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Sanjō Gattai Transformers Gō!

After spending several years relying on the Hasbro side of the Transformers partnership to develop animated series, TakaraTomy are producing their first home-spun TF anime since Galaxy Force/Cybertron ended: Combination Cubed: Transformers Go!

So far, it seems to not have an actual broadcast air date lined up, and may only be made available on DVDs packaged with TV Magazine.

Supposedly, the series is set after (or in the case of the material shown in the trailer, before) the Beast Hunters arc of Transformers: Prime.

If the above characters were supposed to have been on Earth prior to the modern day, I would have personally preferred them to have had more "Cybertronian" alt modes, and then have them be re-formatted upon awakening in the present era... but anyway.
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either the trailer is misleading or this is what happened if they hired Michael Bay to do a medieval era Japan movie

atleast the animation is an improvement over Galaxy Force, i wonder which continuity will this fit into between Prime-Beast Hunters, War for/ Fall of Cybertron, & Rescue Bots?
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Old 2013-06-28, 09:44   Link #3
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Another preview clip:

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Either the movie or the classic animated series is better...
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Old 2013-07-09, 01:27   Link #5
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Well Transformers GO! Episode 1 is out.

Episode 1 Summary:

On top of a crater of a inactive volcano a kid throws a rock inside the crater cause it is fun. He is scolded by his father who says the mountain god would angry if he is naughty like that. The tiny rock he threw hits a little boulder which goes down the slope hitting something underneath below.

The face of Dragotron is revealed which causes his eyes to glow, a red light comes out which activates the buried Predacons around the volcano's feet.

Meanwhile in the Autobot base Optimus Prime in his new body is monitoring Japan noticing four red signals which split up going east and west of Japan.

Exclaiming "They are on the move". Two groups of blue signals each composed of three show up on the map which surprises Optimus Prime exclaiming "These lights are...".

Our designated kid character for this side of the story Isami Tatewaki after school goes to his granfather's dojo where he trains kendo. He bests a practitioner who praises him for his kendo skill. His grumpy grandfather pulls a surprise attack which manages to fend off. Telling him that praises shouldn't blow up his ego as he could be attacked any time. He merely nods off saying yeah yeah to his crazy gramps. Later he and his gramps pay homage to family relic that looks like CD.

The Predacons Budora and Gaidora arrive at the Dojo seeking to steal the CD which they identify as the LegenDisc. Gramps calls them monster Oni. He throws the disk to Isami telling his to escape with it.

Isami runs threw town dodging the Predacon but notices the collateral damage around him until finally at the park he stops as there are kids playing at the playground.

He tells the Predacons to stop. Budora figuring he is concerned about the little kid threaten them. If he doesn't give the LegenDisc he'll kill them.

Isami is angered saying that is unforgivable. The LegenDisc responds by calling forth a force at the Kaminarimon with statues of Fujin (Wind God) and Raijin (Thunder God) glowing. A electric force from them travels through power lines until finally it reaches Isami's body.

Using Isami's eyes a nearby police patrol car (one cop pointing firearm and another calling for backup), a F-15 fighter overhead, and a responding fire truck are Transcanned.

Three bolts of energy come forth from Isami which emerges as vehicles. The Autobots comment on their new forms and transforms to their robot mode.

They introduce themselves as Kenzan (police car), Jinbu (jet), and Ganoh the Swordbot Samurai Team. They came to protect Isami and the Disc. Talking in dated Japanese accents.

Gaidora morphs five cars into Predacons. The Swordbot proclaiming their skills beat the five. Which forces Gaidora to make them combine into Goradora (Abominus repaint).

Being bigger than the Swordbots Isami begs for them to win which the LegenDisc again responds.

The Samurai Team combines Getter-style into GoKenzan using his technique making Goradora disengage into components. Gaidora forces them to combine again making them flight speed capable. The recombines to GoJinbu in the air dissembling Goradora again. Gaidora recombines the Predacons into a strength type the Samurai repond by forming GoJinbu whose attack knockdown the Predacon combiner.

They form to GoKenzan again destroying Goradora and attack the Budora and Gaidora.

In a flash of light Isami and Samurai Team is shown a scene during the Warring States of Japan. Noting either army as a LegenDisc.

Everything goes back to normal. The Kenzan thanks Isami for their new lease in life swearing they'll protect Earth as he is their benefactor. Isami asks who they are. Kenzan tells him they Transformers from the planet Cybertron.

Later Isami's friend Tobio Fuma calls him telling him he and his team, Swordbot Shinobi Team will join Isami and his team side by side.

Isami is bewildered by all this.


Its good for a 12 minute magazine freebie commercial for Transformers Prime in Japan. Some may be disappointed by the lack of lip movement but that is forgivable considering this isn't a syndicated series.

Surprisingly this does not contradict Beast Hunters. Megatron dispatched an army of Predacons during Earth's past to bolster Decepticon forces and kill the Autobots fighting them over energon. The Predacons did kill the Autobot garrison guarding the Energon as there are few Decepticons left on Earth. But the Predacons died due to age.

But this gives the OVA leeway that there are Predacon survivors and Autobot survivors as well. Optimus only learned of the Predacon presence on Earth recently prompting a hunt for their remains as the Decepticons plan to clone a new army.

The Predacons were an extinct species of Transformers till Shockwave cloned them from fossils. Shockwave's latest creation is Predaking which turned out much to the Decepticons surprise and dread as sentient and can transform. They did not know that. Thus they pulled the plug on the Predacon clones luring the Autobots to destroy them. Predaking does not know of this betrayal as he swore allegiance to Megatron hoping he'll give command of the resurrected Predacon race to him.

