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Old 2016-04-25, 07:20   Link #1
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Recommendations: Horror

Provide your recommendations for anime, manga, light novels, web novels, visual novels, games, and other media within the genre: Horror!

These should be works that you've experienced personally and would like to recommend to others. No "troll" recommendations, or non-recommendations in this thread. For longer series, you don't necessarily need to wait until the whole work is finished before recommending it, but please at least wait until you've at least experienced enough of it to make a good judgement.

Please don't just post a list! You don't need to do a full review, but for each title you suggest, please also consider providing:
  • The full title
  • The author, studio, or other information that will help identify the work
  • A brief explanation of the setting and premise (no spoilers!)
  • A brief summary of why you like it and/or why you think others might like it
  • How much of it you've experienced (particularly for longer series)
  • Other works that it reminds you of, if applicable
  • A link to a review you wrote on our site, if applicable
  • Any other information that might help someone know if they should give it a shot
You may optionally post a few images if it helps, but please use thumbnails, and/or place it inside an [images] tag. Most third-party image hosting sites will provide a feature to copy/paste BBCode that uses thumbnails.

Please DO NOT post links on where to illegally download/stream/view the work you're recommending.

Again, for the purposes of this thread, please avoid all spoilers or hints that may ruin surprises in the plot, and absolutely no flaming another person's recommendations. If you see any problematic post, please report it so the moderators can review and take any needed action.
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Old 2017-10-19, 12:58   Link #2
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So there ain't really all that much anime that would be considered horror by people that watch them. Some may check a few boxes of what is expected of the genre, like graphic violence or a loose killer, but ultimately they all fall short and become labeled maybe a psychological thriller or some other thing. But fret not, there are a few anime that come really, really close and one of them is,...

Wasurenagumo (2012, 1x25min)

A short movie that was produced for the Young Animator Training Project five years ago.

It's about a guy finding a cute little monster girl. What could go wrong, am I right?
It stays cute pretty much all the time and there's no graphic violence or anything like that.
But that doesn't mean that it won't go under your skin. Because it will.

What's good about it is a little bit spoilerific, but let's just say I've seen my fair share of anime
and it's always nice to get positively surprised from something you expected to be generic.
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