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Old 2011-12-14, 12:32   Link #41
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Originally Posted by TheFluff View Post
If you can deal with that (and you sorta have to), then surely you can deal with some anonymous douchebag herping a derp in a comment field on an internet forum.

I just negrepped most people in this thread just because I could. I suggest you Deal With It.
Subtle as usual.

Not that you aren't correct though. The internet fuckwad theory applies no matter the website. Give people anonymity and you're bound to find some tard who thinks it's acceptable to find new lows for humanity.

It was already stated by Skyfall but I'll reiterate it to close the thread: if you don't like the system itself, don't participate in it. If you want pos rep, you'll have to risk neg rep....regardless of how much you may want to reply to it or understand why it was given. There are plenty of pos reps that are never signed and/or given just for the heck of it, but people don't tend to complain about nice things given out anonymously for no good reason.

If the comment is offensive, breaking forum rules, etc., we'll look into it and deal with it accordingly. If you think the rep, positive or negative, was given for suspicious reasons (someone abusing the system to harass members or boost rep quickly), report that as well.

What is not going to happen, for the foreseeable future, is any change or removal in the system as it exists.

Thread closed.
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Closed Thread

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