On the characters their behavior can be compared to the Prime kids.

Isami like Jack is overwhelmed of what is happening and recognizes giant robots are way over his head as he is reluctantly drawn to this renewed conflict.

Tobio much like Miko, Prime's resident genki Japanese schoolgirl, in regards to jumping the call.
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its Ghost Madoka time!!!
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i'll just imagine the lack of lip movement for the robot guys as if they are wearing a static face masks or like how Shockwave talks or something
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

It occurs to me the number of horns are indicative of rank within the Predacons.
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Transformers GO!

Ninja Episode 1

Same things happen at the beginning only the next setting instead of Tokyo its Nagoya.

At Nagoya Castle Tobio Fuma's class was having a class field trip. Tobio being sleepy around the historical lecture on the Golden Dolphins statues on Nagoya Castle. his teacher scold hm on that. Tobio complaining he hears nothing but that from his grandpa.

Tobio is a descendant of the Fuma ninja clan. His grandpa lectures him that protecting the "Mirror" hidden in the Golden Dolphin.

Suddenly two Predacons appear, Bakudora and Judora. Bakudora asks Judora where the Legendisc is. Judora finds it hidden in the Golden Dolphin.

Tobio can't believe what his grandpa said was true. His changes to his ninja get up and steals the Legendisc from Judora.

Tobio tries to get away but Judora keeps firing indiscriminately that they almost hit tourists and his classmates.

He tells Judora to stop it but he wont as long he does not have the disc.

Like with Isami the disc responds to Tonio's feelings that the Shinobi Team is awakened. Gekisomaru (Lion) is hidden in the walls of the castle, Shishoumaru (Eagle) is hidden at the castle rooftops, while Sensuimaru (Shark) is hidden by the castle moat.

They introduce themselves and tell Tobio not to give the Predacons the disc.

Judora complains after all this time the Swordbots are still alive. he summons the combiner Predacons by transforming various objects. The Shinobi Team kicks their asses which forces Judora to combine them.

Goradora (Abominus) beats the Shinobi Team in turn. Much like Isami hoping for a miracle Tobio does too in which the Legendisc responds allowing the Shinobi Team to form Go-Gekisou. Go-Gekisou splits Goradora to component parts. judora combines them again this time only bigger. Go-Gekisou uses his super technique and destroys Goradora.

Go-Gekisou then attacks the Predacons which brings them and Tobio to the same Warring States era battlefield that Isami and his Samurai Team saw. Each side having a differnt colored Legendisc. Tobio's disc being blue, Isami's disc is red while those two others on the opposing sides flags are yellow and green.

Tobio and his team in brought back to the present with the Predacons gone. The Shinobi Team thanking their revival pledge their allegiance to Tobio to protect Earth from the Predacons.

Later Tobio calls Isami about his adventure, discovering Isami has his own team. Unlike the other boy Tobio is enthusiastic about it.

Transformers Go Samurai episode 2 Pursuit the Disc

Isami's house underground has been renovated by the Samurai Team as a base. They go down to it but not before a Predacon spy bug latches on Isami.

Isami and Tobio is introduced to Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots who fought against the Decepticons, in a three way conference call.

Optimus Prime presents his findings on the Legendiscs. There are five Legendiscs, one is on Dragotron's possession. What Isami and Tobio's teams experienced is that they time traveled to when the Discs were as neither of those two exist in the present.

Optimus talks to Isami telling him to find the rest of the Legendiscs to protect Earth. Isami assents.

Meanwhile inside the Predacon base Budora is informed about the ability of the discs. Using Dragotron's body they can time travel to where the Legendisc is.

Isami practicing with his Kendo stick but merely sighs as he feels powerless against the Predacons. As he feels it would be useless to fight them himself.

Jinbu arrives informing Isami something strange is happening at Tokyo. The landscape around the Sky Tree is changing. From the sky it looks like a Predacon symbol.

Kenzan thinks the Predacons are in the past and their actions are changing the present. Jinbu detecting the general area of where the Legendisc is in the temporal past, Isami's disc brings them to another era.

There they meet Musashi Minamoto, the famous samurai swordsman. Musashi attacks Kenzan thinking he and his team are Oni that stole his mystic mirror that he guards. Isami and the team correct him and get the details, Isami showing also his Disc which is looks like Musashi's disc only Red. The Predacons stole from him a couple of days ago.

Musashi feels it is his mission to recover and seal the "mirror" as it has unknowable powers.

Isami tries to reason that Musashi being a human is no match from the Predacons. Musashi points out Oni think similarly as human bugs are no match for them. Isami asks if he isn't afraid. Musashi admit he is but reasons conquering one's fears is what it means to be strong.

Budora and Bakudora look over Edo. Bakudora when they be pulled back to the present. Budora says taking over this era is not bad. Which Bakudora respomds that is treason. Budora saying he is merely joking.

Musashi finds them and with him are the Samurai Team and Isami. Musashi tries to attack Budora but is merely back handed.

Samurai Team attacks with Budora summoning the Predacon combiner transmutating the ground. The Swordbots beat the minions. Budora orders them to unite. Which Gaidora thrashes the Swordbots. Isami with his Legendisc again with his emotions allow the team to unite, this time to GoJinbu.

The Predacons try to escape. Musashi finds an opening stabbing Budora's eye. Budora drops the green Legendisc. Isami summoning his courage tries to retrieve it but is pushed aside by Budora. GoJinbu catching him. GoJinbu angered strikes Budora. They return to the present empty handed.

Their only consolation is the present Tokyo is normal again.
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