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Recommendations: Heartwarming/Healing

Provide your recommendations for anime, manga, light novels, web novels, visual novels, games, and other media within the genre: Heartwarming/Healing!

Special Note: This label is used to roughly correspond to the Japanese genre Iyashikei. This is intended to be a more precise definition of what is sometimes referred to as "Slice of Life".

These should be works that you've experienced personally and would like to recommend to others. No "troll" recommendations, or non-recommendations in this thread. For longer series, you don't necessarily need to wait until the whole work is finished before recommending it, but please at least wait until you've at least experienced enough of it to make a good judgement.

Please don't just post a list! You don't need to do a full review, but for each title you suggest, please also consider providing:
  • The full title
  • The author, studio, or other information that will help identify the work
  • A brief explanation of the setting and premise (no spoilers!)
  • A brief summary of why you like it and/or why you think others might like it
  • How much of it you've experienced (particularly for longer series)
  • Other works that it reminds you of, if applicable
  • A link to a review you wrote on our site, if applicable
  • Any other information that might help someone know if they should give it a shot
You may optionally post a few images if it helps, but please use thumbnails, and/or place it inside an [images] tag. Most third-party image hosting sites will provide a feature to copy/paste BBCode that uses thumbnails.

Please DO NOT post links on where to illegally download/stream/view the work you're recommending.

Again, for the purposes of this thread, please avoid all spoilers or hints that may ruin surprises in the plot, and absolutely no flaming another person's recommendations. If you see any problematic post, please report it so the moderators can review and take any needed action.

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Old 2015-09-27, 02:20   Link #2
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So I'm going to invoke first-comers advantage to give the most easy and obvious recommendation possible in this category (at least in my opinion).

It may not have been the first, and I suppose not everyone will agree it's the best, but you can't really talk about this genre without talking about ARIA, currently coming back in a "Curtain Call" OVA production as a 10-year anniversary project.

ARIA was originally a manga (first called AQUA) by Kozue Amano that was adapted into 3 anime productions (4 cours in total) and multiple OVAs. The story takes place in the early 24th century, and follows Akari Mizunashi, who migrates from Earth to the terraformed planet of Mars, now known as Aqua. She arrives in Neo-Venezia, a city on Aqua modelled after current-era Venice, to begin training as a gondolier -- navigating the water streets by gondola to guide tourists and help them appreciate the sites and sounds of the city. Each story centers around Akari and her fellow gondoliers as they learn to appreciate the little things in life and the beauty of the world around them. Additionally, each episode or story is more-or-less self-contained, with a minor sense of continuity and progression that accelerates a bit towards the end of the story (where it arguably transitions a bit more towards a broader drama).

As I alluded to above, this franchise is basically the poster-child for the "iyashikei" ("healing") genre with its beautiful, relaxing setting, pure-hearted, heart-warming characters, and a touching/moving "moral of the story" after each story/episode. The anime also adds a beautiful, enchanting and unique soundtrack that perfectly accentuates the world of Neo-Venezia, along with memorable opening/ending themes. If you want to take your mind off the stress of life and escape to an idyllic world where you can believe a bit in the good of humanity and the beauty in simply being alive, this is that sort of story. While many of the stories center around Akari and her friends dealing with a simple request or situation and making a discovery in the process, there are also some stories that take a bit of a turn to the abstract and supernatural, hinting at a mysterious layer to the world that most people never notice. This too contributes to the sort of "dream world" flavour of the story.

The manga for this work is excellent (the art in particular is astonishing and beautiful -- I own all the art books), but for various reasons has never actually been fully published in English from beginning to end. The anime was all released on DVD with English subtitles by RightStuf/Nozomi, in a release obviously packed with lots of love and care by the team involved. And, as mentioned above, with the 10th anniversary celebrations underway and the arrival of the new OVA episodes (the first one just began airing in Japanese theatres), it's quite possible another English release may occur in the future after the Blu-Ray Boxes release in Japan. Either way, I expect there will be more opportunities to experience the show again in the next year, and it can't come more highly recommended for fans of this genre/style of story.
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I'd like to recommend a manga that i feel fits this thread.

Sweets Magic Syndrome: The story revolves around a first year high school girl named Amako. Due to her father constantly transferring to new locations, she hasn't made any friends since she was 8 because it was too sad to leave. Amako loves sweets and is a strong believer in "sweets make people happy" which she considers to be magic. The story is primarily about Amako trying to make friends and sharing sweets.

This story is filled with funny and cute scenes and little drama or sad moments. This is one of the few stories i feel that i can go back and read many times over whenever I just want to smile about something.

PS. There is not romance, combat, or magic involved in the telling of this story.

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