Well, besides their distinctive archetypes that is. The main lead is spaced out most of the time and that is his most important characteristic. I’m sorry dude; Yang Wenli did it far better than you. So this guy is surrounded by a big team of Anime Archetypes TM, from the Not Blood Related Sister, to the Tsundere In Secret Love, the Male Antagonist, and the Evil Empire. All of whom are dressed in game fashion with ribbons, short skirts with high socks and boots for girls and Nazi wannabe uniforms for the bad guys. Yes, very corny indeed. They get a 4 for not only being average but also for being completely unable to relate with and have incomplete development because of the also incomplete story.

The animation is generally good, with a high amount of detail and colors given to backgrounds the character figures don’t deform because the animators were bored. The explosions are also done in a nice way. At the same time there are lots of stills in this and the use of 3D models used for vehicles and various buildings may feel a bit off in their interaction with the 2D characters. Besides this obvious matter, the action scenes (and the war in general) lack realism which cancels out any attempt at portraying battles. Riffle men are unable to hit targets a few meters away from them, a singe tank can defeat a hundred enemy tanks without much tactics, and the military uniforms are totally off, with girls having pigtails, ribbons and short skirts in the middle of a war field, while the bad guys all have detestable looks. It gets a 7 for being decent, yet loosing points for too many stills and unrealistic aesthetics, not fit for a war field.

The sound is nice in all sections. No annoying songs, no silly sound effects, no over the top ridiculous voices. At the same time, none of those are great either. No songs worth hearing over and over, no major voice acting and no amazing sound effects. It gets a 7 for not being great or bad in any way.

In all, VC is an average work, plagued by too many stereotypes and unrealistic situations that simply don’t give you a reason to care about it. Value and Enjoyment get a 4 for an average work that was left incomplete.

Average score is around 5.
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Old 2010-11-25, 22:56   Link #46
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Hello fans. I watched a whole of VC anime from first episode to 26th episode two years ago, September '09. I thought it is okay. I've not watch it again until a few days ago, for some reasons, I tried to find some episodes about someone's relative member. I know one episode about someone, but I still can't find any more episodes, so I don't remember which it is. Now I don't feel like I want to search each of them; all of them are 30 minutes long. Do anybody know where they are? Please send me a via PM or VM for details. Thanks~ =)

Anyway, here's my thought on that anime...

Spoiler for Storyline:

Spoiler for Animation:

Soundtrack: I really don't care about the voices and sounds so I only reply on reading subtitles. So I put it zero of 10.
Spoiler for Enjoyment:

Overall, the average is 5.5, so I thought it is ok-ok.

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Old 2010-11-25, 23:09   Link #47
Mr. Wang
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Originally Posted by Owlette View Post

Spoiler for Enjoyment:
They did. Looks like I'll have to enlighten another person... If it's any consolation, I will at least tell you one of those points is wrong.
Spoiler for Anime Ending:
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Old 2010-11-25, 23:16   Link #48
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Yay! Thank you for let me know! I didn't notice him in that background, I thought it is just some guy. X)
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Old 2010-11-26, 02:18   Link #49
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You mean you watched it a year ago, right?

I thought it was impossible to miss him, but if you found it only marginally enjoyable, you probably would not have noticed the smaller nuances anyway.


The anime is not awesome, but definitely better than a 5.5. That is what you would rate the mainstream harem-ecchi anime out there right now, but everyone's entitled to their own opinions I guess. lol.
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Old 2010-11-26, 22:30   Link #50
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Originally Posted by BlankVoid View Post
You mean you watched it a year ago, right?

I thought it was impossible to miss him, but if you found it only marginally enjoyable, you probably would not have noticed the smaller nuances anyway.


The anime is not awesome, but definitely better than a 5.5. That is what you would rate the mainstream harem-ecchi anime out there right now, but everyone's entitled to their own opinions I guess. lol.
Ah, yes. That's right. It was a year ago. My bad! I feel like it was two years ago, aha. X)

Because my video's size was small so I just thought it was some random poor gentleman until she showed me the big picture enough to see his face.

Spoiler for reply:

Heh. Yeah, I suppose you're right; everyone have their own opinions. My previous comment is meant for my personal opinion.
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Old 2010-11-27, 05:14   Link #51
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Originally Posted by BlankVoid View Post
The anime is not awesome, but definitely better than a 5.5. That is what you would rate the mainstream harem-ecchi anime out there right now.
Nope, those deserve less than 5.
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