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Old 2017-06-04, 15:20   Link #21
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Location: Portugal
Was Reiner's friend, the one eaten by Ymir, a human or a titan hybrid? Are 100% humans even a thing outside the walls? If he was a hybrid why didn't he transformed into a titan to prevent being eaten? Or was he still unable to do that? Also, that Ymir flashback... the people expelled from the city were already titans or the soldiers injected the titan serum into them before dooming them to roam the planet? So many questions, not enough answers
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Old 2017-06-04, 15:56   Link #22
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Originally Posted by zibi88 View Post
no no the manga followed the story nicely..piece after piece it all made sense...

Now people might be confused on who are those soldiers, where are they from, what is the island the current story takes place ect. it added unneeded for now confusing material... it could be ok to show for now how yamir runs around as titan and eat RBA friend but more than this was not really good thing to do right now... since they could have easily made this flashback in the time "the letter" showed while it is beign read we see the flashback story as we did now

How many episodes till the end of the season 2-3 ? scary to think how much spoilers they will imput in those future episodes.
S2 is 12 episodes. Which may be WHY they are putting those plot reveals a bit faster, simply because they didnt have have much episodes they'd have liked, like for Jojo or Hunter X Hunter 2011. And without running into the danger of catching up the manga.
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Old 2017-06-04, 20:13   Link #23
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Originally Posted by ArrowSmith View Post
The idea of Ymir wandering in Titan-form for 60 years before the events of Trost is fascinating. Also the executions of the cultists was brutal.

Isn't AOT set in the far future?
It'd have to be before the first Colossal attack, not the Trost attack. Trost was 5 years or so after that, and she was already in the corps by then.
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Old 2017-06-05, 01:30   Link #24
Mr. DJ
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I wasn't expecting them to pull back the curtain on the titans this early...

Well, I don't think the manga dropped the hint in the chapter this ep covered...
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Old 2017-06-05, 18:57   Link #25
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Ok guess I'll be the one to say it: Ymir is ugly as hell for a Titan morso than any I can remember in the whole show...Her cuteness in real life to ugliness in Titan form is also a huge mystery that MUST be answered...
Fly since ...
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Old 2017-06-10, 17:36   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Your guess is beyond unlikely: anime planning has to be done months or even a year before its actual production (be it the script, storyboard etc).
The series was already in production at the very least 2 years ago (they have shown preview snippets of the second season in the movie), so no, they obviously didn't change their plans just like that.

In general, it is nearly impossible for a studio to make changes in accordance to how an anime performs with the audience, simply because of production schedule. It is usually cut content or cancelled episodes, not extra stuff right in the latter part of a cour.
Changing the script and storyboard would have a snowball impact on the rest of the series, which would be beyond unrepairable.
In a way, didn't Seed Destiny did the exact same thing you describe?
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Old 2017-06-11, 03:59   Link #27
Witch of Betrayal
Join Date: Jan 2006
Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero View Post
^Thanks for the spoiler there, I meam it's not like they didn't mention anything about a drug and kept it out frame for a reason.
You're right. It could be a magic spell, or a special kind of acupuncture, I guess.
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Old 2017-06-12, 06:27   Link #28
Senior Member
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I know I'm late but...
Damn spoilers out of nowhere!
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Old 2017-10-29, 22:53   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Monterrey, México
Age: 38

SThis was an episode centered around Ymir and packed with such intense but beautiful emotions. Secondly, this episode delivered some answers in concern to the titan transformation but raising brand-new one regarding the mystery of that world.


Ymir's past was so nostalgic and sad but paving the understanding for the reasons behind her recent actions.
One way or another Ymir sensed her death flag, and she won't be around much longer in this world even if Reiner and Berthold keep their promise to get her safe once reaching their hometown.
If Ymir's gonna die, she still longered to have Christa coming with them so as not to have regrets. Such beautiful display of raw emotions at work, since Ymir's done time ago to live from one lie to another, and she doesn't want Christa repeating her same mistakes.
But, Ymir as well doesn't want Christa living trapped inside a cage for anybody else sake but to keep her safe and in freedom. Well, I suppose that's how I interpreted Ymir once watching her background.


Why do I sense a death flag coming from Hannes?
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