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Old 2013-04-11, 17:41   Link #1
Urzu 7
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: New England
Age: 35
Evoland - Indie RPG where you play through the history of JRPGs

I just found out about this game, but it looks like a very good game, in part due to its (appealing) novelty. It pays homage to the history of JRPGs. You start out with 8-bit graphics and sound and old gameplay mechanics and progress through the evolution of JRPGs, in terms of graphics, audio, plot elements, and gameplay mechanics. Check out the video.

It is available on PC. You can get it off of Steam.
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Old 2013-04-13, 01:41   Link #2
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Dai Korai Teikoku
Concept is nice.
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Old 2013-04-13, 06:05   Link #3
Part-time misanthrope
Join Date: Mar 2007
I finished the game a while ago, still missing out on some cards and stars though. The only thing that seriously annoyed me were the random encounters but otherwise it was a pretty nice game. The card fights could need some improvement though.
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Old 2013-04-15, 18:14   Link #4
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Purchased and finished this game in three hours yesterday. It might be a little expensive at $10 if you're not interested in 100% completion, but I had a lot of fun. Because of the price, I'd recommend buying it directly from the site or because they include extras. If you buy from the site you get the soundtrack and a Steam key and if you buy from GOG you get variety of bonuses including the soundtrack.

As an additional note, if the game warns you that you have hardware acceleration for Flash disabled, you need to enable it and restart the game or the changes won't take effect.
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